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That wind dragon's speed was extremely fast. Wherever it went, everything was in a mess. The trees on the hillside were uprooted like a giant moving tornado. Wherever it went, dust would fly everywhere.

The mountains in front of the wind dragon were like toys as they were easily drilled through, causing sand and stones to fly about.

Roar!" The golden-eyed tyrannosaur was no longer as aggressive as it was before. It was now flying desperately towards the sky.

If the Azure Skies Demon Beast wanted to control this Wind Dragon, the amount of Spiritual Energy it would consume would definitely be limited. As long as the Golden Eye Tyrant Dragon could stall for enough time, the Azure Sky Demon Beast would have to face the wrath of the Golden Eye Tyrant Dragon.

Bang, bang, bang! The golden-eyed tyrannosaur dragon, which the wind dragon was chasing after, was struck and sent splattering. Even the ground was turning red due to the impact.

Qingkong, don't get cocky too early. You better pray that you can last until I fall. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you today. Roar ~ ~ Roar ~ ~ The eyes of the golden-eyed tyrannosaur were frighteningly red. All the muscles in its body were twitching and roaring in an attempt to resist the wind dragon. Unfortunately, this wind dragon didn't give it any chance to retaliate at all.

Qingkong, you won't be able to hold on much longer. The golden-eyed tyrannosaur roared again.

Right now, the golden-eyed Tyrannosaurus Rex was already badly mutilated, unlike any other dragon.

Ah!" The golden-eyed tyrannosaur had already been caught up by the wind dragon, and it couldn't help but let out a mournful howl.


Behind the golden-eyed tyrannosaurus dragon, another wind dragon appeared and landed on the unprepared golden-eyed tyrannosaur. The golden-eyed tyrannosaurus dragon's body had actually been drilled a huge hole. The golden-eyed tyrannosaur's body twitched as it fell from the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

Hehe, looks like you can't take it. The Azure Sky Demon Beast sneered.

Qing Chi and the rest who were two hundred meters away, were completely dumbfounded. They did not expect the bloodline of the Azure Sky Demon Beasts to be so terrifying. It was a battle that praised the rank of a Demon Beast.

That is the gathering of wind dragons? One was already shocking enough. Two? Gu Lin stood blankly on the spot. He was already completely stunned.

Just now, those two wind dragons' imposing manner caused Gu Lin to be extremely shocked. Moreover, each wind dragon was about the same size as the Azure Sky Demon Beast. If this Azure Sky Demon Beast was allowed to go to the Clear Sky Town, Gu Lin would have felt a lingering fear.

In the blink of an eye, it was unknown whether the tyrannical golden-eyed Tyrannosaurus Rex was still alive or not.

Those two wind dragons had already disappeared, and the battlefield from earlier had already been reduced to ruins. This mountain of mess seemed to be recounting just how intense that battle had been.

Good, very good.

Gu Lin thought back to that battle. Those two dancing wind dragons were like the apocalypse had come.

Compared to the previous battle, the five meter long green inch dragon wing seemed much smaller.

Gu Lin's gaze stopped at the Azure Sky Demonic Beast. Compared to the golden-eyed tyrannosaurus dragon, this Azure Sky Demonic Beast was a grade weaker. However, the battle prowess it had just released was incomparable to the battle prowess it had just now.

Is this the energy that can be released by someone in the Spirit Gathering realm? This Azure Sky Demon Beast was only at the great circle of Spirit Gathering. What if it reached the Soul Formation stage? That power? Was it possible to destroy the world? For the first time, Gu Lin had a clear understanding of the strength of this world.

Similarly, Gu Lin's heart had a strong desire for this kind of strength.

If there was a day that I could display that kind of destructive ability, thinking about how if I could fight like that, Gu Lin would feel his blood boil. It was also at this moment that Gu Lin knew the path he had to walk.

The pursuit of limits, the limits of the strong.

Gu Lin, don't move recklessly with Yan Lei later. There'll probably be another fierce battle in the future, Qing Jin said to Gu Lin in a low voice.

Gu Lin was about to speak, but he didn't. Qing Yin glanced at Gu Lin, signalling him not to make a sound.

I have only reached the small success stage of the Spirit Gathering realm at the moment. If he were to fight it at his peak, he definitely would not be able to gain any benefits. However, this Azure Sky Demon Beast has just experienced a fierce battle, so its physical strength is definitely going to drop.

