Lure To Marriage/C16 Stay with Me Tonight
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Lure To Marriage/C16 Stay with Me Tonight
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C16 Stay with Me Tonight

Just as I reached the escalator, a slender hand took me over. Stunned, I raised my hand to slap back, only to see a well-defined face very close by, with a faint smile.

"Boss Qin, why is it you?" I was stunned.

"Surprised?" When he saw me, he let go and frowned at my face. "Well, I think it's better if you don't put on makeup."

"... Makeup is for work. " I smiled.

"Is it because no one likes the women who dress up for themselves that you paint such an ugly picture?"

"It's okay, it's okay. You're not that ugly, are you?" I touched my face awkwardly, embarrassed. Fortunately, it was night, or he would have found me blushing.

"Ugly, very ugly!" He pinched my face, and I winced. It was a flirtatious scene.

"Hey, Boss Qin, welcome, welcome. I'm the manager here, Manli. Are you alone?" Would you like to open a big or small bag? "

Before the sharp voice could fade away, Manli, the demon, spoke up. An alluring figure directly went past me and stood in front of Qin Mofei, trying to rub herself onto his body with extreme exaggeration.


Qin Mofei's eyes turned cold and he spat out these two words coldly. Manli did not dare to provoke him. She dodged him in a hurry and even smiled coyly while bowing. He took my hand and spoke in a small voice.

"When I come here in the future, remember to be on time. Otherwise, I'll fill up the room and look for someone."

"... "Yes!"

I didn't understand why he was being so polite to me, but the look he'd given Manly just now was a pleasure. I had always disdained arguing with her, but that did not mean that I did not hate her.

I glanced back at her. Her face was frosted over with cold, and she was somehow uncomfortable. On this side, enmity was the most terrifying thing.

I saw Qin Mofei was looking at me, so I asked anxiously, "Boss Qin, how many of you are there? "How much room do you need?"

"Just me!"

"... "Then I'll arrange a small bag for you."

So I led him to the booth, and as soon as I entered he leaned me against the wall and kissed me aggressively. I wasn't prepared, but I didn't push him away.

One reason is because Zhen Xiaodong said that if I could get close to Qin Mofei, I would be safe. Second, I wondered why the faint taste of mint between his lips was so strong, so strong.

"Huaiyan, can you accompany me tonight?" he whispered as he let go of my lips.

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