My Bad Boy Billionaire/C43 I'm Willing
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C43 I'm Willing
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C43 I'm Willing

"How dare you hit me! I, I, I want to call the police!" Ke Ping got angry out of humiliation. He got up on the ground and took out his phone. He said fiercely.

Joseph blinked his eyes and sneered. "I haven't accused you of breaking their wedding program. You still have the face to call the police!"

"Scarlett, you still love me, don't you? You married him just to anger me. Let me feel it. " Did you feel it back then? " Ke Ping did not give up. He looked pitifully at Scarlett and walked towards her.

Joseph walked over and blocked his path. Scarlett just stood there and looked at the man she loved until she lost her head. He was actually like this.

Cold heart, sadness, rushed out!

Actually, she had not loved him for a long time. It was just that he did not expect that he would actually go overboard to such an extent.

"Ke Ping, I don't care about what happened back then. Just treat it as me being an idiot! However, a fool would never do it again. He would give everyone a good lesson. Hello, I am also good." Scarlett looked at him. She had already said it bluntly. If he continued to pester her, then there would be no saving her.

"No, Scarlett, I really know I was wrong. I beg you to return to my side. I beg you!" As he spoke, Ke Ping was agitated. He threw Joseph's hand away and was about to reach out to pull Scarlett away.

Joseph was completely angered. He threw Joseph's shoulder once again and gave him a few solid fists. He directly knocked him to the ground and wailed.

Scarlett was stunned. Her eyes were full of Joseph's handsome and heroic figure. He was angry for her. He gritted his teeth and attacked ruthlessly, making her heart move.

Her face was slightly hot as she watched him finish off Ke Ping. She suddenly turned around and walked towards her. The frequency of her heart beat was about to be revealed.

Joseph slowly held her hand and went to the identification office. He said to the staff who was already in a daze, "I am willing to marry Scarlett. I will follow her for the rest of my life. I will not leave her!"

Scarlett curled the corners of her lips and smiled. "I am also willing!"

Behind her came Ke Ping's painful cry. "I do not agree! I don't agree!"

On the marriage certificate, the staff handed the two red notebooks to the two of them, "Congratulations, both of you.

The seal sits down heavily as a legal husband and wife!"

"Scarlett, you slut, I will not let you have a good life. Just you wait!" Ke Ping got up from the ground. His face was swollen and he did not forget to hurt his wife.

Scarlett and Joseph did not pay attention to Ke Ping's wails. They walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with the two of them smiling and holding hands.

When they walked out of the door, they heard Ke Ping wailing behind them.

After getting into the car, Joseph leaned over and helped her put on her safety belt. Scarlett froze and did not dare to move. The tip of her nose smelled the faint smell of grass on his body. She suddenly remembered that night and blushed.

Joseph helped her put on the seatbelt and raised his eyes to meet her confused and evasive eyes. He could not help but raise the corner of his mouth and gently approach the tip of her nose.

Scarlett's heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out. She subconsciously closed her eyes and waited for his kiss.

How would she know that after waiting for a long time, Joseph did not move. Scarlett opened her eyes and found that he was actually smiling. "Are you waiting for me to kiss you?"

"Of course, of course not..." Scarlett withdrew the rest of her words. Scarlett could be considered to be convinced. If this fellow did not make a fool of her, she might die. It was only because she was so embarrassed that she could not escape that she was willing to let her go.

Or else, he liked to use force and then watch her struggle in his arms until she fell into his hands. This might give him a sense of accomplishment?

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