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The vortex grew larger and larger, as if it was about to pierce through a cage in the sky. As it sped away, a blinding light suddenly appeared on the surface of the old man's body, and his entire body was protected by the light. No matter how strong the suction force from the vortex was, it was as if the old man's feet were rooted in the ground, and he was not affected in the slightest.

When the dragon's roar rang out, the vortex seemed to have suffered some sort of resistance, and its power was much weaker than before.

An unknown spear appeared in the old man's hand. The dragon's roar came from within the spear, and with a wave of the spear, a huge dragon that was several hundred meters long pierced through the sky, ruthlessly smashing into the whirlpool.

"So big!" This dragon is so big! As Gu Lin ran, he turned his head to look. 'Will the vortex and the Azure Sky demon beast be cut in half?'

"Bang!" ~

The colossal dragon directly collided with the whirlpool. The whirlpool was cut open, but just at that moment, the whirlpool recombined again. Its power was much greater than before, as if it had swallowed the spirit energy.

Why was it that even though it was cut open, the whirlpool did not disappear, but it was still bigger than before. Why?! Gu Lin was truly shocked.

"Stop fooling around. Hurry up and go hide somewhere. Otherwise, if you get affected, even I won't be able to save you," Qing Sui said angrily.

Gu Lin was only focused on running forward, and didn't see the egg beneath his feet. He accidentally bumped into it, and fell down, crying from the pain, and was just about to say hello to his family when he turned his head, and what was this? Gu Lin saw an egg with a diameter of about thirty centimeters appear.

"Gu Lin, what are you doing? Stop daydreaming and leave quickly!" Qing Jin could not help but yell angrily again.

Yes, Uncle Qing Jin. After he finished speaking, he didn't forget to pick up the egg and run forward.

Bang! Bang! Touch

Gu Lin couldn't help but to turn his head towards the sky. Gu Lin was stunned when he saw that countless pieces of sand and stones had floated up from the top of the whirlpool. There were small ones and big ones, while the big ones were as big as houses.

Xiu ~! Xiu ~! Whoosh!

All of the sand and stones in the sky, regardless of their size, cut across the sky at an extremely fast speed. All of the sand and stones, regardless of their size, broke through the sky at an extremely fast speed.

"Bang!" ~! ~!

As the first piece of sand landed on the old man's body …

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The old man's body suddenly began to glow with an earthen yellow light. In an instant, it was as though he had turned into a sun, radiating light in all directions.

A dense amount of sand and rocks were thrown at the old man like a tidal wave.

In almost an instant, the old man was buried by a large amount of sand and rocks, and the only thing that could be seen was the yellow light coming from the cracks in the sand and rocks.


With a loud bang, the pile of sand exploded. The huge boulders were all blasted away by the terrifying Spiritual Energy radiance. Each of the boulders were shattered into small pieces of stones of different sizes, shooting out in all directions.

Gu Lin wasn't too far away from them to begin with, and with the explosive power of his spiritual power, the stones had a very long range.

Not good! Qing Sui's face suddenly turned deathly pale. When he saw this scene, his face also turned pale.

These crushed stones were not easy to shoot at, but they had to come this way.

Countless rocks shot towards Qing Jin and the others. Each piece was different in size, the smallest was as big as Gu Lin's hand, and the largest was around three meters in diameter. Each boulder was broken into more than a hundred pieces. One third of the rocks were headed towards Qing Jin.

Uncle Green Inch, Gu Lin saw the large amount of rocks rapidly flying towards them and shouted out to him.

Don't be afraid, hold me tight.

Currently, Gu Lin was only ten meters away from Qing Xin. Upon hearing Qing Yin's words, Gu Lin did not care about anything else. With a burst of support, he rushed into Qing Yin's embrace.

"Boom! Boom!" "Boom!" The sound of countless stones falling could be heard.

Bang! Bang! ~ Touch

Huge rocks shot towards Qing Chi. A green light barrier appeared around Qing Ding. The stones that were smashing towards him smashed against his light barrier, causing the light barrier to become uneven.

Just from the sound of the collisions, one could imagine how powerful those boulders were.

Qing Ding took a deep breath and looked forward. He only saw a huge turtle floating in the air. This turtle was over a hundred meters long and had knotted muscles. Behind him was a snake with a snake's tongue. It didn't look like it was someone to be trifled with. Upon closer inspection, the turtle was devouring the whirlpool, as if it wanted to suck it away.

Gu Lin looked at the sky with a bit of envy. This should be the legendary Black Turtle. So the old grandpa was a spiritual cultivator. Gu Lin guessed that this must have been summoned by that old man, since only humans believe in the Four Spirits.

Gu Lin, how are you feeling? Qing Sui smiled.

Gu Lin looked at the sky; his hand had been scratched and bleeding. It was nothing.

Gu Lin, you idiot, did you just bleed a little? Yan Lei loudly said. With that, he helped bandage Gu Lin's hand.

"Huh?!" "Gu Lin, why are you holding an egg?" Yan Lei asked curiously.

I picked it up on the road, if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have bled. Well, don't worry about that, look, the whirlpool is getting smaller and smaller, this is a battle between powerhouses, that golden-eyed tyrannosaurus or whatever, Gu Lin said without turning his head back.

The battle of a Spirit Gathering realm practitioner was on a completely different level from the ones Gu Lin had seen in the past.

Gu Lin also wished that one day, he would be able to lift his own hand and cause the mountains to collapse. Thinking of this, Gu Lin naturally thought of his own four spirits, which had become much more decadent.

Gu Lin, Yan Lei, you two must carefully observe. This will be of great help to you two in the future.

"Alright, Uncle Qing Jin," Gu Lin Yan Lei replied.

The battle between a Spirit Gathering expert and a demon beast was rarely seen. Although you lost a little bit of blood, it's still worth it. Since my teacher has summoned the spirit of the Black Tortoise, this Azure Skies Demon beast will probably not be able to escape this calamity.

At this moment, Gu Lin's eyes were shining brightly as he watched the exciting battle in the sky. He didn't notice the egg in his hand at all.

Due to the abrasions caused by the sand, the egg on Gu Lin was also stained with blood. It was strange that the egg was slowly absorbing the blood.

There was actually a faint glow on the surface of the egg that went by in a flash.

However, everyone was attracted by the battle in the sky and no one noticed the glowing egg.

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