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Well, you two go first, I've got something to leave behind in the dormitory. I have to go back," said Hickory, patting him on the shoulder as he left. "The revolution is not yet over. We still need to work hard!

If you want to leave, go. Why are you wasting your breath! Gu Lin thought in his heart.

A girl, a man, and even a white Howling Moon Wolf, it's hard not to attract attention. Isn't that our academy's Ice and Snow Goddess? Who's the man with her!

"Gu Lin immediately felt extremely awkward."

Um, this Howling Moon Wolf belongs to your brother, right? Gu Lin was the first to break through this awkward situation.

That's right, Xiao Bai belongs to my brother. My brother spent a lot of effort to get Xiao Bai to agree to come down from Spirit Beast Mountain.

Logically speaking, even though the Howling Moonwolf said that when it reached adulthood it would be a Spirit Gathering realm spirit beast, this one was still in its infancy. At that time, your brother's cultivation was also at the Form Condensation realm, so it shouldn't have been too difficult! Could this Howling Moon Wolf be a descendant of the royal family? Gu Lin blinked his eyes as he looked at the Moonwolf and said.

The Howling Moonwolf seemed to have noticed something and snorted at Gu Lin. It was very obvious that it was still angry from what had happened.

"Alright, Xiaobai, be good. He didn't do it on purpose at that time!" Little White is the descendant of the Silvermoon Wolf and the Howling Moon Wolf King. When my brother brought Little White down the Spirit Beast Mountain, he was chased by the entire Silvermoon Wolf and the Howling Moon Wolf pack for a long time. If it wasn't for my brother running away quickly and Little White wanting to come out and take a look, I'm afraid that Little White would still be at the Spirit Beast Mountain, acting as its little prince.

This Howling Moon Wolf, if it was wrong, the strength of the "Howling Moon Wolf Prince" would be incalculable. One had to know that on the Jianjian Continent, the strength of one's bloodline was sometimes even more terrifying than one's strength.

Shi Lin, it's almost time for class, why are you still on your way here? Just as Gu Lin and Bai Shi Lin were reaching the crux of their conversation, a cold voice rang out.

Hearing that, Gu Lin raised his head and looked over, only to see a young man in white clothing standing not far away, looking at them. That young man was one of the geniuses of Four Spiritual Academy, "Bai Luo, who is also Bai Shi Lin's older brother, the true owner of the Howling Moon Wolf King.

In the distance was a young man with a white robe. He seemed especially clean and clean, especially his eyes that were filled with a deep chill. He was warning you to keep your distance from him.

Got it, Bai Shilin said in disappointment before walking towards Gu Lin. I'm also from the Azure Dragon Branch, so I'll sit at the back of the class. If there's anything we need to talk about in class, we can talk about it later.

"Alright!" "We'll chat next time we get a chance," Gu Lin said with a smile.

"Mm. Goodbye. It's obvious that Bai Shilin is disappointed that she didn't have enough time to chat with Gu Lin.

Bai Luo who was standing in the distance also walked over. He glanced at Bai Shi Lin, then looked at Gu Lin. "Thank you, for saving my sister."

Hm? Gu Lin thought Li Wen had specially come to find Bai Luo for trouble, he didn't expect it.

Although Bai Luo was very strong, even the current Gu Lin could not see through him, and there was an invisible pressure that made Gu Lin feel very uncomfortable.

Oh! It's nothing, just a small effort, Gu Lin replied.

"Bai Luo" looked at Gu Lin again, wanting to find something on his face before bringing his sister to the classroom.

Gu Lin, not long after he entered the classroom, he met Bai Shilin greeting him and was about to respond when Qingyu arrived. One must know that he was allowed to not listen to any of Gu Lin's other three classes, and only Qingyu teachers' classes were not left unattended by him. Thus, Bai Shilin was not far from him, and after greeting him, she returned to her seat to listen quietly.

Perhaps it was because serious days passed by very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was time for the classes to end. Gu Lin was currently unable to hold any interest in the other classes, so he left the classroom and walked towards the academy's back gate.

There was a place called "Qishan" north of the back mountain of the Four Spiritual Academy. The most famous demon beast on Qishan was a demon beast called Qishan, which was a hundred meters long and could speak human language. The adult Qiniao was at the Great Perfection of the Spirit Gathering Stage, and was at the same level as the "Golden Eyed Tyrannosaurus" and the "Azure Sky Demon Beast" that he met on the way back then. It was a pity that he was killed by the great powers of the Four Spiritual Academy.

Upon entering the forest, Gu Lin's Azure Dragon power and White Tiger's power were released, and his speed started to increase greatly.

Although the White Tiger's power did not enter into the Scouting Realm, it naturally had a supplementary spirit art, the Tiger Seal, and was able to allow the released user to have the jumping power of a spirit tiger for a short period of time. Although it could not play a critical role in battle, it was still enough to allow Gu Lin to jump on the mountain, and after running for about half an hour, Gu Lin arrived on top of the Qi Mountain.

Grandpa Qingyao, why are you here today? I'm here every day! You know what I'm saying, so tell me! Today, what request does this old man have for me? A figure floated over and stopped beside Gu Lin.

Gu Lin waved his hand. Of course, he knew that Grandpa Qingyao would be waiting for him here every day, regardless of whether it was windy or rainy. These few years, as long as Gu Lin called for him, he would appear.

Grandpa Qingyao, I feel that my Azure Dragon energy is about to break through the Manifestation stage. I would like you to come and take a look for me.

'Shapeshift '?

So fast? It has to be said that normal people take 15 years, and even if a genius shortens the time they take, it would still take 12 years. Ten years from the Scouting Realm to the Form Condensation Realm, it's not like there aren't any, but all of them are important figures, for example, for the 10 top geniuses of the continent, Bai Luo took 12 years.

Gu Lin, tell me, you didn't take any medicine, right? Qingyao said as he looked at Gu Lin.

No! The Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead that you fed me, does that count?

This doesn't count. Now, channel all of your Azure Dragon energy into the Azure Dragon shield that I taught you. Remember, you have to use all of your strength, okay?

Back then, Gu Lin had taken a useless long spear, so when Qingyao felt that he had treated this little guy badly, he had purposely given him a set of grade seven spirit arts. In the Sword Riding Continent, cultivation techniques were divided into nine grades, one to nine, low grade two to three, mid grade four to five, high grade seven to nine, high grade nine, and high grade nine, while Gu Lin's Immortal-ranked Azure Dragon was a seventh grade spirit art.

"Yes, grandfather."

Gu Lin immediately chanted the incantation for the Green Dragon Cover. Gu Lin had already memorized the incantation very well, and remembered how much pain he had suffered when Qingyao had taught him this incantation. Gu Lin could feel the power of the Green Dragon begin to expand within his body as he chanted the incantation silently.

As the green light grew brighter, Gu Lin's body seemed to be unable to withstand the green dragon's power.

Roar! Roar! Roar ~

Gu Lin let out the purest dragon roar three times in a row.

The green dragon had a cloud over its head, and it remained unmoving and clear. Following Gu Lin's low mutter, the green dragon shadow slowly took shape, coiling its body around Gu Lin's body.

"Bang!" ~

Finally, the green dragon simulacrum turned from virtual to real, and the entire hillside started shaking violently. However, after enduring for a few minutes, Gu Lin started sweating profusely, and the body of the green dragon began to disappear.

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