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Loving Miss Daniels/C6 New feelings
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C6 New feelings

“What the hell do you mean he invited you to his wedding with your ex-girlfriend?” Jonah Righetti asked as he badged into Morgan's office, pulling out a chair and taking a seat.

“What is so difficult to understand ” Morgan replied as though it wasn’t obvious and sat back casually.

It was currently Saturday night, one week since she hired the new girls and six days since she found out about the wedding invitation.

She had been downstairs not too long ago to monitor the performance of the girls and at the same time, seized the opportunity to tell Jonah about the wedding invitation. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased.

“You seemed way too relaxed right now,” he said with disbelief in his voice.

“Well that’s because I’ve had six whole fucking days to let it sink” Morgan replied, but this time her head was buried in a folder containing documents for the renewal of the lounge's liquor license.

“So you kept it from me all this while?” there was a tad bit of offence in Jonah’s voice.

“What was I supposed to do? Run to you, whining like a kid? No Jonah” Morgan retorted with frustration, slamming the file shut before her and ruffling her hair.

Dammit. She thought she had it all under control. After all, it happened five fucking years ago, it shouldn't bother her.

But it did bother her. She has not gotten over the fact that her elder brother cheated on her with her girlfriend, and now they dared to invite her to their wedding.

“I’m sorry, are you okay?” Jonah’s voice was filled with concern as he questioned.

“And why wouldn’t I be?” she clapped back, however, he doesn’t respond and instead sat back.

She let out a huge sigh

“I’m sorry Jonah, I’m just really stressed”

“It’s okay, I understand” Jonah replied.

Morgan Daniels wanted to ask him what he understood, because goddam, he didn't understand a fucking thing.

Her big brother is getting married to her ex-girlfriend. They'd betrayed her in the worst way possible and she had distanced herself from them. For five whole years.

So why did he have the sudden audacity to invite her to his wedding?

With none other than her ex-girlfriend.

“Well, are you going? To the wedding of course," he questioned as though he hadn’t made himself quite clear.

“No” she clapped back with a stoic expression not giving room for further comments regarding this topic.

“Now if you don’t mind, I have work to do” she gestured with her hand over the documents on her desk.

Jonah Righetti sighed, giving her a concerned look before walking out of her office.

Now that Morgan Daniels was alone, she could finally let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Her brother, Roi Daniels was the biggest piece of shit that ever existed.

Not just him.

Juls too.

Julie Follet. Morgan stopped referring to her as Juls after she caught her in bed with her brother.

She was the reason the young girl found it difficult to allow herself to be vulnerable to anyone. She can’t go through that again. She wasn't sure if she could handle betrayal of that sort.

Her conversation with Jonah had managed to put her in a mood that didn't require work and instead alcohol and women. Which is why she picked up her phone and walked downstairs to the counter.

She found Resha flirting with a client. Usually, she didn't tolerate it because she found it often led to certain misconceptions to the other party and she tried to avoid that. But looking at this, they seemed to be into each other and she decided not to butt in.

Against Morgan's will, her feet take her to the end of the counter where Maia stood, smiling at a client. She couldn't understand why, but she felt an unsettling feeling in her heart. Which is why she couldn't control her facial expression and ended up chasing the client Maia was having a talk with.

Ignorant about what had just taken place, Maia Shelton smiled when her gaze landed on Morgan.

"Hey, boss" she greeted, picking up the glass that the customer had just used.

"You look happy, I take it you're settling in just fine?" she uttered as she took her seat on a bar stool.

She looked around her. The dance floor was packed, people swaying their hips against each other.

She liked that.

"Where are Trevor and Terry" she questioned after taking note that they were nowhere in sight.

Maia looked around her. "Oh, I guess they're around" she uttered.

"Fix me a drink" Morgan ignored Maia’s reply and asked hers instead.

Maia nodded and went ahead to pout Morgan a shot of martini and slid it in her direction.

A smile formed on Morgan's lips. She should have been more precise.

The brunette was already used to asking for a drink and being served her usual; sex on the driveway.

"My bad. I should have been precised" she uttered.

"Sex on the driveway" Morgan added with a smile on her face.

The look on Maia Shelton's face went from plain to morbid. Morgan watched the young girl blink repeatedly trying to wrap her head around what she'd said.

"You, uh. You want to have sex on the driveway?" Maia Shelton stuttered.

Morgan couldn't keep a straight face for much long. she burst into a fit of laughter, making a frown appear on Maia’s face.

She knew the young girl was naïve, but she didn't know she was this naïve. She's been working at the lounge for a week now, yet she didn't know what sex on the driveway was.

Although, in the back of Morgan's mind, the idea of having sex on the driveway with Maia didn't seem like a bad idea. Pushing away that thought, the brunette cleared her throat.

"No Maia. Sex on the driveway. The drink" she corrected.

Maia Shelton felt her cheeks flush in embarrassment. She opened her mouth several times to reply but closed it every single time. When she saw another smile begin to form on Morgan's lips, she walked away.

With the help of Resha, Maia was able to fix a drink for Morgan which she handed over to her.

The brunette picked up her glass and inspected it. "It's blue" she stated.

"It is" Maia replied with a proud smile on her face.

Morgan couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face as she watched the young girl walk away. But that smile was quickly replaced with a frown on her face and a fist of her hand when she saw Maia hugged a girl from the counter.

Morgan sat there, sipping her drink and watching Maia interact with the girl, trying to make sense of what she was feeling.


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