Lure To Marriage/C1 Public Relations Manager
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Lure To Marriage/C1 Public Relations Manager
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C1 Public Relations Manager

I was born in a small, obscure town. I was supposed to be a designer or an officelady, but for many reasons, I became a manager.

I made up a good profession to deceive my mother, and I didn't want to hurt her in her lifetime.

I've always wanted to get out of this place.

Two years ago, when I was working as a manager at Mo City's "Golden Great Emperor", it wasn't because I had the qualifications or qualifications, but because I felt that my income was higher as a manager. Fortunately, he was quite popular at the time, so he was still decent after a few months of work.

I used a fake name here called "Qin Huan." Usually the girls called me Sister Qin. Actually, my age is very young here, but here are all heavy makeup to show old, no one has seen my plain face.

I always wanted to get rid of this place to go to work, to be a small white-collar, to do my favorite jobs and occupations, so I always paid special attention to concealing myself.

However, sometimes, when people have bad luck, they always have bad luck!

As a manager, I've always been particularly protective of my people, and my people are generally pretty good.

At that time, I had a girl called Zhen Zhen. She dropped out of university to earn tuition for her boyfriend.

I do not judge her blind love because I have never spoken of it, and I do not know how to love a person. But I'm afraid I can't do something like that.

Deep down, she still retained the innocence of a student, making it easy for her to be chosen. One day the manager of the other team asked for a pure and beautiful girl, and I introduced her to him.

Who knew that not long after, she would start quarreling with the customer. At that time, the customer was making a ruckus so fiercely that the security couldn't suppress it. Helpless, I called the police and the customer was invited over.

Boss Chen Jiu had settled this matter, but I still couldn't escape their revenge. I was framed by them.

I was very confused at the time, so I didn't know who the man who was messing with me was. But after that incident, I left the "Golden Great Emperor" and came to this new place called "Charm".

Since I have to drink at work here, I've been drinking too much, so I've been drunk in this rest room almost every day until I woke up.

Guests usually left at one or two in the morning, and very few stayed until three or four in the morning.

It was already three in the morning, and I saw that it was already late. I was going to take a walk around each compartment to indicate that the guests were getting off work.

I checked my appearance in the mirror, smiled, and went out. Just as I walked out of the resting room, I was hit by a flying figure.

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