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The Fallen God Slope was located in the Central State of the four continents. According to legends, during the ancient era, when Pangu established Heaven and Earth, Nuwa created the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, the four great beasts were sent out. Countless people, demons, and devils took form here, creating the name of the Fallen God Slope.

Perhaps it's called the God-down Mountain, or it's more accurate to call it that. The peak of the mountain pierces the clouds, as if it's about to break through the sky and fly far away, and normally, the sea of clouds roil around it as if it has entered paradise. Occasionally, a few large birds would fly by, adding some life to this desolate God-down Slope.

Early in the morning, the morning sun slowly rose. A pink cloud appeared where the sea and sky connected in the east. Then, a small bright spot appeared.

Looking over, they saw that there were around thirty to forty years old children, none of whom were tall and had a nervous expression. This was because it was winter, and their faces were slightly red from the cold wind, and they did not even know where to put their hands. They were breathing heavily, and their eyes were staring straight ahead.

In front of this group of children, there were three to four middle-aged men and women wearing gorgeous clothes. For some reason, their brows were tightly knitted.

Senior Brother, this is the last batch of children for this year. White Tiger Palace, Black Tortoise Cave, there are some talented children successively. Only the Heavenly Dragon Manor and my Vermillion Bird Lake, I don't know why, but we don't even have a single child with inferior aptitude this year …

It wasn't a big deal. The leader waved his hand and said, "Central State, don't you have many geniuses?" However, there are a lot of people who are able to reach the top of the mountain and laugh proudly. However, this Greencloud Town is quite interesting. From the moment I stepped into this town, my Azure Dragon Bloodline seemed to be suppressed by something.

Long ago, I heard from the seniors of the older generation that a fierce battle had taken place in Green Cloud Town a long time ago. I don't know the outcome, but ever since that battle, this town and the God-down Peak have become a boundary between humans and demonic beasts. Was there a demon beast crossing the border? Otherwise, why would Senior Brother have his Azure Dragon Spiritual Pulse suppressed? "Senior Brother, your Azure Dragon bloodline has been on the Hidden Dragon Rank before." The woman in red exclaimed.

If it was a demon beast, I would naturally have sensed it, and the feeling I have right now is as if my blood was being suppressed. You have to know, dragons are the four ancient mythical beasts, and from the bloodline, it can be said that they are above the common people, but the feeling I have right now is like a child meeting an adult. I don't have any intention to resist, on the contrary, I feel very close, wanting to submit to them.

"Alright, senior, please take a look at these kids' Four Spiritual Pulses first."

The Four Spiritual Pulses were the foundation for humans to become Four Spiritual Practitioners. They were divided into seven levels: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Green, Blue, and Purple.

The bloodline of the Four Gods was a bloodline left behind by one of the four ancient God Beasts. It had been passed down from one generation to the next. Anyone with a higher concentration of the bloodline would have their strength multiplied.

Alright, children, now that all of you are lined up and calling out your names, walk forward step by step. Don't be nervous, it doesn't matter if you are successful or not, you are all the pride of Qingyun Peak. They will be proud of you, so the middle-aged man in the lead tried his best to act friendly as he smiled and said.

The middle-aged man standing in front was this year's recruitment manager of the Four Spiritual Academy. His name was Qing Jin. With his green rank talent as a dragon, he had entered the Four Spiritual Academy for many years.

The Heavenly Dragon Prefecture, White Tiger Palace, Vermillion Bird Lake, Black Tortoise Cave, One Prefecture, One Palace, One Pool, and One Cave formed the four strongest forces in Central State.

I know that all of you yearn to become stronger, just like your parents. However, the strong must also work hard. If you want to become outstanding, if you want to not be looked down by others in the future, you can only show us your most perfect side. Qing Sui used a bit of the dragon's might as she looked at the group of children. From now on, you will line up one by one, the parents will hand over their children's names to me, you will move to the side, and the test site will be in the center here. If you see any of the spirit stones, and if you call out your name, you will come over one by one, and you will be able to place your hands on the spirit stones.

