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In the sky, the old man stood in the air with a confident smile on his face. Looking at the enormous spirit of the Black Tortoise, an indescribable pride arose within him.

Actually, what Yan Lei said about spirit cultivators and body cultivators on the carriage wasn't entirely correct. Spirit cultivators were much rarer than body cultivators, and the conditions for cultivation were much harsher than body cultivators. Just based on the fact that the requirement of 50% of one's bloodline power was already enough to stop the majority of people.


Following a loud bang, the vortex breaking through the horizon was finally unable to resist the absorption from the enormous creature in front of it. As the cause of the vortex, the Azure Sky Demonic Beast spat out a mouthful of blood as it disappeared. Its face was deathly pale, and it was obvious that it had suffered a backlash.

As for the Profound realm spirit, it seemed as if it had not eaten its fill as it let out the low roar of a mortal.

Hand over the Azure Sky Monstrous Beast. You will not be able to defeat my Profound realm's Spirit. The old man who stood in the air coldly said.

The Azure Sky Demon Beast looked coldly at the old man, "Old man, if I give it to you, will you let me go?" The Azure Skies Demon Beast said in a stern voice with a slight tremble. It was obvious that its injuries were not light.

The old man said, "Sure.

You humans talk like farts. How can I trust you?

The old man smiled. "If you don't believe me, I don't recommend there to be another dead soul in the Mountain Range of Death." The Azure Sky Demon Beast did not continue the second sentence.

"Alright!" With that, the Azure Sky Beast took out a small blade of grass. With a flap of its wings, the grass flew towards the old man. Then, the Azure Sky Beast flapped its wings and flew rapidly towards the mountain range of the dead.

"Whoosh!" ~

It was unknown when the black spear returned to the old man's hand. The spearhead was locked onto the former, and with a whistling sound, it pierced through the air and flew out with an extremely sharp force.

Cough cough … It knelt down and covered its chest, revealing a look of confusion and disbelief. Its wings drooped, and its body was stained with blood. Its blood was like a blooming rose.

He raised his head and saw the old man holding the divine spear with a face as cold as frost. You actually broke your promise! "Haha." The Azure Skysnake actually revealed a hint of a smile. Perhaps it was because the Azure Sky Beast's smile was too ugly, but that old man frowned. "Is it funny that I want to kill you?" "Kill them all!" "If you want to kill me, this spear will directly pierce my heart, not the side. You are afraid, afraid of that man from the Fallen God Mountain, afraid of it taking revenge on your Meilan City, so you don't dare to kill me, but you don't want me to leave so easily."

The old man's hand stopped moving and he stared at the Azure Sky Beast for a long time before lightly sighing. In his voice, there was a sense of not knowing whether to laugh or cry: "You're wrong, it's your fault. You're too confident, so you should have planted some sort of imprint on this Spirit Calming Grass. After all, you are a primordial beast, and you have the ability to do so. But sometimes, destiny is always on our side! I had already half a step into the threshold of the Saint Transformation realm three years ago, so I detected the mark you had made. I also know that if I let you leave today, it wouldn't just be you who will come to our Meilan City, but so what? Perhaps even the Death Mountain Range wouldn't be able to solve this problem? Today, I have only left a little lesson for you. Not everyone is a fool. If the battle truly starts, I will personally meet them head on! " "It was as if he had suddenly become someone else. He was like the king of this world, and now, with each blow of his hand, he was able to rule the world.


An old man was currently seated within the main hall of the Duke's manor.

The old man had a trace of a smile on his face as he said, "Qing`er, you have accomplished a great deed this time. What reward do you wish to receive?"

"Teacher's reward, we don't have much need for it. We just hope that teacher can pay more attention to these two children and give us some things to protect himself from them." Qing Chi looked at Gu Lin and the others. He truly felt that these two children were pleasing to the eyes.

Brat, aren't you just thinking about my collection's treasure? I am happy today, so I will make an exception. However, we agreed that we will only allow these two little fellows to choose, and you are not allowed to interrupt. Whether it's good or bad, it all depends on fate.

Inside was an ordinary study, surrounded by a few large bookshelves, and on the wall hung a few ordinary oil paintings. The old man took out a book from the right-most shelf. He opened it and said, "Still sleeping." "Quickly open the door to the treasury." A crunching sound could be heard, but there was no change in the study room. You are still so sleepy. Sleep, I'll go to the collection vault first. I'll come and clean you up later.

