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C19 Fight


Due to the sudden slap, I didn't avoid it and got a solid slap on my face.

I instantly got angry and retaliated with a slap. Manli was petite, so of course she was no match for my height of 170 centimeters.

I didn't mean to argue with her, but instead she went on to provoke me, and I'm not a fucking heartless person.

"Qin Huan, you're really a bitch. Anyone can sleep with you! "

Manly snarls, and she lunges at me, trying to pull my hair. I always have a ball stuck in my head when I go to work, so she didn't catch it. Instead, I seized the opportunity to grab her shoulder and slap her again.

"No one has ever thought of you like this." I'm always polite when I pretend to be gentle, but when I meet such a b * tch and have to be polite, I feel like I'm pissed off.

Things were all over the lounge when we hit them. A few girls who were still idle hurriedly called Zhao Xiaodan over, but instead of pulling us apart, the fight became even more intense.

"I'm going to f * cking kill you, you bitch!"

Manly tried to use the most vicious words to describe me, and she was so mad she wanted to scratch my face. Her fingernails were very long, and I felt a burning pain in my left cheek as she scratched me in the confusion.

I was scared, what if my mother and Little Fan got scared because of this face?

I grabbed her by the hair and forced her face to look up at me.

"Do you know what 'return the favor with the punishment' means? "How does it taste?"

"Despicable." Humans, despicable. "People!" Manly screamed and jumped up and down, her hair wild with rage.

Zhao Xiaodan took the opportunity to pull her away, winking at me to hurry up and leave. I nodded, tidied up my torn clothes, and hurried off with my bag.

I didn't go straight to the hospital. I went home and took a shower, and after seeing three bloody marks on my face, I thought about pasting a Band-Aids, but I couldn't quite cover it.

It was early in the morning when I left the house. It was dark and still raining.

It was only when I got into the car that I was able to relax. Her head hurt, probably because she was mad at Manli.

All this time, I didn't want to have enmity with anyone, the so-called enemy should be resolved, not tied up, my character won't be bad to the point of not being in the same group.

Manly and I are at odds. Because before I came, she was definitely the number one sister here. Therefore, Zhen Xiaodong valued her a lot.

After I came, she didn't take me seriously at first. But slowly, I was able to recruit a lot of old customers, almost every day can order more than five rooms.

That's also why I slowly took over the position of Big Sister Manli. Even though everyone didn't say anything, the truth is that even Auntie Sweeper and the boss would give me some face.

I am not a hypocritical person. Even if I say "one is one", I would never covet anyone's cheap. I have quite a good reputation.

Over time, Manli hated me to the bone.

Today's fight was indeed unavoidable. Perhaps it was due to Qin Mofei's appearance and his extravagant work that caused the anger that had been suppressed for a long time to flutter up in Manli's heart. She couldn't control it any longer.

Actually, I'm not angry. I just hate her.

I had stolen her limelight, taken away her aura, and it was only natural that she should hate me.

It's just that she shouldn't have provoked me when my son was very ill.

Normally, I might have resolved this conflict in another way.

But today, humph!

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