The Azure Skies Demon Beast directly flew to the side of the golden-eyed tyrannosaur, whose life or death was unknown. With a sweep of its snake tail, an inconspicuous little grass appeared, and the Azure Skies Demon Beast immediately put it into its beast bag.

I didn't expect that the Spirit Calming Grass that I had coveted would actually be here. This golden-eyed tyrannosaurus was truly arrogant. If he brought along a divine item like the Spirit Calming Grass, I believe that I would have a better chance of breaking into the Saint Soul realm in the future.

As for Gu Lin and the others who were hiding far away, they didn't dare to make a sound. They were afraid of being discovered by this Azure Sky Demon Beast.

Stop hiding, we've been watching this for so long, why aren't you coming out for me to see? The Azure Sky Beast suddenly said.

Gu Lin, Yan Lei, and the rest stay still. Qing Yin did not forget to instruct Gu Lin and the rest as she strode forward and said.

Oh? Are you sure you were just passing by and not doing it on purpose? The Azure Sky Demon Beast said indifferently.

Senior Demonic Beast, this is absolutely true. Even if you lend me some guts, I wouldn't even pay attention to you.

The best would be if you didn't, otherwise, the golden-eyed Tyrant Dragon would be your end. After he finished speaking, the Azure Sky Beast rose into the air and flew towards the east. The green hair looked at the disappearing figure of the Azure Sky Beast and strangely smiled, saying, Gu Lin, Yan Lei, come out! The demon beast left.

Asking, the two kids peeped out and said, "Uncle Qing Jin, I thought you were going to fight with that demon beast, it scared me to death."

You guys, why didn't you think about the strength of this demon beast when you were watching? Let's leave quickly, otherwise, we won't be able to see a good show.

In the eastern region of Meilan City, there was a mountain range called the Mountain Range of Death, also known as the Demon Beast Mountain Range. Anyone who became a Saint would die as they stepped into this mountain range.

The mountain range of death stretched continuously towards the north and south. This mountain range of death was simply too long. With a single glance, one could not see the end of it, and on both the east and west sides of the mountain range, there were still mountain ranges moving up and down.

On top of the large bird stood five humans, an old man and two middle-aged men, as well as two children. It was quite strange, but the only thing they saw were two children, with traces of excitement in their eyes. They did not seem to be afraid at all, and these five humans were naturally Qingcun, Silent, Flame Thunder, and Gu Lin without a doubt.

"Qing`er, bring them with you and watch from the side. Without my instruction, remember not to come over, and especially not to enter the Mountain Range of Death." The old man said with a smile.

"Teacher, with your strength, do you still need us to evade?" Qing Yin asked in surprise.

The old man waved his hand and said, "I will go down first. You all stay on top of it, and as soon as he said that, the old man jumped down from the big yellow bird. This is a height of three thousand meters above the ground, the old man was fearless, and as he fell faster and faster, he fell down, and despite the howling of the wind in the sky, his body continued to plummet straight down, sharp as a javelin."

The most astonishing thing was that the elder didn't have any fluctuations of spiritual energy around him, and just like that, he calmly reached the ground. From three thousand meters up in the sky, the weight of an object and its speed was extremely terrifying.

The six year old Gu Lin was stupefied when he saw this scene. Even though he had seen that battle, he was still shocked. It wasn't only Gu Lin, but also Yan Lei.

He must have been frightened, Qing Yin muttered to herself. Teacher was still so powerful. Even though he was over the age of six, who in this world could ignore the teacher who was the strongest amongst them all?

It was unknown how much time had passed.

"Roar ~ ~ ~"

Suddenly, a green figure floated out. Its enormous body and jade-green snake seemed to be warning the old man in front of it that it was not to be trifled with.

"Old man", a good dog doesn't block the way ah. That green figure's cold voice rang out.

That roar of rage woke Gu Lin and the others from their stupor. The four people in the sky all looked down.

Gu Lin, Yan Lei, you two have to watch carefully, this is a battle that is rarely seen in the Spirit Gathering Realm. Although you two are only at the Spiritual Energy Awakening stage, it is still beneficial for you two to watch high level battles.

It's a pity that I'm not a dog, if only I was an old dog that could bite you to death, the old man said with a smile. If you could hand over the Divine Falling Grass, then I would let you go on account of that man's face. The old man was staring at a green figure.

