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After that fat guy, Gu Lin won three matches, and thus squeezed into the first three matches. Because Gu Lin did not have any outstanding performance in these few battles, the audience below the stage only thought it was due to luck, and did not pay much attention to him, but the other two were not the same. After Li Wen, Shi Lin had defeated her opponent once again, which undoubtedly added to the atmosphere below the stage.

This year, the quality of the Academy Competition was much worse than the last year's competition. In the last session, there were at least three Condensing Reality Realm disciples, but not a single one had appeared this year, and after all, after suddenly reaching the Body Condensation Realm, they would choose to join one of the four forces or travel around the world, and they would not stay in the Four Spiritual Academy. After all, experts were not people that were nurtured to become strong.

"Hearing this, Yan Lei, who was at the side, clenched his fists tightly. He still remembered the way that Gu Lin's spear had almost killed him, based on Li Wen's vengeful spirit, when the time comes, he would probably kill him, even if he lost, it would be nothing much, just afraid that Fourth Bro wouldn't easily admit defeat. The Four Spiritual Academy Competition has an unwritten rule: as long as both parties don't admit defeat, then even if they are half crippled, no one can interfere."

"Don't worry, with Fourth Bro's current strength, even I am a little uncertain. That Li Wen might not have the ability to do so." Dragon Emperor looked at Yan Lei, then continued to look at the four spiritual altars as he spoke.

"The first match of the fourth round shall begin. Number sixteen and number nineteen, please come up on stage."

Following the sound of Qingyao's voice, the crowd suddenly became much quieter, and everyone's gazes suddenly shifted.

Where everyone's eyes were focused, there was a young girl in a green and white dress standing on top of the Four Spiritual Altar. She calmly looked at the figure in front of her, her cold and indifferent temperament was like a blooming lotus, it was hard to imagine what kind of appearance she would have in the future.

This was the first match of the third round, so the audience below the stage was undoubtedly quite lively.

The Azure Dragon Division would definitely win! Come on, Bai Shilin! Azure Dragon System! Come on, Bai Shilin! This battle was pushed to its peak with the shouting of the Azure Dragon School.

A faint glow appeared on the surface of the two people on the stage. It was Spiritual Energy.

Bai Shi Lin's opponent was naturally Li Wen, at this moment Li Wen was already standing about ten feet away from Bai Shi Lin. He cupped his hands and said, "Lin'er, you and I have already entered the top three, why don't I give up the Nine Dragons Heaven Stairway to you? Since your family doesn't oppose the marriage, it's no different if I take first place with you, as for Gu Lin, I've already investigated him, he has no background, he's just like an ant standing in front of my family.

Li Wen didn't expect Bai Shilin to attack him so easily. Seeing the green dragon shadow charge towards him in the blink of an eye, he quickly took two steps back.

The green and red light collided in the center of the stage. "Bang!" It was the start of the battle.

"In that case, Lin'er, you must be careful!"

As the red light around his body intensified, Li Wen's expression suddenly became fierce. He dashed forward as the Vermillion Bird's spirit energy covered his entire body. He slapped his palm horizontally towards Bai Shilin, causing a biting wind to blow.

Facing Li Wen's attack, Bai Shilin was not afraid at all. She took a step back and her slender hand was like an eagle pouncing on its prey. She heavily hit the back of Li Wen's hand and dispersed the force.

"Grade seven spirit art, eight hundred flame demons!"

Even though the palm wind had been deflected away, Li Wen let out a light shout and the fire attribute Spiritual Energy in the air suddenly became violent. A giant formed of flames pounced towards Bai Shilin like an eagle.

Upon seeing the fiery giant, Bai Shilin's brows slightly furrowed. Then, she closed her fingers and softly said, "The green dragon has a spirit, it materializes itself, and with the Azure Dragon Sky Breaking Strike, a green light appeared behind the fiery giant and pierced towards its vitals."


The fiery giant disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

Below the stage, Gu Lin furrowed his brows as he thought to himself, "Indeed, Li Wen has also stepped half a foot into the Consolidating Equipment and his spirit arts are not weak. If I were to compete with him, I'm afraid it would be a little tricky."

At this moment, the two people on the stage were equally matched. This kind of exchange lasted for more than ten minutes. Li Wen, do you really only know how to dodge when you hide your head like a turtle? Bai Shilin bellowed.

"Since you said that, then I won't be polite!" Li Wen's voice rang out and he stood on the spot. The Vermillion Bird's spirit energy also became denser and denser.

"Phew …"

Bai Shilin's entire body was glowing with a green light. She circulated the spiritual power within her body to the limit, enveloping her entire body like a shining star. Other than the green light, she could not see anything else.

"Hmm?" What is this? Gu Lin said in surprise.

It seemed like Li Wen couldn't move.


A beam of light as green and green as starlight pierced through the sky, directly shooting towards Li Wen. Li Wen stood motionless, and just as the light was about to reach Li Wen, he made a slashing motion with his left hand.


This slash was like a cut, splitting the entire azure-green light into two.


Bai Shilin was sent flying. Her palm landed just one meter away from Li Wen. With the sound of bones breaking, Bai Shilin's right hand twisted strangely and her entire body was sent flying.

Li Wen stood on the same spot without moving an inch.

"Bai Shilin, lost." Gu Lin said.


Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, Bai Shilin's entire body was thrown down from the sky and smashed into the four altars in an arc, causing dust to fly everywhere. She looked especially pitiful.

"Hua …" Seeing Li Wen send Bai Shi Lin flying with a single palm strike, the crowd burst into an uproar as expected.

"Sister!" Bai Luo shouted anxiously from below the stage, but due to the rules of the Four Spiritual Academy, he could only wait and do nothing.

"Boss, did Bai Shilin lose?" Yan Lei questioned from the side.

He probably lost. Bai Shilin's earlier move should have exhausted all of her spiritual power. Even if she was able to stand up, she wouldn't have been able to put up a fight.


Due to the previous attack, Bai Shilin was feeling terrible right now.

She was still very confident in her own strength. No one would be a match for her now that she had formed her own body, but Li Wen's palm strike not only broke her Heavenly Dragon Strike, but also caused her Vermillion Bird's spiritual power to invade her own body, causing her to feel as if her entire body was on fire.

What a good 'Li Wen'. To think that he had cultivated to such an extent without anyone noticing.

"Lin'er, with my current strength, I am worthy of you. My demands are not high, I only give you one chance, if you agree, I will immediately surrender and give you my spot, I also know that your Bai Family needs this position, if you do not agree, then what I can't get, others can't either."

"Bai Shilin felt it was laughable."

"Are you threatening me like this?" Li Wen, listen carefully. Even if there are no men in this world, I will not agree.

Hehe! I know, aren't you fond of that brat Gu Lin? Fine, I'll let him become trash later on. I want to see if the Bai Clan is willing to accept a trash as their son-in-law, Li Wen said with a twisted expression.

"Li Wen Sheng!"

After a short moment, Qingyao announced the winner of this round. The winner would be able to rest for two hours, and two hours later, they would be able to fight for the position of first in the academy competition.

Gu Lin furrowed his brows. Seeing Bai Shilin step down like this, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. No matter what, it's for public or private. I, Gu Lin, will definitely take first place.

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