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Spring left and autumn came

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed since Gu Lin had arrived at the Four Spiritual Academy.

A faint shadow appeared beneath one of the youngsters' feet. It was faintly discernible, with a snake head, antlers, and a snake body with four claws. If there was someone else here, they would definitely be shocked; the youngster's surroundings would be enveloped in this green dragon-shaped light.

This youth was Gu Lin. Now that he was sixteen, he no longer had the childish look he had once had. With a height of 1.8 meters, coupled with his body that had been exercising all year round, it gave off a different feeling.

If he couldn't find a medicine that could change the spirit vein within ten years, then he would really have to leave this world. Although he would have to take a huge risk, Gu Lin was still betting on it, so what he needed to do now was to live well, so he incomparably cherished every day, and he would never be able to cultivate for a long time. Like this, day after day, year after year, counting the time it took, it was already one year.

At this moment, Gu Lin was on the 'Qishan' north of the Four Spiritual Academies. Because of the unique reason of the Four Gods' physique, Gu Lin could only hide in a quiet place, avoid others' eyes and ears, and start to cultivate the bloodline power of the Four Gods. It was quite strange, because the other three bloodlines were not even at the Sight Realm, and only the Azure Dragon was about to break through to the Yellow Rank in spirit power.

The power of the Vermillion Bird rose up and a red light of conversation enveloped Gu Lin's entire body.

The power of the White Tiger rose up, a wave of red and white light that was just like a conversation.

The spirit of the Black Tortoise rose up and emitted a conversing red and black light.

Forget it. Gu Lin patted his chest. He couldn't rush this matter. It seemed like he was mumbling to himself, or comforting himself.

It was already very good. A powerful voice broke the silence of the valley.

"Grandpa Qingyao, please don't make fun of me." Gu Lin turned around and said to the old man.

You are indeed too greedy. One must know that it is already quite impressive for you to advance from the peek realm to the half-step into the Manifestation realm in ten years. The white beard on your face twitched as a hint of delight appeared in his eyes.

I have already helped you push away the Promise of Ten Years, so you should be at ease in your cultivation now. With your current aptitude, we don't care about the other three divisions, but just considering the Azure Dragon System alone, if you were to persevere and work hard every day, the Spirit Gathering Realm will definitely not be a problem for you, and you might even surpass me and enter the realm of Sage Awakening.

It's fine, Grandpa Green Brilliance. I'm already satisfied that I was able to break through the barrier and stay in the academy. I don't need to think about other things for now. I still need to find a way to change the spirit vein in the Four Spiritual Academy. Gu Lin couldn't help but think to himself.

When you were unable to meet their expectations, it was naturally not good for others to give you a good look. They only cared whether you could bring benefits to them, so Qingyao patted Gu Lin's head, remembering a word that his grandfather had said: Geniuses are always rejected by idiots.

Thank you grandpa, Gu Lin's life these past ten years hasn't been very easy. Every year, there would be people from the Heavenly Dragon Mansion who would check on Gu Lin's four spirits. It could only be said that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

The most unique thing about this set of clothes was that it changed color according to one's own supernatural strength. For example, Gu Lin and Long Huang were cyan, while the Wrinkles and Yan Lei were light red. Due to the fact that the four bros of the dorm were all pretty good-looking, they would often see a few young girls coming up to them to ask them about it.

This tree must be thousands of years old! Gu Lin pointed at the old tree in the middle of the courtyard.

I don't know if it will last for a thousand years, but if you don't come to the welcoming party this afternoon, then I, your third brother, will lose face.

It was obvious from the fact that he had to fight with Yan Lei when he left the dorm room. However, he had a good appearance and liked to cause trouble, so his food in the first grade was rather open. Although he was already in the second grade, he could still be considered a famous person in the first grade.

'Haha! 'I knew Gu Lin would definitely not go. Yan Lei held onto the shoulders of the Wrinkles clan as he laughed.

Long Huang patted Gu Lin's back, tidying up his clothes for him and saying, Fourth Bro, although I told you that you might not like it, but don't try so hard. You're already sixteen, and you have to do whatever you want, and the other sixteen are already leading your girlfriend's hands everywhere, like this Ye Hua, who knows how many ignorant girls he has harmed. Besides, he's the second most talented one in our dorm, who would dare to be number one.

That's right, that's right. Gu Lin, you don't know, there's no way to compare second grade and first grade.

Gu Lin felt helpless.

Even an innocent virgin like Yan Lei had been replaced by the Wrinkles after entering the Second Year. Obviously, he had only entered the Second Year for a month.

Boss, it's not that I don't want to go, it's just that I don't have a chance to apply for a place in our dorm. Since you guys have already passed, you can continue to stay in the academy, but I haven't done so yet, and in these ten years, I haven't even returned to visit my grandfather, who lives in my hometown. In these two years, I'll be there, whether I leave or stay, I'll have to work hard on my own.

Fine! Long Huang, Yan Lei, and the Xiu Family brothers knew Gu Lin's true nature, so they didn't say much.

Alright, I know you guys are for the best. I have some fun in the afternoon, so I'll be taking my leave. Gu Lin waved towards Long Huang, Yan Lei, and the Wrinkles Clan before walking out of the dorm.

Along the way, many boys and girls looked at Gu Lin. Gu Lin was quite famous among the first grade students. He was well-known for his stubbornness, as well as for his good grades.

Roar! Roar! Roar, the surroundings resounded with waves of shouts.

There's a spirit beast here, quickly take a look. Gu Lin looked over and his eyes lit up.

"Spiritual Beast of the Body Fusion Realm, Howling Moonwolf."

The adult Howling Moonwolf had the strength of a Spirit Gathering realm, and the wolf in front of it was still in its growth phase. The adult Howling Moonwolf had the strength of a Spirit Gathering realm, and the wolf in front of it was still in its growth phase.

This person should be in the second grade, I've never seen him before, Gu Lin thought to himself.

If you don't have the ability to suppress the demon beast or demon beast, it can attack you at any time. Thus, in the Four Spirit Academy, people below the first grade don't have the right to own a spirit beast, but once you enter the second grade, the academy will give you a chance to go to the Spirit Beast Mountain and choose your own spirit beast. At that time, it will be up to you to your own ability.

How envious! In another two years, I think I'll be able to have one. I just don't know what type of spiritual beast it is.

Forget it, it's going to be late soon. Gu Lin sped up again and walked forward.


This Howling Moonwolf, why is it following me …


Gu Lin halted his steps and turned around. The power of the Azure Dragon had already seeped out from the inside of his body and instantly appeared outside his body.

"Bang!" The Howling Moonwolf was knocked flying, and the maiden seated atop it was knocked flying as well.

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