My Bad Boy Billionaire/C5 This Is the First Time?
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C5 This Is the First Time?
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C5 This Is the First Time?

Scarlett returned home and was immediately questioned by her family.

Her sister said, "Sister, who was that handsome guy just now? He was so handsome!"

Her mother said, "Scarlett, what happened to that dress?"

Her father said," Scarlett, I am more tolerant. It is not impossible for you to find a younger boyfriend. Think about it carefully."

Damn it, this is really terrible!

Scarlett returned to her room with a face of collapse. She fiercely slammed the door to show her dissatisfaction.

On the other side, at a certain high-class red wine restaurant.

Joseph supported his cheek with one hand. He shook the glass in one hand. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly. The dim light shone on the side of his face. The night view outside the French window was like a dream.

Ding Zhengjie, who was standing next to Joseph, was out of breath from laughing. He could not stop laughing as he patted his stomach and thighs. It completely ruined the atmosphere.

After a long time, Asher Ashford finally finished laughing. There was a trace of tears in the corner of his eyes as he said, "Joseph, you are really amazing! After you treat her like that, she still has to pay you in installments. I admire you!"

Joseph was amused by him and laughed. "Think of a way to tell old man about me and this woman."

"I knew you came to my shop for a reason. So you wanted to use me to deal with your old man. " If you don't give me any benefits, I won't be a bad person. " Asher Ashford refused. If he offended old man, he would not end up well.

"After this, you will get many benefits." Joseph put down the wine cup. His thoughts were different from old man's, so old man forced him to start with the most basic work in the company.

However, he discovered that there were many loopholes in the company. After he told old man, old man thought he was too young and wanted him to learn not to care.

Joseph was trying to discourage old man. Coincidentally, the company's rules forbade any relationships between the company's subordinates. If old man found out that not only did he have an affair with the company's people, but he was also a woman older than him, old man would probably be so angry that he would blow his beard and glare at him.

Joseph stood up, picked up his coat from the chair, and walked out. He did not expect that the incident that night would give him a chance. What happened next really made him look forward to it!

The next day, Scarlett received the contract from Joseph. The contract clearly stated that she had to submit at least eight thousand yuan to Joseph every month. She had to pay on the first day of the month.

Therefore, in the next few days, Scarlett racked her brains for the five hundred thousand yuan. She calculated the value of everything that could be sold and the money that her mother forced her to save. The total amount was still far from the target.

She had to say, the value of this matter was simply too expensive. She was very sad. The value of this matter exceeded the range of her tolerance by nearly a thousand miles.

Ding! Her WeChat rang.

Scarlett picked up her phone and found that it was Joseph's message: This is the first time?

Just as she was wondering what it meant, she saw a photo sent by Joseph.

On the clean white bed sheet, there was a touch of red and dazzling blood. It was reflected into her eyes without any warning and shocked her to the point of bursting into anger.

"Just kill me!" Scarlett angrily threw her phone onto the bed. Why was Joseph behaving like this? He was not as modest as her colleague had said.

He was a cunning wolf with a black heart! He was very cynical!

After struggling for a long time, Scarlett felt that she was twenty-eight years old and was about to step into twenty-nine years of life on her birthday. If she admitted that this was the first time, wouldn't that make him laugh at her?

Scarlett gritted her teeth and typed, "No, I have been through hundreds of battles. This is not the first time.

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