"Follow me." The old man left the study, left the living room, and went around to the back of the courtyard. The old man walked quickly. He walked to the wall at the end of the garden and stretched out his hands to touch the wall, as if he was groping for something. He exerted all his strength, as if he was holding down something. With a slight vibration, a pitch black tunnel appeared.

"Uncle Qing Jin, what did this old man say to that book just now?" I don't understand at all. "

"Don't underestimate the spirit of the Azure Book, that's a spirit beast at the great circle of the Spirit Gathering realm, much stronger than the Azure Sky Beasts you encountered before. Also, this is the vice principal of the Four Spiritual Academy, Qingyao, also from the Heavenly Dragon Manor. Even though you have a four Spiritual Body, but before you grow up, you must not expose it, the Four Spiritual Academy's forces are the most chaotic, there are large and small forces in the five continents. I've already instructed Dragon Hall and no one in the Green Cloud Town has said anything.

"Ok, I got it, Uncle Qingcun. I will work hard to improve myself."

"Alright, let's go down." The Green Brilliance Divine Power quietly formed an air shield around Qing Ding and the others, covering them and allowing them to jump down.

"Let these two children go in and fetch it themselves." Qing Yao turned his head and spoke to Qing Sui.

Teacher won't let us in? I haven't been inside a single time. The expression on her face was a little strange …

Of course I can't let you in. What do you think I have in my collection? The lowest grade of spiritual tools are spiritual tools, alright? Don't be unsatisfied and just wait here.

Jing You pouted, "Teacher is so petty." After speaking, he said to Gu Lin Yan Lei: "This really depends on your luck, don't disappoint us, after he finished speaking he even made an encouraging gesture.

Gu Linlei said in unison, "Don't worry!" Uncle Green Inch, Auntie Jingyou, we'll take a careful look. After saying that, they walked into the collection room. There were no flashes of light from the pearl, and although there weren't many items around, they all looked old.

Yan Lei wrinkled his nose and said, "Gu Lin, it can't be that we've been tricked, right? This isn't a storage room, it's clearly just a place to collect trash."

Gu Lin raised his hand and said, "I didn't hear them at the door!" "The lowest grade of spiritual tools is already very high. If we were to take any one of them, it would be worth it. Even the strongest spiritual equipment in our town is only a spiritual weapon."

On the continent, all the artifacts were divided into four levels: shape, spirit, saint, and divine.

Yan Lei wrinkled his nose and said, "There are many armors and weapons in this storage room. The rest are just decorations." "Gu Lin, what do you want? Gu Lin, what do you like? Do you want to try this set of armor?" Yan Lei pointed to a set of armor that was closest to the warehouse.

Gu Lin shook his head. "I don't want armor." I want a weapon, and actually teacher Qingyao said that the bottom of this place is a spiritual weapon, so choosing a weapon would be for the best.

"Alright!" Yan Lei began to carefully study his surroundings.

Just as Gu Lin was busy searching for items, a pitch-black iron spear let out a series of spear whistles. Gu Lin was driven by his curiosity to pick up the spear and dust it a little. Most of the spiritual tools here were spiritual, so it wasn't strange for the spear to whistle.

The entire spear was six feet two inches long, weighed sixteen pounds five taels, and the shaft was encircled by a faint purple aura, an indescribable divinity. For some reason, Gu Lin felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity with the spear, as if it belonged to him in the first place. Gu Lin called out to Yan Lei, "Come, take a look at this spear."

When Yan Lei heard this, he hurriedly ran over. At this moment, Yan Lei was already holding a set of armor in his hands.

"Look at this spear. I feel that it's a bit special, as if it's calling for me." Yan Lei received the spear and actually felt that his grip was a bit unsteady. "Good heavens, this spear is too heavy. Can you use it?" Yan Lei said indifferently.

"Take a look first. We'll talk after you're done." Yan Lei then turned his head and looked up and down carefully. "There's nothing special about it. It's just that it's extremely heavy," Yan Lei turned around and said.

Gu Lin shook his head and took the spear back into his hand. He felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy, as if he had met a family member. Gu Lin reluctantly put the gun back and said, "How unfortunate, I'll choose something else."

Yan Lei smiled and said, "If you like it then take it. It's a Spirit Treasure anyway, so there's nothing much to it."

But didn't you just say that it was useless? Gu Lin turned around and looked at Yan Lei as he spoke.

It doesn't matter if it's useful or not, as long as you like it. In any case, the lowest ranked artifact spirit in the capital will definitely not lose out. Also, with Uncle Qing Jin and Auntie You's attitude towards us, who knows if they'll even beg for a saint artifact for you to use in the future, Yan Lei said with a chuckle.

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