Luna omega/C4 The argument
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Luna omega/C4 The argument
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C4 The argument

Don't trifle with me, for I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.

Tommy knew and in premonition foresaw the calamity that is about to befall the tribe, the doom that is to come can not be deciphered. His fright before the fall moon would appear is hot as hell.

His decision was the only reasonable idea the pack could think of, he feared no one, ruled like an Alpha. His office was dilapidated by a bomb, and no one knew who the sender was.

Arrived at a large office, surrounded by a red-painted steel chair. Tommy sat in the middle facing, Adolf. Jason sat opposite each other, head swirling towards Tommy.

"There are a lot of scenes that have been created, a lot more would be created by us, I would like to know your suggestion towards the pending disaster that is to befall because of lily Amore." Tommy laid a statement, drafted an agenda and distributed it to the Alpha and Beta before him.

"It was already concluded that Lily Amore, the omega of this very pack, the silver syndicate would be banished to avoid further crisis befalling us" Jason authorized even though he was not sitting on the supposed leader.

Jason and Tommy waited for Adolf to take his suggestion, rather Adolf started drawing arrows, and men ambushed a city. When he was done with the drawings, he distributed them to everyone, who glanced at the paper, scribbled it, and threw it at him in unison.

"Even though Lily is banished from the pack, the crisis would nonetheless befall us, her pain would remain unbearable until a significant figure appears to her" Adolf laughed as he explained his drawings to his packmates.

"How do you know all these? Are you now a supernatural doctor or a sorcerer? Tommy narrowed his eyes, making an effort to read the meaning of what Adolf explained.

" oh, it's just a story of a shapeshifter who saved her pack from the crisis, and she made them feel safe, she protected them from doom" he narrated, applying a quick smile on his weary smile.

"Tommy, did I employ you as my spokesman? You can't differentiate a drunkard from a rationalized man. You have proven to me how outrageous and unwitty you are " Jason angrily left the office with a crash on the door.

"Adolf, are you drunk, or do you think everywhere you go is a playground? you are supposed to be wiser and smarter than this? You are a sheep in a wolf form " Tommy left the room light-hearted.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

A world where one is turned into waste, dying in silence, imaginable thoughts evacuated, nothing but expiration to wish for, no family, not a company to keep oneself busy.

Jobless and worthless to the pack, one belongs to the only thing Lily Amore thinks of is how she would escape from the tyrant of her family, who turned into her the worst enemy.

Tormented and frustrated, her redemption was seized, all she could feel was danger surrounding the pack.

She noticed that she could change into a wolf any place, anytime she wants. She feels terrified when she transits into a human and a wolf at her pleasure. Her howling was at ease, she has never transited in anyone's presence.

A lone wolf could be a monster in a horror world.

Growling in pain, she saw a shadow of a masculine figure on the wall, with a hat and a curved knife, he was approaching her slowly.

Lily struggled on the bed, as she heard footsteps approaching her sickbed from behind, she yowled not in pain but frightened.

She thought the man coming was not near her, until she saw a knife pierced on the same spot, she was bitten.

Her moan slowly turned into a growl, blood oozing out profusely like a broken faucet, her blood pumped out without seizure.

She saw Tommy washing off the knife at the sink located beside the sickbed. She heard him mumbling, but could not decipher what he was saying.

In a pool of blood, all she could think of to save herself is to run away.

If one can't face the wolf, do not go into the forest or dine with them but how, where, and when would she escape?

I won't be afraid to walk alone, I am not going to regret doing that, by the same, standing alone is never easy, but staying with the crowd is easy.

Lily said those words in her head, as he heard the door creak, Tommy had left the room.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"I am the wolf that is relentless and never quits, I am born to be alone, there is a reason for me to be alone, a vestige would be created by me, if I vanished out of the wolf world," Ralph said to himself in a cave.

If he had the opportunity, he would abscond, someone who is always surrounded by hunters with daggers, how would he escape? And where would he run to, which tribe or province would he flee to, his escape needs to be prepared in a witty manner.

Ralph searched the cave, with his fang he destroyed a nest that was built on the top of a light holder, a nest built to protect the bird from monsters. As hungry as a monster could be, he deleted emotions from his soul, tore off the feathers of one of the elder birds that were screaming and squeaking, and other birds flew.

His claws dividing the bird apart, the gizzard and the crop dangling downwards, he threw one part of the divided bird into his mouth, and then the other, he ate greedily.

He howled indicating that he was satisfied.

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