This was a continent that believed in the four ancient mythical beasts. On this continent, there was only one profession, and that was Four Spirit Cultivators. Each Four Spirit Cultivator would test for their spirit veins and bloodlines, which were also known as Divine Veins. Spirit veins referred to the size that could contain spirit energy, while divine veins referred to the bloodlines left behind by the four ancient God Beasts. Simply put, a spirit vein was the soul of a human, while blood was the body.

"Understood!" The voices of the children were surprisingly orderly. In order for the children to feel the difference between a cultivator and an ordinary person, Qing Yin intentionally released a bit of dragon aura, but the child didn't seem to fear that bit of dragon aura at all.

"Very good," Qing Ding returned to the central square after speaking, walked to a row of chairs and sat down, saying, "First, let's begin."

The first child was about seven or eight years old. The child's face was a bit red, and he nervously placed his hands on the stone. The pitch black stone glowed with a red light, but it quickly dimmed down.

Without a spirit vein, it was impossible for one to become a Four Spiritual Cultivator. Qing Ding sighed and said, "The testing of the Spirit Stones is as black as ever, regardless of whether the child's hands are up there or not."

At this moment, there was a clamor from the surroundings!

Quiet, Qingcun said coldly. Immediately, no matter if it was the children or their parents, they didn't dare to make a sound.

The next person continued as though he was accustomed to seeing it.

One by one, the children were tested. The top ten were still not lit up. Could it be that there was no one in the Heavenly Dragon Mansion this year? Qing Sui shook his head as he sighed, but just at this moment, a child with an azure light shining from his body and a Vermillion Bird spirit body was faintly discernable.

Hm? The eyes of the middle-aged woman beside him lit up and she immediately walked forward.

Senior brother Qingcun, our Vermillion Bird Lake will soon have a Spirit Gathering helper again. As long as you are willing to work hard, it is not a problem for you to enter the Spirit Gathering realm as long as you have a medium grade spirit vein. The middle-aged woman's judgement also determines the fate of this child.

Ah, this is truly great. The first person to laugh was not the child, but the child's mother.

"Shh!" The woman in red made a gesture.

Yan Lei, you are 7 years old, Divine Vein Vermillion Bird, a Green Rank Spiritual Pulse. You must know that your Vermillion Bird Pool has made a huge profit this time. Take him to pack up and prepare to leave with us. Red, orange, yellow, low-rank spiritual veins, green, blue, mid-rank spiritual veins, and purple, high-rank spiritual veins)

"Ok, senior brother," the middle-aged woman said.

Many children looked at him with envy!

Once he became a Spirit Gathering Stage cultivator, his status in the Central Region would be even higher.



The next few dozen children all didn't have divine veins.

Next, Gu Lin

Amongst the noisy crowd, the young man's voice sounded once again …

This was the last child of the town. If he didn't have the Divine Veins, then this year, the protection for the town would be much lower than in the past years, and because the town was isolated from the God-down Peak, there would be people coming every year to set up the enchantment. Of course, the strength of the enchantment was determined by the child's talent, and if it weren't for the children with good aptitudes, the town wouldn't exist.

Wasn't that Old Gu's child! It was rather pitiful, since he was born without any parents.

In their line of sight, this child was dressed in white, and his face was slightly pale. On his pale face, a pair of eyes revealed a strange firmness as he slowly walked out from the crowd.

As this child walked forward step by step, everyone's gaze followed his gaze as they looked into the distance. Finally, the child arrived at the Spirit Stone tablet. Extending his small hand, he gently touched the stone.


Like the sun and moon, the entire stone tablet began to shine with a yellow light. With a dragon's roar, the purple light became brighter and brighter, as if it wanted to pierce through the horizon and break through the shackles of the universe. Roar … Roar ~ ~ A loud roar followed by a dragon's roar resounded. The dragons and tigers began to contend, and they began to fight to cut down the seats. As they looked as if they were going to split into two, a loud and clear roar resounded, one that did not wish to be left alone. Hiss * Seth's voice had also joined the battle for the purple flame.

