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When the first ray of sunlight shone through the clouds onto the earth, causing all things to awaken, the Four Spiritual Academies became excited. A bustling atmosphere surrounded the entire Four Spiritual Academy.

Four Spiritual Academies, Four Spiritual Altar.

The area of the Four Spiritual Altar was over a thousand square meters, and any student's spirit energy needed a certain range to be used. Therefore, the Four Spiritual Altar was not considered very large, and in fact, every academy competition was a competition between the four divisions. From the Scouting Realm to the Form Condensation Realm, the Azure Dragon Division was the most hated among the four divisions, and the reason was not without other reasons.

Azure Dragon System... Azure Dragon System... Azure Dragon System... Excited cheers rose and fell like the waves of the ocean. The students below the stage had already begun cheering for the Azure Dragon division. Many people were optimistic about the Azure Dragon division. The Azure Dragon division was already a symbol of strength in the Four Spiritual Academy. If the Azure Dragon division's elder brother or elder sister were to fall in love, then their luck would not be bad.

When the four brothers of Gu Lin's dorm arrived at the Four Spiritual Altar, it was already filled with people. The Four Spiritual Academy held a large examination once every three years, and since the Four Spiritual Academy was the Central State's number one academy, there was no need to talk about its influence. Naturally, there were many imperial relatives there.

If this group of youngsters were ordinary people within the Four Spiritual Academy, there would be no need to mention that it would definitely be the end of the world for the Four Spiritual Academy.

Gu Lin represented the Azure Dragon Faction, so when Gu Lin saw the seat where Qingyu was seated, he naturally walked over.

In the last Academy Competition, Yan Lei could be considered to have made a comeback. Relying on the Earth Protection Armor, he had bullied many people, but of course, this was all told to Gu Lin by the Dragon Emperor. After all, in these ten years, Gu Lin's time had been either training or cultivating.

As long as you have the strength, you will definitely get what you want. However, there are also some restrictions to participating, and students at every age can only participate once, but after being promoted to school, there will be a placing, which will lead to the quality of the academy's entrance exam. Therefore, no fool is willing to let this opportunity go to waste.

Gu Lin, your words are too heartless. Aren't we here to cheer for you? Yan Lei muttered while patting Gu Lin's shoulder, indicating that there was no need to be nervous.

Gu Lin was a little nervous. After all, this was his first time seeing something like this.

At this moment, in the Vermillion Bird Courtyard, there was a rather skinny young man who was currently conversing with the surrounding people. His eyes occasionally looked towards Gu Lin as if he was confirming something, and Gu Lin's eyes were also looking towards the front.

Hm? A mere first grade has this kind of boldness. The young man licked the corner of his lips and said, normally, when a first grade sees me, they would either not dare to look at me, or hide from me.

Beside the young man stood a youth. It was Li Wen, and this youth should be Li Wu.

He directly ignored Li Wu's gaze. After all, the current Gu Lin had the qualifications to do so, but Yan Lei beside him did not care about that. Gu Lin, that person over there is Li Wu, and even though he is gentle and refined, he has a lot of playfulness in his heart.

Brother, he was the one who caused me to lose face last time. However, I was too careless at that time, I definitely won't do it this time.

Being Li Wen's older brother, Li Wu's talent was needless to say, stepping into the Body Fusion Realm a year ago, which made him, who was originally arrogant, even more arrogant. Compared to the Dragon Emperor, he was much more low-key, but everyone who was familiar with the Dragon Emperor knew, if they really fought, the Dragon Emperor would be more decisive than anyone else, after all the Dragon Emperor also had his own pride.

Li Wu was such a person, his face was extremely good. Although Li Wu considered himself to be inferior to the Dragon Emperor, but that did not mean that the people around him could let him down. No matter what, he could not take this lying down.

"Brother, don't worry. I'm no longer the same as I was before. As long as this kid loses miserably, I'll be able to vent my anger. Li Wen naturally knows what Li Wu is thinking.


Hearing this, Li Wu lightly nodded his head. If you meet him, remember to slowly torture him. Let him know that our Li Clan isn't something a trash like him can mess with.


Brother, Li Wen, that guy is so annoying. He's always pestering me.

Bai Shi Lin from the Green Dragon division said unhappily to Bai Luo, who had just sat down.

"Who told my sister to be so good-looking?" Bai Luo lovingly stroked Bai Shi Lin's hair, and just as he was about to speak, his gaze suddenly turned towards the front, where a large number of people were rushing in, and the one in the lead, was a white-haired old man. The old man wore a green and white robe, and as his eyes swept around, the people in the crowd all moved out of his way, giving off an indescribable feeling of majesty.

In the past, those who presided over the Academy Competition would usually be some highly respected teachers. The appearance of the Vice Principal was undoubtedly an added fuel to the flames of excitement, as everyone in the crowd stood up to welcome him. The reputation of being the first to become a Saint was indeed quite resounding, and with a smile on his face, Qingyao greeted the royal family members before walking towards the main stage.

Numerous gazes were locked onto Qingyao, who was standing on the stage.

Today is the big day of the third year of the Four Spiritual Academy. Many thanks to all of you for coming to pay your respects, this old man has always disliked speaking nonsense, so let's get straight to the point. This year's Academy Competition is slightly different from the past, as the number of people competing with those of the Form Condensation realm is naturally more, thus, there are some changes in the drawing of lots.

"Take a look," he said, pointing to the empty space to the left. Everyone looked over and saw a square wooden chest with a small hole in it.

Upon completion of the drawing of lots, the participants of the Academy Competition would compete based on numbers. With numbers one to two, three to four, five to six, and so on, the winner then would be in a one to two, three to four, and so on until the final battle. Everyone, do you understand?

Hearing Qingyao's words, the audience was silent for a moment before one of them stood up and asked, "Would it be unfair if we were to have a match between the Scouting and Condensing Reality Realms?" After all, there was still a gap between a Spiritual Qi Disciple and Spiritual Qi Condensation.

Qing Yao coughed, as if he knew there would be a question he would answer, "Fair? After you graduate and face the demon beasts, will the demon beasts be fair to you? Will your opponents be fair to you? It's just that I want to let you all know clearly where your strengths and potential are. Usually, only when we meet an even stronger opponent, will we be able to force ourselves to use even more potential. You all have to remember, this is the Four Spiritual Academy, the one who's ranked first in the continent. "

The moment he said this, everyone present burst into an uproar. However, they also knew that since the Vice Principal had already said so, there was nothing they could do.

"Of course, due to the changes this time, in order to arouse you guys, the Four Spiritual Academy will strive hard and bring out their true abilities. After discussing it with the Headmaster, I have decided to start from this reform. In the future, we will use this method in every Academy Competition. But compared to before, we will give a small reward to the final victor."

Ah!" Whatever reward or reward, there was a clamor from below the stage!

Qingyao looked at the young students below the stage and smiled proudly as he said, "Nine Dragons Heaven Stairway."

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