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After all, as long as one could obtain a graduation certificate from the Four Spiritual Academy, it would be like receiving an iron rice bowl. The students that come out of the Four Spiritual Academy would even fight for the Royal Family.

The four of them only chatted for a short period of time before they improved quite a bit.

I said that after cleaning up the dormitory, we brothers should have a good meal together. I'll treat you guys, haha! Hideous said as he patted his chest in a rather straightforward manner.

Yan Lei laughed and said, "I'm afraid that if I were to understand the academy's situation, it would be a lie to look at a beautiful lady."

I really want to invite you to a big meal. Why don't you believe my little heart for this lesson? Wrinkles pointed to his chest as a sign of heartache.

Yan Lei, seriously, we can't just take a pinch of the rich guy's fun, we'll just kill the rich guy together today, who told you to have a cyan card on your hand! Gu Lin patted Xu Que's shoulder, pretending to sympathize as he looked at him.

I heard that there is a VIP lounge with all kinds of dishes, like dragon stew, phoenix claws, etc. They are all things that can't be bought from the outside. We brothers can go there in the evening! Long Huang said in a loud voice as he looked at the man with wrinkles on his face.

"..." VIP lounge, do you want to go somewhere else? I heard that the dishes there are very expensive! Even though I have a cyan card, I'm afraid I can't handle the torment from us brothers. Xumi immediately stepped down and waved his hand.

No! Gu Lin, Yan Lei, and Long Huang spoke in unison, as if they had been training in advance.

After all, most of them had a child's temperament, and they felt that they could pinch the wrinkles one by one. They also felt that it was their will, so they all started laughing.

"Huh?!" Gu Lin, what kind of egg is this in your hand! "It's pretty good." Long Huang looked at the egg in Gu Lin's hand and was surprised.

This! I picked it up on the side of the road. I don't know what kind of egg it was. Gu Lin passed the egg in his hand to Long Huang as he spoke.

The egg was about the size of a child's palm and looked just right in his hand.

This should be the handle of a spirit beast egg! Gu Lin, I just don't know what rank of Spiritual Beast it is, but your luck is pretty good! "To be able to find such a spirit beast egg, it would cost tens of thousands of silver coins in the market," Long Huang said enviously as he stroked it.

Spirit beast egg? Gu Lin and Yan Lei were also surprised!

This person's character is way too good! It was equivalent to having another assistant in the future! It was just that he didn't know what realm it was at.

Gu Lin, where did you pick it up? Let me try my luck too.

"Do you dare to go to the Mountain Range of Death?" Gu Lin's words were like cold water, instantly extinguishing his idea of going to the Mountain Range of Death.

Heavens! Gu Lin, you've been to the Mountain Range of Death? Since I was young, I've always wanted to go to the Mountain Range of Death to have a look, even though my father had promised me that he would bring me there as long as I could break through Green Level Consolidating Equipment! Xumi said dejectedly.

Actually, I'm also going with someone else. In any case, you can go once you break through the Consolidating Equipment. Don't be anxious, Gu Lin said with a smile as he rubbed his head.

That's true! In any case, it had only been a few decades, and it seemed like the man was trying to comfort him.

Alright, everyone should have packed up! We should start off and have a good look at our great academy! Long Huang said with a smile.

Amongst the four brothers, Long Huang was the oldest and most mature. Yan Lei was the most mischievous, and the Wrinkles family was the most carefree. As for Gu Lin, everyone thought he was quite easy to get along with.

However, there was no such thing as a Four Spiritual Body.

Is it really useless?

Four Spiritual Academy, the number one academy in history. From this, one could see how powerful Four Spiritual Academy was.

The ancient history of the Four Spiritual Academy goes back over a thousand years ago. All kinds of ancient buildings have been preserved, and some traces of those ancient buildings seem to be telling us about the changes of the past.

For thousands of years, the Four Spiritual Academy had nurtured more than a dozen Saint Rulers, not to mention Spirit Gathering experts.

The youngest among these four youths was only six years old, while the oldest among them was only ten years old. Their hearts were filled with the yearning of youth as they looked at these buildings, and there were even some introductions about them. Especially when they saw the life and death of a certain Sage Transformation Stage expert, their hearts surged, and dreamed that one day, they would also become a Sage Transformation Stage expert, dominating an entire region.


That night, they still went to the VIP lounge. According to Long Huang's words, since you've shown off in front of us, you shouldn't be cowardly. The Wrinkles couldn't stand up to the pressure of the three of them, so they took a month's worth of his pocket money.

The next morning, June 8th, the official opening day of school.

There was actually no class today, only the teachers of the academy who had come up to talk about some famous people and the history of the Four Spiritual Academy to enlighten the children, giving them a good start. In a classroom that could hold a hundred people, the teachers above were talking, the students below were already listening, and they didn't even know who the teachers on stage were. After all, the young ones were only six years old, while the older ones were only eleven or twelve.

After lunch, the four bros were lying on their beds, comparing classes and academy rules as they discussed the beauties of each department.

I think the Azure Dragon Division's Tang Yu is pretty good! From a glance, he could tell that she was a beauty. However, I'm from the Vermillion Bird Faction, so I can't get the moon on the waterfront, he lamented.

You! Can't you be more serious? Although we only have a few classes a day, you can't be slow. What if you really get expelled?

If I really get expelled, my old man probably won't let me off. Wrinkles glared at him, the reputation of being expelled from Four Spiritual Academy is too unpleasant to listen to, and probably no one is willing to endure it. After all, the strength of the recruitment to Four Spiritual Academy is still there.

Oh right, tomorrow is the start of school. Yan Lei patted the head of the Hair Family. These brothers will study hard and fight for the Academy's Hidden Dragon Rank. That way, our dorm would have face in 1993.

Hidden Dragon Rank? "What's that?" Gu Lin asked in surprise.

The Hidden Dragon Rank was equivalent to a rank in terms of talent. Anyone who could make it onto the Hidden Dragon Rank would become a top ranked warrior, just like Bai Luo, who was currently ranked first in the Hidden Dragon Rank. There were as many beauties as one needed.

So it's like that! "Then is there anyone in our year's rankings?" Gu Lin asked expectantly.

Definitely not! At the very least, he would have to wait a few years for his appearance to become like that of a young man.

While Gu Lin was chatting with the three brothers, he was also looking forward to how much of a halo the number one spiritual body in all of history would bring him, as well as how much of a status he would have in store for the Promise of Ten Years.

As the sky gradually turned dark, the four brothers continued to chat with each other, completely unaware of the situation they were in. Occasionally, they would let out soft sounds of laughter, and at other times, sounds of scolding could be heard.

Perhaps the time in the academy was the best memory for everyone!

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