Loving Miss Daniels/C5 Wedding invite
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Loving Miss Daniels/C5 Wedding invite
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C5 Wedding invite

Morgan Daniels finished with Maia and made it known to the girls that they were hired, but they will only start work next Monday.

This was so because she wanted to use this coming week to finalize the acquisition of the liquor license and they could use that period to acquaint themselves with drinks.

It was currently four in the morning and the club had already closed for the day, but the dark-haired stayed back to get some work done.

“Trevor tells me you hired a teenager to work here?” Jonah asks, storming into Morgan's office.

For the first time in forever, his tongue wasn’t down Laiba’s throat. She looked up, giving him a death glare before rolling her eyes and turning her attention back to the papers that needed to be filled.

“I’m busy Jo, can’t you see that?” she inquired with an attitude.

Morgan Daniels had prepared herself for Jonah’s reaction once he found out that she had hired a complete newbie to work here, but wherever the hell he got that Maia was a teenager was beside me.

Oh right, Trevor.

“And she isn’t a teenager, she fucking Twenty” she added

“But still, she looks like a fucking kid who doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing,” Jonah says with disdain in his voice.

“Neither does Resha and Terry” she defended, although she knew that was a lie. Maybe they weren’t experts but they knew what was required of them.

“That isn’t my point” he retorts

“And what is your point?” Morgan was already exasperated of talking about this.

She knew she made a mistake hiring Maia. Hell, she was still trying to comprehend why she did it so the fact that he was rubbing it in her face was infuriating.

“That you shouldn’t have hired her,” he says

“And why not? She was interested, so she came in for the job. She is confident she can handle it, so why not give her the trial period?” she clapped back.

She knew she was making up all these excuses for hiring Maia when deep down, she knew they weren’t valid.

“Compared to the others you hired, she isn’t cut out for this and you know that” was the last thing he said before he walked out of my office.

Morgan Daniels threw the pen she had in hand on the desk, letting out a sigh and ran her hand through her hair,


What is wrong with me? she thought to herself.

Maia was already causing her problems when she hasn't even started working.

The dark-haired sighed and looked at her watched. Seeing that it was four a.m, she decided to call it a day and return home. She grabbed her bag and ensured that her phone, identification, home and car keys were all in before she walked out of the office.

Morgan Daniels has never been at the Lounge till its closing hours, so to witness the club so empty and quiet, the club lighting switched off with only regular lights being switched on, and no music blasting from the speakers was weird to her.

Usually, she came in when there were already a few persons lurking around and left when some of the customers were leaving because Jonah was in charge of locking up and occasionally opening up.

The dark-haired welcomed the cold breeze as it slapped her face. It was so quiet outside considering it was early in the morning and mostly if not all the clubs in the vicinity had already closed. She hopped into her car and drove off.


It was noon when Morgan Daniels woke up. The bright sunlight radiating through the curtains hurt her eyes whenever she tried to open them.

She had showered when she got home and the very instant her head hit the bed, she drifted off to sleep.

The dark-haired laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. She had nothing planned for the day asides from going to work later, which right now, she was internally debating on going.

It was Sunday anything paperwork that needed to be done could wait until Monday.

With much dismay, Morgan finally got out of bed, walked into my bathroom and stripped off her clothes. I turned on the faucet, letting the water fill her bathtub before getting into it.

It was much later and the dark-haired was currently standing at the kitchen counter, dressed in nothing but some comfy clothes, trying to fix herself a cup of coffee which she will sip while looking outside her window.

Oddly, she found myself thinking of the shy-looking girl she met yesterday.


The beautiful-looking Morgan tried to wrap her mind around her. She desperately wanted to know what it was about Maia that made her feel the way she felt. She could say she has had her share of women, but no one made her feel the way she did.

Sighing, Morgan poured a reasonable quantity of milk into her cup of coffee, stirred it and leaked off the spoon before throwing it in the sink and walking to her balcony.

She sat on the hammock she had installed a few weeks back, making herself comfortable and began to sip her coffee, letting out a small moan once its heavenly delicacy made contact with her taste buds whilst enjoying the view from her balcony.

There was a small amusement park not far from where Morgan lived so she could see kids playing while others sat and laughed as a family, and others having some sort of picnic.

For a split second, Morgan felt a pang of jealousy because this was something she longed for as a teenager, but instead, all she got was distant and discriminative parents and a backstabber as a brother.

She sighed and drank the last of her coffee, got off the hammock and walked towards the sink to rinse the teacup.

The dark-haired suddenly remembered she was yet to check her mailbox, and just as she opened her door to get that out of the way, she bumped into Mrs Darley, the concierge who currently held a stack of mail in hand.

“Hi, Mrs Darley” Morgan beamed, offering her the best smile she could muster.

“Hi peach, these are your emails,” she says handing them over to Morgan with shaky hands.

“Thank you, Mrs Darley, I was on my way to get them” Morgan was thankful for her thoughtfulness

“Oh,” she says, immediately turning her back and walking away making her smile.

As she closed the door, Morgan began to inspect her mail. Nothing but bills and bills and bills. However, one envelope caught her attention.

She threw the pile of mails on the kitchen counter and walked to the couch area, all the while inspecting the envelope had in hand and falling into the nearest couch.

The envelope looked fancy, almost like a wedding invitation and she was eager to find out whose. She took out the card, inspecting it some more before opening it.

The message was quite clear and straight to the point.

‘Kindly join us for the wedding of Roi Daniels and Julie Follett on Saturday, October 10th 2018 at five in the evening, Rose Gardens’

Bloody fuckers! Morgan Daniels swore internally, throwing the invitation away.

How could they?


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