Luna omega/C3 The rejected lone wolf
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Luna omega/C3 The rejected lone wolf
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C3 The rejected lone wolf

Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night.May become a wolf.When the wolfbane blooms. And the autumn moon is a bright.-the wolfman

Ralph Garnier struggled with the enchanted cloak, Ulf thought that Ralph might be cursed because of the unstoppable growling, his skin enlarging, accompanied with goose blotches, his head reshaping.

"I am a werewolf yet a part of me craves for the moon, like the tides, my skin rise, and fall, when the moon is to its fullest, great events will befall. The only beauty my eyes want to trace is the one that made me growl in pain, the one I have bitten and inflicted a permanent scar." Ralph mumbled under his breath

Ulf wrapped the cloak around him, to ensure he ceased growling and murmuring to himself, but to no avail.

Ulf has to remind him of his task given to him by his tribe or run away, they are craving for his blood from the moon goddess because he refuses to kill one of the silver syndicate tribe, whom he would rather bite than kill.

"You have bitten a silver syndicate, and they are coming to attack your tribe in full force, we have not received any information yet, but I believe they would sabotage, they know, we don't," Ulf said in a low tone.

Ralph stopped yowling and his emotions stopped rising, he went into a reminiscence of the event that took place two days ago.

The Blood Talons concluded to hunt for blood at night, that is the only way they could get perfect raw blood to offer a ritual to the moon goddess.

Leading a dog's life, Ralph was chosen to hunt alone, get the blood of a female while the other packmates and the Alpha relaxed in a tent, and the hunters were ordered to hunt for food.

On getting to a cave, he heard a voice and the candlelight waving back and forth, he was stridden towards the direction of the voice in an unobserved manner, clasped her arm, and bite her so destructively, a young female who stood to watch over a cub that was kept by one of a beta family.

His fang went deep into her skin, down to her inner muscle.

Her scream was slowly melting into a howl, a mournful howl that hung around, a she-wolf, a goddess in every shape and form.

Ralph let go of her as his sharp fang tormented the young she-wolf. She ran off without a glance at Ralph out of the cave to the wolf wood.

His taste was now bloody, not stained, he stared at the open space with blank thoughts, nothing to imagine, Only what was left in his thoughts was the image of the goddess, she-wolf, brushed with death.

He cannot continue the blood hunting, confused, restless, enraged in thought, fearful, his fang dripping blood, his system became weak, emotions rose to the climax, and his feet shrink to a default.

Back to his world, a frightful chamber, the blood talon tribe is hunting their packages.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"The Blood talon could not get a ritual to perform to the moon goddess, this would result in a serious crisis, that would have to banish one of the tribes from Sazi-thur, it could be the silver syndicate or the blood talon or even the Heritage moon" Grigori announced to his hunters, warriors.

"Get ready for we will not only lead the Bone shadow, the silver syndicate, and blood talon as well, but the moon goddess also would conclude the situation, when they could not perform any of the assignments." He added, standing in the open space of the wolf woods.

The sazi-thur could only change into humans when taking a shower, they transit when the water from the faucet touches their fur.

The existence of the different tribes of Sazi -thur, which was once a pack, the elder researched bones, watching how the light plays off them, how darkness bleeds beneath them. She cares about the shadow, not the bones.

A beta hunt for blood and started biting the packmates to initiate them to manifest the hunting of blood, it was at first a test that escalated into multitudes of a new blood talon pack and then tribe.

The Heritage of the moon was formed when the full moon appears an Omega to arise to an Alpha, the Alpha picks his packmates. The silver syndicate is formed by a runaway Alpha, who went in search of Gold but discovered silver in turn.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"She is a lone wolf that is destined to die, but fate would not allow her to get eliminated from this wolf world, the pain she undergoes would kill the whole tribe ". The only solution is to banish her from the tribe ". Adolf announced as he arrived at the sickbed with his mate, Ashina.

Adolf noticed stale blood like a scar on the left arm of Lily, it was extraordinary and significant to read, unable to understand, he gazed at her unconscious state in disgust, touching the stale blood, he realized it was a shapeless permanent mark on her left arm. To him, the dent meant a supernatural entity but he can't decipher, the more he tries to think, the more mysterious it becomes.

" Jason and Tommy let us see in brief, a message was received from the two tribes of Sazi-thur. Meg and Ashina, the needs of the affairs of the industrial management need to be taken care of, Greg and Shawn are fighting over the locus "Adolf let out with an authoritative tone, the first son of max and a Beta looked from one person to another before he led the way out.

Jason respects Adolf despite the fact that he might be an Alpha, but he prefers Adolf to handle his private crisis. This made Adolf a different authoritative Beta that acted as a leader, which he wished for.

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