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En, 'very good' indeed appeared to have reached the Consolidating Equipment Realm. Qing Yao was very satisfied with Gu Lin's performance.

Really? Gu Lin's face also revealed a trace of a smile. In that case, I can go back to Cyan Cloud Town to see Grandfather.

Although the other three branches are still in their initial state of awakening, but once the power of the Azure Dragon has stepped into the Condensing Reality Realm, your life will definitely be different in the future. Then, it will be even easier for you to come into contact with something that can change your spirit vein. After all, a six year old child had been away from home for ten years, and his family wasn't very rich either. Anyone would think this way.

However, Gu Lin, you must know that there are two kinds of marks on the body of a Qi Condensation expert, one is a form of the spiritual power, while the other is a symbol of the power of the bloodline fusing with the spiritual power. The form of your spiritual power just now was only able to endure for a few minutes, a true Qi Condensation expert is not like you, so you can't be considered to be in the form of a true formed entity, but you are much stronger than a Scouting Realm expert, you should be considered to have only half a foot in the form Condensation Realm.

"I know, Gu Lin nodded his head. All experts rely on their own strength to accumulate information one step at a time."

"En! You should properly take care of this spiritual energy in your body. I still have some matters to attend to at the academy, so I will be leaving first."

Grandpa Green Brilliance was a bit more careful on the road. Gu Lin waved his arm at him, then sat down cross-legged and began to recuperate the Azure Dragon's power in his body. He also knew that the road he had to walk had only just begun.

At the same time somewhere

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swish ~

A figure was rushing towards Gu Lin. If Gu Lin was awake, he would have definitely recognized this person. This person was the first-year teacher of the Azure Dragon division, "Qingyu".

Qing Yu already felt that something was wrong with Qishan just now, how could there be an earthquake. Obviously, either a new demon beast had appeared on Qishan, or someone was cultivating here. No matter what the reason was, as a teacher of the Four Spiritual Academy, he must come over to take a look.

Qingyu originally came out today to relax, because they also participated in the siege of Qishan, Qishan to Qingyu is not strange.

With his young cultivation at the Spirit Gathering realm, his speed was not something that Gu Lin could compare with. With a flap of his dragon wings, he easily flew through the forest and arrived in front of Gu Lin in a matter of moments.

Right now, Gu Lin was in the midst of recuperating his body, still in a dazed state from the attack just now.

It's actually him?

Qing Yu, who was standing at the side, obviously knew his student, and he was familiar with him. He remembered the first time he saw this kid, he loved to ask questions, like to ask questions about everything, and Qing Yu was also willing to answer, but now, Gu Lin gave him a sense of strangeness.

Judging by this aura, he would probably be able to enter the Consolidating Equipment Realm, and that's just a matter of time. Remember, this little guy hasn't even applied for the entrance exams yet! Tsk tsk, I never thought that the Azure Dragon branch would produce another demon-level character. I'm afraid that the other three divisions won't be able to get the first place in this year's academy competition. Should I go and scam those few old men to see if they still dare to act so arrogant in front of me in the future?

At this time, Gu Lin didn't notice the existence of Qingyu at all.

By the time Gu Lin arrived at the dormitory, it was already around 9 PM.

"Fourth Bro, you're back? The moment Gu Lin returned to the dormitory, Mrs. Scar quickly came out of her room and raised her arms, preparing to give Gu Lin a warm hug.

Damn! Don't use this move on me. If you have anything to say, just say it directly. I'm not going to play this trick on you. Gu Lin dodged it and directly walked inside, rejecting Xumi's warm hug.

After all, the four of them had been together for ten years, so of course Gu Lin knew about this fellow's playfulness. The Hair Family hadn't been exposed by Gu Lin, so they dispelled their enthusiasm and hurriedly ran behind Gu Lin to ask, "How did it go with our sister from the Azure Dragon branch?"

"That's right! That's right! "I heard it when I came back tonight!" Long Huang's voice rang. "You told us that you didn't want to go to the reunion. You already knew what you wanted to do. You actually made us worry for you for nothing."

