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This year's Azure Dragon Division might not be able to become champion, and Gu Lin's name had never been heard before.

Gu Lin stood on top of the Four Spiritual Altar and listened to the commotion below. His brows furrowed slightly. Li Wen's performance just now was too eye-catching, even Bai Shilin was defeated by him. It seemed like this year's champion will belong to the Vermillion Bird division.

"Fourth Bro, you have to stay steady."

After Gu Lin entered the arena, Yan Lei could not help but frown. Clearly, he was not optimistic about the odds of victory this time around.

"On the side, Hairy # 1 also has a worried look on his face."

"Don't worry, even if he loses, Gu Lin wouldn't lose any face for us, the Azure Dragon Division. After all, his Spiritual Pulse is a low rank, and training to such a degree is not easy." Don't worry, even if he lost, Gu Lin didn't lose any face for us, the Azure Dragon System.

"Hearing that, the Dragon Emperor did not say anything. He only stared at the figure of the youth on the stone platform. For some reason, he felt that Fourth Elder would give him a different kind of surprise.

"Fourth Bro, you have to work hard …"

"Four hours later."

"Li Wen silently walked out from the crowd and then stepped onto the Four Spiritual Altar.

At this moment, Li Wen looked at Gu Lin disdainfully, without even looking at him. His gaze was fixed on Bai Shilin, who was standing below the stage. He was clearly telling her to watch how he would fix Gu Lin.

"Gu Lin." Let's forget about the new feud and old feud today. Li Wen stood in front of Gu Lin with a trace of ridicule on the corner of his mouth as he slowly spoke word by word.

"Li Wen." Don't think too highly of yourself, or else it'll be very painful when you hit him in the face. Gu Lin didn't say anything excessive because of Li Wen's ridicule, although he didn't know why Li Wen was so ruthless towards him. As a man, if it was only because of what happened last time, then his heart would be a little too small.

"Just you wait!" Li Wen glanced at Gu Lin and said fiercely.

"Please." Gu Lin smiled.

"If all of you are ready, you may make your move!"

As Qingyao's last few words faded, the atmosphere in the arena suddenly froze!


However, this atmosphere lasted for only a few breaths of time. After which, a terrifying burst of Vermillion Bird Spiritual Energy suddenly exploded out. Li Wen's body instantly turned into a Vermillion Bird shadow as a flaming sword appeared out of nowhere.

At the moment when Li Wen made his move, Gu Lin's eyes also slightly narrowed. Both of his feet exerted force and a majestic green light swept out from his body as a pitch-black, long spear appeared in his hand. With a clench of his palm and a hidden Azure Dragon energy on his arm, Gu Lin did not dare to underestimate it as the Spiritual Energy within his body completely rushed over.


The long black sword collided with the flaming sword in an instant, and a strong wind swept out.

"Phew …"

Gu Lin did not show any signs of dodging as he faced Li Wen's powerful flaming longsword. He chose to face Li Wen head on. Upon seeing this scene, many people secretly shook their heads. It seemed like the outcome of this match would be decided very soon.

"Do you think I'm still the me from back then? How dare you choose to fight me head on?"

Outside of the arena, Yan Lei broke out in a cold sweat for Gu Lin. Beside him, the Dragon Emperor and the Hidey family were also frowning.

In the next moment, Li Wen's eyes turned cold. He extended his left hand, and his lower body arched, while his left hand swung out like an eagle pouncing on its prey. In the blink of an eye, a powerful fist wind appeared before Gu Lin, however, just as the palm wind was about to hit him, Gu Lin finally made his move. At the same time, he extended his left palm and directly collided with Li Wen's fist wind.


The two fists collided, but the scene that everyone imagined did not appear. Instead, under the astonished looks of the crowd, Gu Lin remained motionless like an old tree. It was as if Li Wen's palm couldn't even move his body.

"How could this be?"

This scene caused quite a few people to be stunned. Even with Li Wen's half-step-to Manifestation ability, he was actually unable to force Gu Lin back? What level was Gu Lin at?

It wasn't just the audience that was stunned, but also Li Wen, who was on the stage. In his imagination, with his half-step-to Manifestation stage strength, it wasn't easy to beat up Gu Lin, but right now, he felt that Gu Lin's punch contained a force that was on par with his, even a bit stronger than his.

At this moment, Li Wen felt that something was wrong.

"You're not the only one who broke through!"

Gu Lin stared at Li Wen, whose expression had changed slightly. He had told him not to be so arrogant, and as Gu Lin spat out each word, the deep yellow Azure Dragon energy on his body gradually turned light green.

"Initial Form Condensation!"

"Hiss …"

Gazing at the green dragon's flickering energy on Gu Lin's body, a strange sound of breathing could be heard from below the Four Spiritual Altar. It turned out that Gu Lin's strength was not at the spying realm, but rather, at the small success level of the Consolidating Equipment Realm!

It was no wonder that he looked so confident. This time, he was probably the only one who had surpassed him in the Consolidating Equipment Realm!

"This little fellow …!"

Qingyu looked at the figure standing on the Four Spiritual Altar, her expression extremely wonderful. Although she knew that this kid had hidden his strength, she never thought that he had hidden it even further.

Let me warn you, if you win this battle, then your hometown, Green Cloud Town, will be finished. Li Wen's expression changed, and in the end, he looked at Gu Lin in satisfaction. This is Li Wen's last trump card.

"Now listen to me obediently. Maybe your grandfather still has a last sliver of hope," Li Wen said with a contorted face.

"You're done?"

Li Wen raised his head to look at Gu Lin's cold face. In his imagination, shouldn't Gu Lin immediately kneel down and beg for mercy? But when he saw Gu Lin's face right now, Li Wen felt an indescribable chill in his heart.

Gu Lin and Grandpa had been relying on each other since they were young. It could be said that Grandpa Clear Cloud Town was his everything, so this Li Wen could be considered to have kicked on an iron plate. Gu Lin's legs crossed a step and his palms pincers locked onto Li Wen, giving him your last words!

Gu Lin, if I die, your grandfather will accompany me in death, but don't you even consider your grandfather? Looking at Li Wen's red face, Gu Lin looked at him coldly, as if he was looking at a dead man. Between you and me, I choose to believe in myself.


"Fresh blood dyed the entire Four Spiritual Altar red.

This turn of events on the stage had happened in a flash. Gu Lin, who had been sparring just now, had killed Li Wen in the blink of an eye. Not only that, his methods were extremely ruthless. He hadn't even left a corpse behind!

"Li Wen!"

Seeing Li Wen suddenly explode from the force, Li Wu's pupils constricted. Soon after, his expression became terrifyingly fierce. All of the Vermillion Bird's Spiritual Energy within his body was suddenly summoned as he ruthlessly charged towards Gu Lin.

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