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"What is it?" Gu Lin was stunned for a moment, he had never heard of this item before, and couldn't help but to look at the surroundings. He saw that Yan Lei, the Dragon Emperor, and the Hair clan were also at a loss, while the other students also didn't seem to be clear about it.

Gu Lin and the others also noticed that Qing Yu seemed to know something, so they leaned over and quietly asked, "Teacher, what is the Nine Dragons Heaven Stairway?"

Qing Yu deliberately lowered his voice and said, "The Nine Dragons Climbing the Heavens Stairway is an inherited secret technique of the Heavenly Dragon Palace, I don't know the specifics, but I once heard from the elders that the Nine Dragons climbing the Heavens Stairway is an ancient treasure. In the past, the Heavenly Dragon Manor was still far from being on par with the other three powers, but ever since the appearance of the Nine Dragons climbing the Heaven Stairway, the Heavenly Dragon Manor has become one of the four forces, the Heavenly Dragon Manor. Furthermore, the Nine Dragons Heaven Stairway had never been opened to outsiders.

Yan Lei's mouth was wide open. Wouldn't that mean that he could soar into the sky with a single leap? Damn it! If he knew earlier, he would have participated in this round.

Qing Yu smiled and said, "Even if you participate this year, you will definitely be part of my Azure Dragon division." He glanced at Gu Lin beside him and deliberately lowered his voice; "I know you have strength, and the Vice Principal and the others have also invested a lot this time. This quota can only be for us, the Azure Dragon Division.

Teacher, you think too highly of me, he thought to himself. But if it's true, then I, Gu Lin, will definitely make this quota. It might be able to change the spiritual vein in my body.

The faces of the people below the stage were all strange, especially the nobles. The royal family seemed to be swallowing their saliva, looks like the temptation of the Nine Dragons Heaven Stairway was really huge.

After a while, he raised his voice again and said, "Then, you all can begin to draw lots!"

Everyone in the plaza looked at the box. The Azure Dragon Division was the first to walk out. They walked to the side of the box and each took out a bamboo stick. Then, the Vermillion Bird division, Black Tortoise division, and White Tiger division.

Then this old man will stop talking nonsense, please go on stage with Number 1 and Number 2!

Gu Lin looked at the bamboo lot in his hand. Number twenty-three was written on it, and there were twelve rows in front of him. Gu Lin leisurely walked back to his seat and greeted Yan Lei and the others.


Following the crisp sound of the bell, everyone's spirits were lifted. For a moment, the originally noisy plaza became quiet.

Atop the four spiritual altars, Qingyao looked at the countless students below before loudly announcing, "Let the competition begin."

As he finished speaking, a cauldron appeared out of nowhere. "Clang clang clang!" It rang through the clouds, and when Gu Lin heard it, he actually felt his blood boil. He looked around and saw eager expressions on the faces of everyone around him.

The thirty-six people were competing in only one arena, so the first round victors could naturally get a rest, which was fair. When Gu Lin entered the arena for the first time, the eyes of Yan Lei, the Dragon Emperor, and the Wrinkles immediately lit up.

Why is it you? He saw a round meatball climb up on the arena and he could not help but roll his eyes on the spot.

Last time, he went with Li Wen to look for trouble with Gu Lin, who almost took Li Wen's life with that shot. He saw it in his eyes, since even Li Wen wasn't a match for Gu Lin, then he himself was even more unworthy. This loss was definitely a loss, but Li Wen was still watching below, and he couldn't give up in front of Li Wen, otherwise, with Li Wen's personality, he definitely wouldn't be able to survive in the academy.

Gu Lin shook his head with a smile. "Don't worry, big brother will be more gentle this time."

"Gentle your sister!" The fatty was also speechless.

"Dang!" The match began, and Qing Yao bellowed.

"The atmosphere below the stage is instantly lit up."

The fat man laughed mischievously as he suddenly leaned back and began to condense his Vermillion Bird's spiritual power. His left foot slightly lowered as he jumped forward, like a meatball, towards Gu Lin.

I've underestimated you, Gu Lin said with a smile. While Gu Lin was talking, the fatty got closer and closer. He took a step forward and a thick right hand struck towards Gu Lin's face.

"Middle stage of the snooping realm"? Feeling the fatty's spiritual power, Gu Lin was also a bit surprised. A few days ago, he had only met the threshold of the Scouting Realm, but this still posed no threat to Gu Lin.

Gu Lin slightly bent his feet, neutralizing the fatty's frontal attack. At the same time, his left hand extended out like a spirit ape, slapping the right side of his face.

bang * A clear sound rang out and the fatty was knocked to the ground.

Gu Lin seemed to feel that one slap was not enough, as he was prepared to give another one. After all, someone often said that since you slapped someone in the left cheek, you probably wouldn't mind being slapped in the right. That fat Gu Lin knew that he had been slapped in the face again, so he immediately covered his head and shouted, "I admit defeat, I admit defeat."

"Gu Lin Sheng."

Boss, can you see the strength of Fourth Bro? The Dragon Emperor smiled and patted Yan Lei's shoulder as he said, Fourth Bro's slap isn't simple. Although this fatty had only reached the threshold of the Swarko Realm, that slap earlier seemed to be very casual, but there wasn't the slightest fluctuation in his spiritual power. He had directly struck it down with his palm, and I think that if it was a competition of spiritual power, I should be able to accomplish it, but like Fourth Bro, I can't do it.

There were only a few freshmen that came in the same year as the Azure Dragon School, and Gu Lin was one of them. In the past, Gu Lin had always been busy training, so he rarely revealed his strength in front of others. Did you see that, did you see that?

Gu Lin also felt that the gazes from below the stage weren't very sharp. He looked around and noticed that Gu Lin was looking at Li Wen. When their gazes met, the corners of Li Wen's mouth curled up into a sneer.

Right now, all you have to do is jump, the more you jump, the more happy I'll feel when I step on you. After sneering, Li Wen couldn't help but think to himself.

Gu Lin glanced at him, then retracted his gaze. He turned around and walked off the stage.

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