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C20 Unbearable

When he arrived at the hospital, the corridor was very quiet.

When I got to the entrance of the neonatal ICU, I found my mother there, too, sleeping soundly against the chair. My nose suddenly turned sour and my eyes became hazy. She couldn't let Little Fan go, so she kept thinking about him.

I couldn't bear to wake her up, so I went to the door of the ward and made a call to the intensive care unit. She tiptoed to the door and pointed to her cell phone, indicating that I should use it.

"Nurse Lee, how is Little Fan?"

"His condition isn't bad. Just now, I fed him with milk and drank a hundred milliliters. "The temperature has dropped too. I saw that if there's nothing wrong with the indicators tomorrow night, then we can move to an ordinary ward."

"Thank you, Nurse Lee."

"This is what I should do. Hey, what's going on with your face?"

"Oh, it's fine. By the way, can I borrow a blanket for you?"

"That should work. Go to the duty room and get it. Tell me what I said."


I brought a thin blanket from the duty room and draped it over my mother. She was an old lady, afraid that she wouldn't be able to withstand the cold night air. I sat down beside her and watched in silence. I noticed that the hair on her temples had almost all turned white. The wrinkles at the corners of her eyes were very deep. There were even faint spots of old age.


I was unfilial. Not only did I not give her a long-faced son-in-law, I even had an illegitimate child. If I hadn't been so useless, Dad would have lived a little longer, and she would have been happier.

I folded my arms and curled up in the chair, sleepy and muddled.

After two days of not getting a good night's sleep, I was starting to run out of steam. However, I didn't dare to sleep. Before Little Fan came out of the ICU safe and sound, my heart couldn't be at ease.


Suddenly, a soul-stirring clap of thunder sounded in the sky, and the ward was immediately filled with the wailing of infants. My mother woke up from her stupor. She opened her eyes and stood up with a confused look on her face.

"Fanfan, Fanfan!"

"Mom, don't be afraid, Little Fan is fine."

Mom was frightened and didn't even notice me at her side. She was stunned for a moment before she reacted and grabbed my hand, "Nannan, hurry and look at Fanfan. I dreamt that he was covered in blood."

"... Mom, don't be afraid, it's okay. "

When she said that, my heart skipped a beat, and I felt an inexplicable sense of fear. I rushed to the door and saw Nurse Lee on the phone with a pale face. I couldn't hear her, but she had a horrifying expression on her face!

I suddenly felt an indescribable sense of fear, as if someone had grabbed me by the neck and choked me. Is it because my Little Fan is hopeless?

"Nurse Lee, Nurse Lee!"

I clap at the door of the ward, unable to control my tears. She didn't open the door until after the call, but signaled me not to break in.

"Miss Shen, calm down. You have to."

"How is my baby? How is he? "

"Don't worry, the main physician will be here soon." If I guessed correctly, he might be suffering from an acute blood disease, but don't be afraid, our hospital's doctors are very skilled, so he will definitely be fine. "

"What?" "Acute blood disease?" All of a sudden, all kinds of leukemia appeared in my head, children who couldn't be cured even at death's door. So my Little Fan...

"Oh my god …"

Before I could react, my mother's wail came from behind me. I turned my head and saw her fall backward.

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