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C13 Grace

I don't know how I got out of Qin Mofei's house. It was already past eight when I came to work. Manly came, too, still looking upset when she saw me.

I was in no mood to care about this. After changing into my clothes, I sat in a corner in a daze. My mind was full of Qin Mofei.

When I pushed him away, he didn't do anything to me and sent me a dress. And I was sad that he had stirred up the past. It reminded me of that horrible night and the man who had left a seed in my body.

Up till now, Qin Mofei is the second person to kiss me, and the first time was that damn man. Neither of them is my love, or even my hate.

While I was reading, I longed to meet a man who loved me and me one day in a certain year or a certain month. The girls crowded around me when they saw me down. Speaking of something related to Chen Kui, he said that he was beaten up until he was hospitalized. It seems like he won't be able to leave the hospital within four to five days.

The girls who had been bullied last night were happy to hear the news. Only I was preoccupied. Judging from Chen Kui's notorious history, he didn't seem like a person who could swallow his anger. Who knows, he might even come back to cause trouble for the girls.

My child is in need of money for a cure, and I can't afford to lose this well-paid job.

What to do?

I began to prepare for a rainy day, thinking and thinking, this matter can only remind Zhen Xiaodong. I was about to look for the boss before the guests arrived when Manly came in and looked at me proudly.

"Qin Huan, I have a very important guest coming over later. Lend me Leelee." I think Leelee is more suitable. "

Listening to her tone of gratitude made me uncomfortable, but thinking about how Leelee's luck hadn't been good these past two days, I shot a glance at her to see what she meant.

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