Loving Miss Daniels/C9 Proposal
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Loving Miss Daniels/C9 Proposal
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C9 Proposal

Her conversation with Jonah was still trying to settle in with her, and as he walked away, she found herself hoping never to have an encounter with him.

As he walked away, she had a clear view of the dance floor, she found herself searching for the couple that was on the dance floor earlier.

Maia Shelton wasn’t sure why seeing them dancing against each other, smouldering and grinding made her insides warm and fuzzy.

It made her wish she was one of them.

She wondered if she would feel that same fuzzy feeling she felt whilst watching them dance. It was an alien feeling, yet very appealing.

The young girl was so engrossed with her thoughts that when a voice yelled out, asking to be served a glass of martini, she frowned.

She realised that the bottle of martini she had been serving dry to customers had been emptied, and the other bottles were on the last shelf of the counter, which she couldn't reach.

She looked around the crowd, searching for Trevor, or anyone who could reach for the last shelf. Her gaze landed on Resha further into the crowd, and she knew that calling out to her will be impossible, especially with the banging noise.

Asking for help from a client was out of the question as they weren’t allowed in the dack, so she was going to have to try and get the bottle, hoping that in the process, it does not slip and break.

Maia Shelton stood on tiptoe and pulled her body upwards. All she needed was just to touch the tip of the bottle, then she would push it slightly, causing it to fall straight into her reach.

With much struggle, she succeeded in touching the tip of the bottle, and just when she was about to push it slightly to the side, a shadow hovered over her, the smell of citrus and leather filling her nostrils.

She turned to take a look at the person that hovered over her but immediately regretted it as her face was in direct contact with Morgan’s breast.

She tried to look away, but any movement she made would entail her face touching her boss's breast.

And the thought of that happening brought another tingling sensation between her legs, but this time it was more intense and she had to force herself not to moan out loud.

Morgan Daniels grabbed the bottle without any effort and hands it to the young girl, then she cleared her throat before speaking up;

“Thank you”

She walked back to the counter and filled a glass for the customer who was busy entertaining himself with the dance floor.

Morgan had not left. Maia could feel Morgan’s on her which made her nervous considering what just happened.

“Where’s Trevor, Resha and Terry?” Morgan asked once Maia had finished serving the customer.

“Uh, I have no idea. Trevor was here a few minutes ago, Resha is somewhere in the crowd and I haven’t seen Terry since I clocked in” Maia’s gaze was glued to the ground. She wasn't daring enough to look into Morgan’s eyes, not after her face was just inches away from her boobs.

“Mmm” was all Morgan said before the young girl felt another intense stare on her.

“Have Trevor take over and come meet me in my office” Morgan said, and with that, she walked away.

Maia watched her hips sway from side to side as rounded the counter and mounted the stairs to her office. She began to feel that tingly sensation but this time, her heart raced too.

Maia Shelton cleared her throat and looked around, pleased to see she had not been caught staring at her boss.

The young girl fixed her clothes before walking away in search of Trevor. These days, he will check in, lurk around for a while and disappear for an hour or more.

Maia’s job description entailed attending to clients from the counter and she was thankful for that, but she didn’t know all the ins and out, which is why she hated it whenever he disappeared.

She'd searched for him in the back, and on the dance floor, but he was nowhere to be found.

She ignored a creepy old man on the dance floor who asked for a dance and walked behind the counter. She fished for her phone to dial Trevor's number but dismissed that thought when she realized his phone was in her bag.

Letting out a defeated sigh, Maia looked up just in time to see Resha emerging from the dance floor, and making her way to the counter.

“Hey, sorry to ask you this but can you take over for a while? Morgan wants to have a word with me” Maia asked the young girl skeptically when she was seated on one of the bar stools.

“Yeah sure,” Resha replied with a shrug, earning a smile from the young girl.

“Thank you” Maia uttered, rushing from behind the counter and making her way through the crowd for Morgan's office.

The blasting music from downstairs slowly faded as Maia Shelton mounted the stairs. The young girl has never been to Morgan’s office, and as she mounted the stairs, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. Her palms were sweaty and her heart was racing.

Maia placed a gentle knock on the closed door. When she didn't get a reply, she wondered if she should knock, or just walk in.

The young girl raised her hand to knock again, but the door flew open, leaving her hand suspended in the air.

As she walked in, her anxiousness tripled with every step she took towards the chair opposite Morgan’s.

“Maia” Morgan’s voice sounded in the quiet room where the young girl had sat.

“Are you okay?” Morgan asked, making the young girl furrow her brows in wonder.

Was that question supposed to be job-related or to her wellbeing

In the end, the young girl decided to go with “I’m okay, thank you”

There was a rather deafening silence in the room. Maia Shelton could swear the sound of her pounding heart could be heard in the room.

“I have a rather indecent proposal to ask of you,” Morgan says and Maia's head immediately shot in her direction.

Maia didn't know if she was supposed to reply to that. But from the look Morgan gave her, it showed she needed approval.

“Okay, I’ll just get right into it” Morgan let out a huge sigh and then folded her arm.

“I’m going to pay you five million francs if you agree to be my plus one to a wedding” Morgan’s voice was calm and her expression was stoic.

Maia Shelton was speechless.

She didn't know which one was worse. Being paid a huge amount of money for a proposal like that, or the fact that the proposal came from her boss.


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