Luna omega/C5 Arrogant Alpha
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Luna omega/C5 Arrogant Alpha
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C5 Arrogant Alpha

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Adolf never takes life too seriously but that does not go well with him whenever Andrew, his brother, is someplace in the house.

Andrew Max, A beta works in a genetic and biotechnology industry, whereby Animals are Genetically modified. As an expert, he was one of the groups of people assigned a project to create a bird that would think like a snake.

The projects are meant to be submitted individually, which means that the project would be done privately behind closed doors.

Andrew hung his sample on a wall attached with strings of small balls of different colors representing a strand of DNA.

Chemicals extracted from the skull of the snake, he preserved in a small bottle that is a test tube-like.

On the verge of winning the project, he warned every member of the family not to enter his room for any reason, but he forgot to send Adolf, the dumbfounded brother, to a dungeon until his project was completed.

Adolf unlocked the door Andrew, the structure he saw was captivating and fascinating to know about, he entered the room without locking the door behind him. He moved from structures hung on the wall, feeling the textures to another, excited at what he saw, he opened the chemical box, and his first glance was a blue chemical bubbling in a closed container, he picked a test tube holder and quietly picked up, as he was about to take a close glare at the substance, his hand fidgeting and the substance fell off from his grip, spilling the chemicals on the tiled blue floor, that sunk immediately the substance down to earth, the rest evaporated with a smoke clouding the area of the floor it spilled.

"Unexpectedly, the snake substance is in a safe place, the project would be a huge success to the company and the world as well, we will be doing the impossible possible. and..." Andrew went mute with a widened mouth, the smoke, and the pieces of the glass container on the floor, he saw the label stocked to the floor.

Hypnotized with anger, distress, edgy, his blood rose and his heart started beating faster, he stared at Adolf, who did not move an inch. He rashly approached Adolf, punched him in the face so hard, and kicked him with his knee on the stomach.

Andrew knew this was his fault and could not fight back, so, he remained helpless and weak, he accepted the punch with gratitude, and they twist.No one came to his rescue as no one was at home to witness the beating.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jason, feeling embarrassed by Adolf's stupidity, assumes that he has given Tommy more than enough grace to sit on a leather chair and authorize meaningless law to his pack.

Despite they might be friends, he also realized that Tommy would in no time soon grab the Alpha position from him with a blind friendship.

Jason thought of a way to punish him, a hidden place to restrict him from inhaling and exhaling.

"Mr. Jason, I am sorry that you were embarrassed by my brother, he is such a fool please pardon my insolent manners for bringing him over " Tommy apologized, holding the doorknob.

"Oh no, it is just the past, you know I was angry at first when the scene triggered my wrath, nevertheless, we are good. It was not your fault but Adolf's fault, he is always involved in a fool's errand " Jason held Tommy's hand and they resigned from the room.

"You would in eternity remain my friend and a brother, I would like to show you a secret place, a place I found that exists in this province, it is a quiet place to think, meditate and get relieved "

"What a solace to spend the night, please, hasten up. I am already with the essence."

"The next door, we would get there, not be in a haste " Jason and Tommy stride outside the cottage to an inner room on the left side of the passageway.

Arriving at the cabin, dark and dusty, he switched on the light, a white curtain covering a lengthy rectangular box.

He left Tommy in the room and went to an inner room.

Jason came out with a glass of wine, one of them mixed with a strong sedative.

He offered the sedative drink to Tommy who stood glancing at the corners of the room, questions heaping, he gulped the drink at once because he had to ask questions about the cabin that looked strange and so quiet.

Jason uncovered one of the boxes and dusted it, it was a coffin.

"What _is _this _coffin _" Tommy's unfinished question was rounded up with a trance, he lost consciousness.

Jason quickly opened the coffin, laid Tommy inside, and cover it with a lid that has a lock that he used to fasten it

He left the room, locked with a big padlock.

Tommy slept like a kid, without snoring or swirling side to side.

The sedative was twenty-four hours of sleeping substance. The last time he laid such punishment was when his mate, Meg without honor visited his coworkers and gave out a credentials document to them, a document that can't be given to strangers, the document consists of his profile, a game profile he created and the original was attached at the back of the file with a device showing his wolf structures. Luckily, they did not open the document yet, when he received the document from his secretary. They believed that was an estate to be sold.

That day, she was not lured by a seductive substance, she was yanked off by anger to the inner room, he forcefully locked her inside the coffin for two weeks, and she was revived by a monstrous wizard.

New chapter is coming soon
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