Long Huang and Yan Lei also walked over and sat on Gu Lin's bed. They looked like they were going to stay if they didn't say anything, so Gu Lin had no choice but to tell them how he met them this morning … "Bai Shilin, Bai Luo, and so on."

Fourth Bro, you're amazing. You even managed to settle with her big brother, Yan Lei said with a thumbs up.

What can I do! "I don't have anything to do with him," Gu Lin laughed, then recalled Bai Shilin's adorable appearance.

Oh! Right, will you be going to Gu Lin's Academy Competition this year? Long Huang, Yan Lei, and I have both made it onto the Hidden Dragon Ranking. The four of us agreed to do it together.

What did the Academy Competition have to do with the Hidden Dragon Rank?

You idiot, you don't even know this, but the academy holds an Academy Competition every three years, and every year, the top ten people will have the right to enter the Hidden Dragon Rank. Normally, you would cultivate again, but this is the last time for your first grade.

"That's right. Fourth Bro has been training all year round and the activities of the academy are basically all given to Fourth Bro by us," Yan Lei said with a smile.

"Kid, what level of cultivation are you at now? You have never mentioned it to us before. Have you already reached the late stage of the Scouting realm? If so, it's about the same as me. You can also apply for the grade exam."

Hen family, now in the second grade, cultivating in the late stage of the Scouting realm.

At that time, the Qiushui clan had withstood all the pressure and only managed to barely enter the late stage of the Scouting Realm in the last year. Even now, they still had not made any progress.

Yan Lei smiled and said, "Have you guys forgotten?" What kind of status did our Gu Lin have? Even the Principal came here to see him, and I remember you bragging about your talent when you first came here, and now you've smacked your own face! Even though you are only at the Body Condensation Realm, you are still four years older than Fourth Bro. And you see how hard he works, it's hard for him to remain strong even if he wants to.

Gu Lin patted Long Huang's shoulder and said with a smile, "Number two, don't tease me. We agreed that no matter how strong or weak we are, we will always be brothers."

"Then tell us quickly, are you already at the late stage of the Scouting realm?" Hairy # 1 stared at Gu Lin as he spoke.

Impossible, it's not like you guys don't know what Gu Lin's physique is. How could it be so easy for the four divisions? It had also taken Yan Lei nine years to reach the Late Ascendant stage and fourteen years to reach the Body Fusion stage.

That was not necessarily true. Gu Lin was a four Spiritual Body, and Long Huang was also looking at Gu Lin.

Gu Lin shook his head.

Like I said! How could it be that easy? But don't be discouraged, there are still two years left. Good luck! See, isn't Third Bro only able to reach the late stage of the Scouting Department in the last year?

This morning, Li Wen was no match for you. Li Wen was rather famous in the Vermillion Bird division, and although he was only at the middle level of the Scouting Level, you beat him down in three moves. Then what about your strength?

'Are you admitting it or not? 'She pounced towards Gu Lin.

Alright, alright, I said it. Actually, I'm not lying to you guys, the other three divisions are still in their initial state of awakening. It's just that the power of the Azure Dragon has almost broken through to the Form Condensation Realm.

It's so difficult to break through to the late stage of the Scouting State. If I'm unable to even break through to the late stage of the Scouting Realm, then what's ten years of bitter cultivation?

Body Fusion Stage?

Are you really going to break through to the next stage? They thought that at the very most, they had only broken through to the middle stage of the Scouting Level. After all, the bodies of the four spirits were special, and even if the other three elements were still in their initial awakening state, but the fact that one of them had reached the Form Condensation Realm was absolutely unimaginable.

Although it was not the true Consolidating Equipment Realm, it was only a matter of time before he was halfway there.

"If you don't participate in this year's Academy Competition, the three of us will definitely not forgive you,"

Alright, alright, since you said so, I will definitely participate. Just wait and see if I can get on the Hidden Dragon Rank! Don't fall in love with me when the time comes, and put on a look that you think is cool.

However, Gu Lin had been busy with his cultivation for the past ten years and had not asked for any information. Currently, Gu Lin had almost broken through to the next stage and said that he would only have ten years to live, but he still needed to live properly.

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