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Boom! Boom! Boom!

A figure hugged the young girl who had fallen off the Howling Moonwolf as fast as lightning.

"Oh." That is our school flower. That man's green robe is so handsome. I want to give birth to a baby for him … Quite a few students in the surrounding area began to size up Gu Lin and the white-clothed girl.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

"How much longer do you want to hug me? Why haven't you let me down yet?" At this moment, the young girl's face had a bit of a blush on it, making her look very bashful.

Ah!" Sorry, I thought that the spirit beast's backlash was trying to attack me, but Gu Lin's gaze once again stopped on this young girl.

It had to be said that this girl had an extremely refined temperament. This sort of temperament was naturally born, and it was not something that could be made up for with her deliberate makeup and dressing up.

"It's okay, you can go. It's my fault that I didn't control Little White well." No one could blame you. When she spoke, the young girl stood up and patted the dust off her body.

"Didn't the rules of the four spirit academy state that you can't ride a spirit beast in the first year of school? However, this girl has already reached the late level of the Scouting Scouts and is about to enter the Body Condensation Realm?" But her school uniform is still in the first grade, Gu Lin thought to himself.

Just as Gu Lin was about to lift his leg and walk forward, a few students jumped out from the crowd at the side. The leader seemed to be about to break through from the spiritual energy he emitted and enter the Body Fusion stage, but he was still a bit off from Gu Lin. Gu Lin extended his hand to block Gu Lin's path and left just like that.


The power of the green dragon once again circulated in his body. As a good dog did not block his path, Gu Lin slapped down his outstretched hand with his palm.

Oh, he's still a thorn. The power of the Azure Dragon is amazing! After speaking, the fire spiritual force around the person in the lead began to rapidly rise, with a tempo that could go berserk at any time.


A few balls of flame headed towards Gu Lin.

Gu Lin could only hide in a sorry state. How could he have thought of this? He would attack as he pleased without a care. This was, after all, the Four Spiritual Academy.

A deep dragon roar sounded out, and Gu Lin muttered, "Power of the green dragon, green dragon cover, appear."

In the square, a faint green dragon phantom wrapped around Gu Lin, giving off an extremely unreal feeling. A few balls of flame, suffused with red light, finally smashed into the green dragon phantom.


"So strong. If I hadn't taken a hit from this green dragon barrier, I really would have been finished."

With this thought in mind, Gu Lin silently chanted the chant for the Azure Dragon shield and continued channeling the Azure Dragon shield's power into it. A long spear appeared in his hands at an unknown time, and Gu Lin quickly rushed towards the instigator.

The Vermillion Bird bloodline's Vermillion Bird's flames were famously powerful, and the person in the lead was able to imagine that they would not even be able to harm Gu Lin, much less have the strength to counterattack. Seeing Gu Lin running towards them with a long spear in his hand, the person in the lead clearly felt a sense of panic, however, in just a few seconds, it was impossible to run away, so he might as well give it a gamble.

Boom!" BOOM! BOOM! "Boom.

A few more balls of fire appeared in front of Gu Lin.

"The Vermillion Bird is useless in close quarters!"

Gu Lin's movements were very simple. He used the momentum from his jab to turn around. His left leg was like steel as it viciously landed on that person's body.

Bang! The person in the lead was kicked out and painfully moaned a few times.

Gu Lin borrowed the force of the impact and followed closely behind that person, before ferociously slapping the person in the chest with his foot.

Pu, a mouthful of blood sprayed out from that person's mouth.

Sure enough, the Vermillion Bird division's closeness was like tofu. Using a spear was unnecessary. Gu Lin secretly thought to himself as he looked at the others with a wary expression.

Before the others could understand what was happening, the battle had already ended. No wonder Gu Lin was too fast.

Exerting a spear horizontally, snatching at the few people behind him, you guys attack together! I'm afraid that it'll take up my class time. Although my words are light, Gu Lin is also secretly on guard as he speaks. After all, their strength isn't weak either.

At this moment, a clear voice rang out. Enough. Li Wen, do you still think that I have not lost enough face? The girl in the distance seemed to be slightly angry and even her voice became a lot louder.

The youth called Li Wen was clearly more afraid of the young girl than he was of her. He could only hatefully say, "Boy, don't be happy too early. I haven't used my full strength yet today. We will have more time in the future."

With your cultivation? Gu Lin smiled disdainfully. Sometimes, sticking out one's head depends on one's strength. At that time, don't lose your life, you still don't know.

You! The fire spiritual force around Li Wen fluctuated.

Alright, Li Wen, stop quarreling. At this moment, the girl walked over and extended her hand towards Gu Lin. I'm Bai Shi Lin, white and white. The poem is an ancient poem, and Lin is a Wang Jia and two Mu.

Gu Lin and Gu Lin politely retracted their hands. They all said that beauties were a calamity, and that was right. Gu Lin licked his lips and thought to himself.

Lin'er, you're letting this brat off too easily. Li Wen became extremely angry. He was clearly jumping out to help you, but now he's making me look like a human on both sides. How am I supposed to stay in the Four Spiritual Academy in the future?

You don't have to worry about being cheap, and how many times have I told you? Don't call me Lin'er, call me Bai Shilin.

What were they doing? What were they doing? It's gone, it's gone, have you never seen a fight before? At this moment, an irritable voice rang out. Gu Lin didn't even need to look to know it was the Hew clan. Only he could have such a loud voice.

Li Wen, let me warn you, Gu Lin is the fourth oldest in our dorm. Fortunately, it's me today, and on account of your brother Li Wu, I won't touch you.

Li Wen was on the verge of tears. What the heck was he pretending for, this time it was better, the Hidey family was easy to deal with. Long Huang, who dared to mess with that evil star, the only one in the school who could beat him is Bai Luo. He decided not to court death and left dejectedly with his men. He didn't even say goodbye.

You know him? Gu Lin looked at the wrinkles

It seemed like he was going to apply for graduation this semester. He waved his hand and said, "Boy, you can do it. You can get into our courtyard so quickly. Alright, alright, how about we go together with this beauty?"

When she said this, Gu Lin couldn't bear to look at Bai Shilin, and so did Bai Shilin. Their gazes met, and Bai Shilin quickly lowered her head, revealing a blush on her snow-white face. Gu Lin couldn't help but be stunned.

Cough! Cough! cough

If he didn't leave now, he would be late. The Hair Family pushed Gu Lin, and Gu Lin finally came back to his senses. He was too embarrassed to think about things just now. Gu Lin scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

On the way to the classroom, Gu Lin found out that Bai Shi Lin was actually Bai Luo's sister, no wonder there were so many flower escorts. Bai Shi Lin looked at the extremely awkward appearance, it was hard to imagine that she was the one who had challenged the fourth in a match, and she looked somewhat cute. Bai Shi Lin was also 16 years old this year, and was older than Gu Lin by three months.

Even though Bai Shilin had a powerful older brother, Gu Lin's brief flash of brilliance caught Bai Shilin's attention.

Gu Lin, what was that green light barrier you used just now?! Even Li Wen's Fire Phoenix Ball was unable to break the green light barrier.

Oh, that was the Green Dragon Cover that my uncle taught me. Gu Lin naturally wouldn't do that, right?

Gu Lin, you're really too amazing. I'm afraid that in this year's Academy Competition, very few students in the first grade will be a match for you.

It's nothing compared to your brother Bai Luo. He's just over 20 years old, and has already reached the peak of the Body Condensation Realm.

My brother is okay, but he wasn't as good as you when he was your grade.

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