Loving Miss Daniels/C8 Talk with Jonah
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Loving Miss Daniels/C8 Talk with Jonah
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C8 Talk with Jonah

"Just a few more hours and I’m home" were the words Maia Shelton spoke to herself.

To say she was drained was an understatement.

Today Sunday makes it over two weeks since the young girl started working at the Yapaki lounge. She didn't clock out of work until three in the morning and when she returned home, she had only a few hours of sleep and then she was off to school.

Balancing work and school was gruesome and she struggled to get accustomed to the blasting music every day in the lounge. The lights and smokes she could handle, but the blasting music?

She has had to hydrate her throat several times as a result of all the yelling she did and once in a while, go outside for a walk to give her hearing a little time to recover.

And of course, wearing earplugs was out of the question.

It was nine p.m when the brunette checked in, and at once, she noticed that Morgan was yet to check in, not that she was keeping tracks or anything.

As she said there, getting ready for work, her mind drifted off to within the week when Morgan had asked her to fix her a drink.

She knew it wasn't perfect, but for some reason, she didn't complain.

“Are you just going to stand there daydreaming?” Terry's voice sounded in Maia’s ear, making the young girl gasp.

“Sorry, did you need something?” Maia ignored the way the young girl rolled her eyes

“Two whiskeys on the rocks and a dry scotch,” Terry said, then leaned her back on the counter and began to scan the dance floor.

Strangely, for a Sunday, it was packed.

Maia hurriedly fixed up Terry's order and handed it to her, and watched as the young girl swayed her hips back and forth.

Past the crowd, someone caught Maia's attention. The way they swayed and whined their hips slowly, feeling the rhythm of the sound was mesmerizing.

Maia found herself getting warm in areas she didn’t know was quite possible.

Especially when it was caused by a woman.

She watched as another lady walked up behind the first girl, she turned and then a smile appeared on her face when she saw who pulled her in.

The lady behind slowed her pace, allowing the lady to grind her hips against hers. Then the lady turned, pressing her body against the other lady and connecting their lips.


Maia swallowed a gulp.

“Yeah, I agree with you. That’s really hot” Jonah says, taking the young girl off her trance, making her wonder when he'd gotten this close.

“Huh! What?” she stuttered

“The couples you were looking at” Jonah’s statement made the chocolate-haired blush.

She was suddenly timid. She had been caught by her other employer looking at two women make out.

“Don’t be shy, I get you” he says and she furrowed her brows. She wasn't comfortable with where the conversation was headed so she diverted to something else.

“Can I get you something to drink Jonah?” her eyes invertedly stole a glance past him, noticing that the couple from earlier were no longer on the dance floor.

“A soda please,” he says and Maia's eyes almost gauged out in shock.

Now, it wasn't her intention to sound stereotypical, but Jonah didn’t look like the kind of person to drink soda in a club.

“I know, I’m shocked at my choice of drink, but gotta respect the wife’s orders,” he says with a shrug. With a nod, Maia Shelton fished out a bottle of can soda from the fridge and handed it to him.

“Thank you,” he says, the hissing sound of the can going off as he took off the soda can tab. He brings the can to his lips, taking a long sip.

“So Maia, how are you liking working here so far?” Jonah inquired, placing the soda on the counter.

The young girl was about to respond when the creepy bald customer from earlier handed her two bills of ten.

“Use the change as tip doll face,” he says with a wink as he walked away.

Maia made a disgusted face that drew Jonah’s attention.

“I’m guessing you haven’t acquainted yourself with that,” he remarked whilst looking at her face.

“Yeah, no one gets used to that” Maia said, taking the glass and placing it on the counter for used glasses behind.

Whilst she does this, Jonah sips his drink. Still, she could feel an intense stare on her. It was almost as if he had something to say to her, but he couldn't muster the courage to blurt it out.

And that worked just fine for the young girl because to her, he looked like the kind of person who says things as they are, and she wasn't sure if she could handle his remarks.

Maia Shelton proceeded to take out a drink from the fridge, unscrew it and took a large gulp before.

“You didn’t answer my question” Jonah’s voice sounded over the loud club noise just in time when Maia was placing the bottle on the table.

“Which is?” she leaned over the counter as she spoke.

“How do you like working here so far?” he asked again

Maia shrugged. “It’s okay” taking another sip of her drink.

“Mmmm,” Jonah said over the bottle that was connected to his lips.

For the next minute or so, none of them said anything as weren’t sure what to say.

Maia thought working here was okay. Asides from the banging music and the occasional creepy stare, she found it bearable with hopes to get accustomed to it.

She made at least fifty to one hundred thousand francs every day, weekly on tips.

Just yesterday, she made over seven thousand francs, on tips alone.

That aside, Maia loved how she has matured in the few weeks of working in the lounge.

“It was nice having this talk with you Maia,” Jonah said as he stood up, pushing the now empty can in her direction and gave her a smile that didn't sit right with her.

For some reason, Maia felt like his smile held the promise of a future conversation.

And she wasn't sure if she liked that.


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