Lure To Marriage/C3 The Matter Had Been Settled
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Lure To Marriage/C3 The Matter Had Been Settled
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C3 The Matter Had Been Settled

I finally understood why Manli, who always liked to fight for rooms, would so generously give me this room. It was because she knew that these people weren't good people.

All the girls in here are under my care. If something goes wrong, not only will I not be a manager, but I might also get into trouble.

The situation in the room became more and more intense, the men all forced the girl over with evil smiles.

These beasts!

I was crazy. I glanced at a half-empty bottle in the trash can and picked it up without hesitation. Under the dim light, the broken part of the bottle glowed with a cold light, as if it was a sharp knife.

"Don't touch me, let me go, let me go!"

The screams and cries in the room made me furious. The fat man's voice was arrogant and domineering. He even commanded those fawning beasts to not show any mercy.

I know they're all drunk. Anything rational is fart to them.

There was something cynical in my bones, so I took the half of a beer bottle and ferociously pushed open the door.

"Sister Qin!"

As soon as the girls saw me coming in, they ran up behind me and I held them behind me like a hen protecting a baby. Looking at their panicked expressions, my nose is sore.

"All of you, get out!"


Because of my intervention, the fat guy was stunned and didn't attack for a while. The girls were all smart people, and they all rushed out in an instant.

The atmosphere in the room was bloodthirsty. Staring at the eight men who had lost all sense of reason, I smiled professionally and hid the half of the beer bottle behind my back.

"I'm the manager here, Qin Huan. I'll apologize to my brothers first. If they've offended me, please go ahead and …"


Just as I finished speaking, a resounding slap landed on my face. It was the fatty who hit me, and his pair of muddy eyes were bloodshot.

"Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you call everyone out, who dares you?!" I came here to spend money, God, do you know that? Go and call them all over, I want them all to kneel down one by one! "

The bastard wasn't bluffing, but the thought of the girls frightened me, and I tried to protect them as best I could.

I touched my burning face and maintained my professional smile as I bowed to the bastard. "Big brother, you should have vented your anger by hitting me, right? Those are all young girls who don't know anything, can you please be magnanimous and not bother about them? I'm their manager, and it's my fault that they're bad. "

The fat man kept glancing at me, and the sneer on his lips made my hair stand on end. He put out his fat hand and squeezed my jaw, forcing me to lift my head and look at him.

"Are you the manager here?"

"Yes sir!"

"You don't look impatient. Since you want to apologize for those ignorant people, then you better be serious. Do you know what your brother wants to do the most right now?" He released me and pointed to himself.

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