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Time is something that doesn't wait for people. The more you want to catch him, the faster he will slip away.

It had been a long time since the rain had rained in Meilan City. Today was the first rain of the year with traces of coldness. The entire Meilan City was draped with a gorgeous raincoat.

Although the weather was a little cold, the atmosphere in the Four Spiritual Academy was becoming more and more fiery. This was because the triennial Academy Competition was about to begin.

In the mountain behind the academy, on top of the Qi Mountain, there was an illusory, flickering green dragon. Occasionally, it would let out a dragon cry that would resound throughout the entire valley.

In an instant, a three Zhang long green dragon coiled around a human figure, from illusionary to corporeal, from corporeal to illusionary. Its movements were smooth as if it had practiced it countless times and it did not have the slightest sense of unfamiliarity.

When the Azure Dragon Phantom completely disappeared, the figure stood up, looking slightly exhausted.

"That's right."

When Gu Lin had just withdrawn the Unmoving Azure Dragon Armor, a voice came as expected. Qingyao walked over with a smile on his face. Not bad, it's only been a short while since your Unmoving Azure Dragon Armor has reached such a stage. If I give you more time to write, I'm sure that no one in your grade will be your match.

Gu Lin ruffled his hair and laughed. Although the Unmoving Azure Dragon Armor was already as pure as fire and could be considered a killing move, it was still not enough to make it onto the Hidden Dragon Rank. Tomorrow is the Academy Competition. With your current half-step-to Manifestation stage, coupled with this Unmoving Azure Dragon cover, it shouldn't be hard for you to obtain a place in the Academy. "Qingyao patted Gu Lin on the shoulder and laughed.

Before the Condensing Reality Realm, only the Spiritual Qi of the latter part of the Ascendant stage and the Condensing Reality Realm were the most obvious. Before the Condensing Reality Realm, only the Spiritual Qi of the latter part of the Ascendant stage and the Body Condensation Realm were the most obvious. Before the Body Condensation Realm, only the spiritual energy of the latter part of the Ascendant stage and the Body Condensation Realm were the most easily seen outside of one's body.

Grandfather Qingyao, don't worry. Tomorrow, I definitely won't lose face for you.

When I first met you, you were still an innocent and lively child. At that time, you were truly happy, but now, you, that brat Qing Jin, has really given you a pressure that you shouldn't have at your age, he has passed it. Grandfather only hopes that you won't feel too much towards him, but after this test, you and Yan Lei can go home and take a look, it's the academy that has given you too much pressure.

In these past few years, he had been living under too much pressure and others had great hopes for him, but he also did not want to disappoint others. The most important thing was to let himself live, to be able to find that so-called spiritual herb, so in these past ten years, all he could do was train, train, train day and night, even though he knew that he could only live for ten years, because the conditions to survive were too harsh. Whether it was cultivation or altering his spiritual herb, he could only hope that it would happen. Fortunately, he had done it. He did not let the people around him down, but he only had a year left.

Hm! Alright, it's getting late, you should go back and rest! Prepare well. Tomorrow is the academy's examination. I have high hopes for you. Let those old fellows in the academy see how outstanding the students I nurture are.

Of course, I will not disappoint Grandpa Qing Yao, nor will I disappoint my grandfather. Gu Lin silently said in his heart.

It wasn't very late yet. As Gu Lin was walking down the path to his dorm, he bumped into Bai Shilin at the entrance. She must have been waiting for him on purpose. Thinking of this, Gu Lin hurriedly walked towards her.

"Gu Lin, be careful when you meet Li Wen tomorrow during the Academy Competition. That guy, I heard from my brother that he might have reached half-step into the Form Condensation realm, so he will definitely take revenge on you." Gu Lin hurriedly said when he saw Gu Lin walking towards her; "That guy is too petty. If you can't beat him tomorrow, just surrender.


Gu Lin was stunned. It seems this guy wants to deal with me.

But so what?

— —

When the moonlight passed through the window and slowly shone into the room, a person sat cross-legged.

For the past few days, Gu Lin felt even more that he was still lacking something. He did not touch the Azure Dragon shield because it was a high-grade cultivation technique, and every time he practiced, the Spiritual Qi in his body would become stronger and stronger, showing signs of a breakthrough.

However, Gu Lin had always felt that it was better to let things run smoothly when faced with such signs. He himself had never taken the initiative to break through, so he waited until now. Gu Lin felt that it was time.

As Gu Lin continued to activate the green dragon barrier, the trembling feeling within his body once again began to become more intense.

Weng! * Weng! * Weng! *

He was finally going to break through.

Gu Lin, what are you thinking? You've been working hard for ten years and that's all you need. Why are you hesitating now?

As the spiritual power in his body increased, Gu Lin felt his whole body expanding. Without letting out any spiritual power, he madly rushed out of his body.

"BOOM!" "BOOM!" 鼟

Finally, a voice that didn't seem to exist came from within Gu Lin's body. Was this the Spiritual State Seed? But why is it that when I'm this big, generally speaking, the greater the spiritual seed, the stronger the spiritual energy, and the Spirit Crystals formed in the Spirit Gathering realm will be. Or is it that they're all so big?

After pondering for a long time, he came back to his senses. No matter what, I have broken through to the Form Condensation stage, so I have my own place in this Swordband Continent. When the time comes, I should be qualified to ask Grandpa Green Brilliance for a method to change my spirit vein.

Li Wen, you sacrificed so much for me, I should at least repay you with something, right? Gu Lin revealed an evil smile.

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