My Bad Boy Billionaire/C9 If You Can't Get Married Your Whole Family will be Vegetarian
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C9 If You Can't Get Married Your Whole Family will be Vegetarian
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C9 If You Can't Get Married Your Whole Family will be Vegetarian

Leah gasped in surprise, "Scarlett, have you really become a couple?"

"No, it's not like that. Listen to my explanation. I have nothing to do with him." Scarlett was nervous and kept waving her hands.

Joseph blinked his eyes. The smile in his eyes seemed to be very satisfied with her frightened and anxious look.

"You are stuttering. How do you expect me to believe you?" Leah's face showed a stiff smile. She clenched her fists tightly and pretended to be calm. "I still have something to do. I will not disturb your meal. Goodbye!"

Leah left the shop and Scarlett felt a bad premonition. She subconsciously opened her phone's work group and indeed saw the photos Leah sent out. The people in the group were crazily discussing their matters.

Everly: Isn't this Scarlett and Joseph?

Lydia: Are they dating?

Leah: Yeah, she is shameless enough. Previously she pretended to tell me that she is not interested in Joseph, but in the end she secretly hooked up with him.

Everly said, "Oh my god! What kind of world is this?!

Lydia: She's already an old auntie and she even seduced young people.

Scarlett was annoyed when she saw this. It was all the company's female colleagues who were talking about her shameless matters.

Scarlett closed her WeChat and said angrily to Joseph, "You promised me that you would not publicize our matter. What do you mean now?"

"It means that I have violated the contract rules. You do not need to pay the compensation." Joseph picked up his chopsticks and ate his noodles.

"You!" Scarlett suddenly stood up and put her hands on the table. "From beginning to end, you've been playing with me and using me to go against your father, haven't you?"

"Yes, but it's true that you got me drunk and slept with me." Joseph wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue and blocked her off with a simple sentence.

Scarlett could not find any words to refute him. She was so angry that she took out a hundred yuan from her bag and put it on the table. She quickly left and took a taxi home.

Joseph looked at the money on the table. The smile on his face became more and more intense. Scarlett was quite interesting.

For a few days, the scandal between Scarlett and Joseph had become the gossip of the company. It had been going on for a long time.

When someone in the know revealed that Joseph was the successor of the Wilson's, the news spread like wildfire.

Everyone thought that Scarlett was a bad woman. She had long discovered Joseph's identity, which was why she took the initiative to date him.

Countless negative rumors pushed her into a storm and almost suffocated her.

Scarlett hid at home these few days and did not go out.

Her family found out her problem and asked Layla to ask her, "What's wrong with you? These few days you have been in a daze."

Scarlett covered her head and hid under the blanket. She did not even bother to show her head and said weakly, "It's okay. I'm out of work. I just want to quietly think about life. Don't worry about me."

Layla continued to suspect, "You're out of love? For the sake of the little brother who appeared at home that day?"

Scarlett who was under the blanket rolled her eyes powerlessly and did not explain.

"To be honest, that little brother is indeed not bad. He is too handsome!"

"But don't be too sad. Mom has already arranged a series of never-ending blind dates for you. You will not be sad for too long."

Scarlett opened her eyes wide and came out of the blanket. "What did you say?"

"Did you forget that Mom said you must marry as soon as possible? Otherwise, the whole family will be vegetarian!" Layla smiled slyly and looked like she was watching a good show.

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