Loving Miss Daniels/C3 First sight
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Loving Miss Daniels/C3 First sight
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C3 First sight

“Did you send out the news?” Morgan Daniels asked Jonah Righetti, walking into his office which was found at the back of the club, and as usual, Laiba Fawkham sat in his lap as they made out, their clothes most probably falling off anytime soon.

After having a thorough conversation with Jonah, they both agreed that the club was doing well enough to hire two more bartenders. So he had taken charge of that.

At first, Jonah Righetti wanted to hire a small marketing firm for an advert on the opening.

Although beneficial, Morgan Daniels voted against it. For the simple reason being only, mostly elderly persons read the newspaper, and nowadays, it is very unlikely that teens will go through newspapers looking for job openings, though some persons find jobs through that method.

It was somewhat slow.

But this was a club. Morgan thought they didn’t need to put out an advert in the newspaper. All they had to do was tell Trevor, the current bartender about the opening. And in return, Trevor would mention it to the youths who came to drink, who in turn will mention it to their peers and that is how the word will spread out.

Free advert. Or what the dark-haired will like to call, word of mouth.

Sometime within the week, Morgan Daniels had asked Jonah to take charge of telling Trevor about the opening, hoping that by Friday they must have had some applicants.

Which was today.

“For the last time, yes Morgan. Now can you excuse me, I’m busy” Jonah says, infuriated as he made gestures with his hands pointing at Laiba who gave the dark-haired a shy smile.

Sighing, Morgan Daniels rolled her eyes and left his office.

Jonah Righetti was the first person Morgan Daniels met when she moved to Cleveland. Her dad, Gary Daniels had just passed away and had left the most share of the Home cleaning Service Company to her big brother Roi, a company she worked her butt off, just to prove her worth to her dad.

Three days after Mr Daniels dad was laid to rest, Morgan finds her big brother and her girlfriend in her bed, fucking the hell out of each other.

Hurt by this betrayal, the dark-haired sold her share of the company to Roi and left.

Morgan Daniels was just twenty-one when she met Jonah Righetti. He started as her roommate, slowly they became acquaintances.

The dark-haired could still remember how he almost lost Laiba when she walked in and found her in nothing but a towel in their apartment.

That was three days after she had moved in. Not only did she throw a fit, but she also came at Morgan, threatening to beat the shit out of her and the only thing running through Morgan's mind was ‘who the hell was this lady?’

Alas, Jonah returned home and tried calming her down, but Laiba Fawkham wouldn’t listen. She was convinced they were having an affair, and Morgan telling her she was gay didn’t calm her down because she had made up her mind.

But after a month of death stares, awkward moments, and she walking in on Morgan getting lucky with a woman, she finally believed Jonah was right all along.

Three months later, Jonah pitched in his idea about wanting to buy a club that was already going out of business, renew it and give it a new name. But he was, however, short on finances. Morgan Daniels had the money and knowledge of how to run a business, so together, they decided to embark on that journey.

And here they are, four years later, best friends and business partners.

Who would have thought?

Morgan Daniels was going to take charge of questioning the applicants for the opening because she had some qualities she needed in a bartender.

The club was slowly getting stacked as people came in, once again trying to rid themselves of whatever hassle they had going on within the week, while Morgan made her way up the stairs, headed to her office to go through some paperwork for the renewal of lounge's liquor license.

Minutes into reviewing the paper, a light knock on the door take the dark-haired off focus. She looked up and there was Trevor, standing on the threshold.

“Some applicants are waiting down,” he says

“Okay, thank you, Trevor. I will be down in a minute” Morgan replied.

The dark-haired closed the file and made her way downstairs. The dance floor was three times more popular than it was when she first walked up.

Three girls, two of them dressed in slutty clothes stood at the counter.

Trevor pointed, indicating that those were the ladies for the interview

“Good evening ladies” Morgan greeted them and ushered them to the back of the counter.

Psychically, one matched person matched one of the criteria Morgan needed. She ran a lounge, not a strip club, so the other girls dressed like strippers were already a point short.

“I am Morgan Daniels, manager and partner of Yapaki Lounge, my partner is busy in the back so I will be handling this. Can I know your names?” she introduced

“Terry ” the decent-looking one spoke up first.

“Resha” one of the girls dressed like a slut spoke up.

“Hannah,” the last girl says seductively, winking and twirling the ends of her hair.

“Great. Hannah, you can go home” Morgan said folding her arms, her expression stoic.

Although Morgan Daniels loved when women seemed desperate to have her, and while it was clear as day Hannah wanted to have a taste of her, Morgan wasn't in the mood.

Any other time of day, she would have gladly given her what she wanted, but right now, it had to do with her business, something she took very personally and hated when people think they can mess with that because of their silly female wimps.


“You can leave” Morgan repeated, giving her a blank expression that left no room for further debate.

She whines and makes her way through the door new took earlier. At once, Morgan felt Resha poise herself.

Morgan Daniels sighed and turned her filled attention back to the girls.

“Who amongst you-“ she started, but was interrupted by the sound of Hannah's voice.

“Fucking watch where you move” she yelled.

In front of her, stood a shy-looking girl who shredded up as Hannah yelled at her, and Morgan couldn't understand why, but the fact that Hannah raised her voice at the, bothered her.

And Morgan did not like that one bit.

“I’m sorry,” the girl says, her voice so sweet and soft it sounded like that of an angel.

“Whatever” Hannah said with an attitude, bumping the girl with force as she walked out.

Morgan Daniels watched as the girl took a moment to regain herself, unaware of the eyes that were on her.

Then she looked up. And her gaze locks with Morgan.

And then she felt something she hasn’t felt in so long.


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