Lure To Marriage/C11 Relieving Enclosure
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Lure To Marriage/C11 Relieving Enclosure
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C11 Relieving Enclosure

From the sound of it, I knew that it was indeed the enemy's path.

It was the Huang Mao who was under Chen Kui's command, the man who slapped Princess Song last night. I have never lost in momentum to such a person who bullies the weak and fears the strong.

I straightened my back and coldly glanced over. "What? You want to die?"

"You're courting death! You bitch, what are you pulling at?" Huang Mao looked around and called a few men behind him to come over with a murderous look on their faces. They probably thought I was alone and wanted to beat me up.

I snorted. "If you dare, I'll give it a try. I want to see what kind of level you'll become."

"Stinking bitch." Brat, who the hell are you bluffing about? Do you think we're idiots? " Huang Mao shouted. His face was contorted into a hideous expression.

"Since you're not afraid, then what's the point of cowering?"

I've had more or less courage. Towards someone like Huang Mao, who was bluffing, as long as he had enough power and momentum to overwhelm him, he wouldn't even dare to fart.

Several people surrounded me in a crescent shape, each of them rubbing their hands together. I pretended not to care, standing tall and straight like a pine tree.

If it wasn't for the rain, my forehead would have been covered in sweat. Actually, I am afraid of these people. If I was alone, then it would be fine, but I still have children and a mother, so I definitely can't be afraid.

Huang Mao had a switchblade in his hand. He kept moving it around, but he didn't attack me. His expression slowly turned to one of fear.

"I thought he was looking at me with a disdainful smile because I wasn't scared at all." If you really want to fight, then I'll keep you company, but please write your will in advance, so that no one will claim the corpse. "

I think I'm overdoing it.

"Stinking bitch." "Son, just you wait!"

However, after Huang Mao let out a vicious roar, he unexpectedly brought the others and ran away like a rabbit. I was completely shocked by my aura and couldn't help but touch my face.

Relieved, I turned to go to the station, only to see a tall, slender man holding an umbrella, standing not far from me like a grim reaper in the rain. The umbrella covered his face, but I could still feel a powerful aura of hostility coming from him. It was Qin Mofei.

That's when I realized that Huang Mao didn't run away because of my aura, but because of him. He was standing behind me without knowing it, which made me blush.

"Um …" "Thank you for helping me out." I stepped forward and smiled, embarrassed.

"Get in!"

He didn't say anything more. He turned and walked to a black Mercedes on the side of the road.

He didn't bring any bodyguards this time, so I sat in the passenger seat. He didn't ask where I was going.

I've always had a little respect for him. After all, he's too unreal. There has never been such a person in my life.

I didn't dare say anything along the way. I was overwhelmed by his invisible aura.

He drove the car to a private villa on the west side of the city. It was several thousand square meters of land, and it was a spectacular sight to behold. Not only garden, lawn, but also a small golf course.

There was a security guard at the gate, and when he saw his car drive in, his back was definitely ninety degrees.

He parked in front of the door and led me into the villa. The layout of the hall was simple and grand, exuding a sense of nobility that commoners could not compare to. All the decorations were unique, with a natural and natural sense of design.

I studied design, so I took a few more glances at it.

"There's a bathroom on the left upstairs. Go and clean yourself up." Just as he was getting excited, Qin Mofei's cold voice came from behind him.

"I …"

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