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C7 Revenge

To get the scene off her mind, Morgan Daniels scanned the room for anyone who she could flirt with, if possible, return home with.

From a distance, her gaze landed on a girl who was dressed in very little clothing and whose gaze was already on her. The girl raised her glass to Morgan as acknowledgement and she did the same.

Morgan Daniels quickly emptied her glass and placed the empty glass on the counter without turning, then made her way to the lady, bumping into a few bodies on the dance floor, but that didn’t lure her away from the price.

“Hi,” Morgan Daniels said in a low and seductive voice once she was next to the pretty woman, and she replied with a smile.

“Morgan” she stretched out her hand for a handshake.

“Audrey” the brunette replied with a French accent that made the other girl raise a brow.

“French?” Morgan leaned on the counter.

“What gave it away?” she questioned earning a knowing smile from the dark-haired.

“Never mind” she replies with a timid smile once she caught unto Morgan's smile.

“I grew up in France, I moved here three years ago,” she says sipping on her drink.

“It’s sexy” the dark-haired comment made the other girl blush.

The was something about the French accent that did wonders for Morgan. Of course, she'd never met anyone with a French accent, and having Audrey before her, the dark-haired was more than determined to take her home.

Both girls were silent. Not even Morgan who came over with the single idea to have her way with her was able to break the silence. She stood there, watching the dance floor when she should be wooing the pretty girl.

Perhaps it was the fact that seeing Maia being cosy with someone else still lingered in her mind, making it impossible for her to summon her flirty side, but a quick peek in the direction in the young girl's direction was all it took to fuel her anger, and she pushed that away by directing her attention back to Audrey.

Her long wavy brunette hair fell over her shoulders and perfectly complimented her oval face. The corners of her protruding brown eyes turn up as she smiled

All in all, she was an attractive woman.

“Rumor has it that you own this place” Audrey finally broke the silence.

Morgan Daniels wasn’t sure if she meant that as a question or if she was merely seeking confirmation

“Rumor eh” there was a smirk on Morgan's face.

“Yeah, you’re famous here,” Audrey said with a smile that held so many unsaid words.

Something in Morgan flinched.

It never bothered Morgan what others thought of her. They all knew she didn’t do relationships and commitments yet they willingly came to her.

She was hot and sexy, desired and most definitely wanted by both men and women, regardless if they were married. They needed something they knew only she could give them and she was willing to give.

But today, it irked her.

Usually, Morgan would use that to her advantage and flirt. But right now she felt something else. Something she didn’t like.

And what annoyed vexed her more was the fact that she couldn’t comprehend why she felt that way.

“I see” was all she could reply.

“I’m sorry if I offended you” Audrey, sensing the tone in the dark-haired voice quickly apologised, touching her arm, drawing Morgan's attention to her.

Morgan's gaze shifted to the hand on her, making Audrey suddenly conscious and quickly retreated her hand.

“That’s okay. I mean, it is like you said, I own the place so I guess it comes with the popularity” Morgan brushed off the topic. The brunette smiled as she quickly understood she didn’t want to talk about that.

“Hmmm” was all she said as she sipped on her drink, this time around emptying the glass.

Morgan hated that word, hmmm. It seemed like your word are being doubted and you have this sudden urge to explain yourself.

“Can I get you something else?” Morgan pointed at the brunette's empty glass.

Audrey shook her head. “Take me somewhere” she stated, the look in her eyes turning into a darker shade which had Morgan more aroused than she was before.


The sound of the running shower woke Morgan Daniels up the following morning. She groaned, tossed and turned in bed, feeling too tired to open her eyes.

White satin sheets draped over her body, feeling like silk against my skin, contouring her naked body and making her feel light in bed.

Her mind automatically drifts to the events of last night making her smile but frowned when she recalled how she opened her eyes at some point and was met with the image of Maia.

She brushed that thought away and focused her attention on the brunette who was currently in the shower.

She was unlike any other woman the dark-haired has been with and knew just the right thing to do as she paid attention to every little detail.

A skill most of the women Morgan had been with lacked.

In the bathroom, the shower stops running indicating that Audrey had finished and will be out any minute from now.

Oddly, Morgan found herself anticipating her to walk out. After what felt like forever, the brunette finally walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a white towel wrapped around her body, droplets of water running down her body, making Morgan's throat suddenly go dry.

Audrey didn't realise Morgan was awake and this allowed the dark-haired to stare at her.

Her body was perfect as she was thick in all the right angles. Morgan watched her every mannerism as she moved and only then did she notice the girl was left-handed.

“Done staring?” Audrey's voice sounded next to Morgan, making her wonder when she'd gotten next to her.

“You are beautiful” Morgan uttered, taking Audrey's hand and pulling her, making her seat next to her and then proceeded to plant a soft kiss on the brunette's lips and tasted mint on her lips.

“Mmmm. I bet you tell that to the thousands of other girls who have warmed your bed in the past” Audrey retorted, getting up and walking away.

Again, something Inside Morgan flinched.

Of course, she'd said that to the millions of other women she's been with and she meant it.

They were beautiful, regardless of their body size. It didn’t bother her when they made such side remarks as Audrey just did because it was true.

She's said that to every woman, to an extent, to make them feel desired, and to boost her selfish ego.

But since last night, Audrey has proved to be different from the others. She was very much aware of her beauty and didn’t allow phrases like this make her feel validated.

“I’m going to make myself some coffee, want some?” Audrey asked standing on the threshold of the room and only left after Morgan nodded.

It was hours after Audrey left and the dark-haired was currently seated at her two-seat dinner having lunch.

As she ate in the quiet of her apartment, her thoughts drifted to Maia and to the conversation she had with Jonah. There was a part of her that wanted to honour the invitation, but another part of her wondered if she could bare seeing them together.

Receiving that wedding invitation was like feeling the pain all over again, but now ten times worst. Over the years, she'd moved on from the pain but still, she hoped it was a one-time thing and they had ended things.

Because what is worse than your girlfriend cheating on you with your brother?

Your brother marrying your girlfriend.

Roi and Morgan never saw eye to eye mainly because of the company. Whilst she had to work her ass off to prove to their dad that she deserved to run his company, Roi did it effortlessly.

He never had to try too hard, he was the favourite.

Not going to the wedding will prove to them that she was still hurt over their betrayal.

So as she at, her mind was made up.

She wasn't going to confirm her presence.

She would just appear there, looking beautiful and happy.

What better revenge than that?


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