Tap. Tap. Tap, tap. The entire square was in complete silence.

It had been a long time since she felt her heart beating so vividly. Qing Yin's hands trembled as she looked at the paper in her hands. The words on the paper were very simple: Gu Lin, six years old.

Even the Sword Demon King's Roar from a thousand years ago had caused a stir in the entire continent because of the natural born dual bloodlines. The later achievements were also extraordinary, but in the future, this child would not... Thinking of this, even with the strength of the Green inch Spirit Gathering Realm, he could still feel an unprecedented trembling in his heart.

"Peng!" Thump! "Bang bang!"

Looking at the God Assessing Stone, the entire square was deathly silent

"Four Divine Bodies, it really is four Divine Bodies. My life is worth it. Now that four Divine Bodies have appeared in our town, I'm afraid that this town will be protected forever. We're safe now."

After a moment of silence, the surrounding children involuntarily retreated a step, swallowing their saliva, their eyes filled with worship.

At the same time, somewhere on the Slope.

In a hall somewhere, there was a stone tablet standing in the middle of the hall. On the stone tablet, there were layers of ancient runes that proved its existence. On the top of the stone tablet, there was an old man standing with his hands behind his back.


The instant the old man turned around, the ancient stone stele in the middle of the hall suddenly trembled. The old man thought that he was seeing things, and quickly went through thousands of them.

Drip, drip, drip.

Tears had appeared on the old man's withered face. He murmured to himself, "My poor child, are you really still alive?"

— —

The power of the green dragon, the power of the white tiger, or the power of the vermillion sparrow, all belonged to the Four Spirits. The Four Spirits, the Creator of the Four Spirits, was also fearless of the world. Let a man spend his life in pursuit.

"Cough, cough!"

That Gu Lin Little Friend, I wonder where your parents are now. Don't worry, in the future, you will definitely be above everyone else. Looking at Gu Lin's dazed expression, Qing Yin thought that the little fellow had been frightened by the scene in front of him. She hurriedly straightened her posture and said.

It was just as grandfather had said, although I have the body of the four gods, the bloodline of the four gods is far too big. If the spirit vein is not a high-grade spirit vein, how can I support the power of this great bloodline, as long as I start cultivating, then my life and death will not be up to me, but let me be an ordinary person for the rest of my life, how can I be willing, I hate you! The child slowly raised his head, revealing a trace of a decadent expression on his face. His slightly red eyes swept the surroundings, and the corners of Gu Lin's mouth seemed to become even more bitter. He really wanted to open his mouth and tell them that he wasn't a genius, he was merely someone who fate had played with.

Gu Lin, although you have a low rank Spiritual Pulse, as long as you are willing to join either of us, you will enter the Four Spiritual Academy. You will receive the greatest amount of nurture possible there, and you should also know that the number of people that are recruited into the Four Spiritual Academy is only a few hundred.

Every year, they would only recruit over a hundred people, so as long as they were on the continent, they would be proud to enter the Four Spiritual Academy.

Although a trace of bitterness flashed across Gu Lin's face, he still held a trace of hope in his heart because his grandfather had once said that if he wanted to change his low rank Spiritual Pulse, he would have to enter the Four Spiritual Academy. Because only there would be something that could change his Spiritual Pulse, Gu Lin maintained his cool.

Uncle Qingcun, my parents are long gone. My grandfather and I depend on each other for life. Gu Lin tried his best to put on a smiling face as he spoke to Qingcun.

Qing Yin was slightly surprised by Gu Lin's expression and actions. Otherwise, she would have imagined that a six year old child, upon learning that he was a genius, would not feel shocked at all. Instead, he would have an indescribable expression.

"Then let's leave together after we're done here," Qing Jin turned around and said to Gu Lin.

"Alright, Uncle Qing Jin, my grandfather and I are the only ones in my family. Let's go now," Gu Lin said in a young and tender tone.

In the center of the square, whether it was the children or the parents, they all consciously opened up a path for Gu Lin. This was because they all knew what it would be like for a four-god body to enter the Four Spirit Academy, and how many people wanted to enter it.

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