The green figure was naturally the Azure Sky Demon Beast without a doubt, and at this moment, the Azure Sky Demon Beast was on full alert. It was a lot more cautious than the Golden Eyed Tyrannosaurus Dragon before because it could not see the cultivation of the old man, which meant that either the old man's cultivation was above it, or a trash without any spiritual energy, the Azure Sky Demon Beast was more willing to believe that it was the former.

If I don't, so what?

I won't hand it over. Heh, that will depend on whether you have the ability or not.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! ~

The Azure Skies Demon Beast let out a low roar. It did not want to say another word before sending out a signal for battle, and the so called 'preemptive strike'. The Azure Skies Demon Beast let out a low roar, not wanting to say another word, and it sent out a signal for battle.

"Bang!" ~

Old man, I know you are powerful, but don't go overboard. The God Slaying Grass was stolen by me with all my might, so why should I give it to you? Furthermore, this is the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, do you think that the greater demons would not be able to sense it when we fought? Coincidentally, I know a greater demon inside. If you want to get to know him, I don't mind introducing him to you. If you know what's good for you, then let me go.

Clearly, this old man wanted to prevent the Azure Skies demonic beast from entering the Mountain Range of Death.

This is the mountain range of death so what? So what if you know the greater demon inside? I only need to kill you for a few minutes. I guarantee that before the greater demon arrives, you will already be dead. The old man said with a cold snort.

Hmph, old man, today I want to see just what you're going to use to kill me ~! The Azure Sky Demonic Beast bellowed.

After Qing Chi and the others had chased after their teacher and told him about the matter of the Spirit Calming Grass, his teacher had predicted that the Azure Sky Demon Beast would come to the Mountain Range of Death, so he didn't delay at all. The Blue Luan was a spirit beast that specialized in speed, which was why Qing Chi and the others were able to reach the Mountain Range of Death before the Azure Sky Demon Beast.


In one breath, the Azure Sky Beast spat out four wind blades. The four wind blades were over a meter wide and glowed with a green light as they swiftly flew towards the old man. The old man did not seem to plan on dodging the four wind blades.

A deep sound of impact rang out.

The four wind blades were quite fast and instantly smashed into the elder's body. Just as the wind blades reached the elder's throat, a sword shield formed from spirit energy appeared in front of the elder.

If the Azure Sky Demon Beast is only this much, you will probably not be able to return today. The old man said with a smile.

Is that so? If he was stalling for time, he probably wouldn't be able to make it back this time. Therefore, he didn't hold anything back and immediately released his most powerful attack, the 'Wind-Gathering Dragon' attack, but that attack before was not the strongest form of the Azure Skies Demon Beast. Now, he was being forced into a non-stop state, so this was the strongest form of the Wind-Gathering Dragon, which was the biggest killing move of the Azure Skies Demon Beast. If he couldn't do it, he could only choose to hand it over.

A battle between two powerhouses could be said to be the destruction of the heavens and the earth. Although this was a bit exaggerated, it was normal for a 10 mile radius to be destroyed.

Gu Lin, Yan Lei, stop staring blankly. Quickly, quickly jump down. Qing Ding shouted loudly and jumped down while holding the two children.

It was only until now that Gu Lin and Yan Lei were completely awake. Although they didn't understand why, they instinctively knew that it was dangerous and got closer and closer to them.

"Jingyou." You leave with the Blue Luan first. I'm afraid that the Blue Luan will be carrying us in the sky, but it won't be safe. Once this tornado is formed, it will be the most deadly in the sky.

Yes, senior brother. Jing You looked at the whirlpool and completely understood what Qing Zun was thinking. Jing You immediately drove the Blue Luan away.

Gu Lin, Yan Lei, hug me tightly and call out to Gu Lin and Yan Lei.

"Understood, Gu Lin," Yan Lei answered loudly.

After all, Gu Lin was only six years old and Yan Lei was seven. Thus, as he descended, his voice was still trembling. This was a height of over 3000 meters above the ground.

"Green inch, move farther away from this whirlpool." The old man shouted towards Qing inch with a stern expression.

Yes, Teacher. Qing Yin quickly carried Gu Lin and Yan Lei fled.

At this moment, the Azure Sky Demon Beast was roaring non-stop!

Old man, since you want me to die, then don't think about it too much. A cold voice rang out from the Azure Sky Beast, and the vortex grew larger and larger.

Alright, Azure Sky Demon Beast, this old man would like to see just how much strength a perfect Spirit Gathering realm cultivator like you can unleash.

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