Lure To Marriage/C7 The Jokes of Heaven
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Lure To Marriage/C7 The Jokes of Heaven
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C7 The Jokes of Heaven

I live on the eighth floor of A Block, a simple one-bedroom apartment with a rent of two thousand a month.

As soon as I went upstairs, I found my mother standing in the doorway with a frightened look on her face. Her eyes were red and swollen, as if she had just been crying. My heart sank and I walked over uneasily.

"Mom, why are you here?"

"Nannan, Little Fan is sick. It's a neonatal sepsis caused by a high fever. I couldn't reach you on the phone, so I came to look for you. Why are you home so late? Is the company working overtime? "

"Mhmm, the company has been busy these two days. Mom, which hospital is Little Fan in?"

I lied and suddenly felt sick inside.

Little Fan was the accident that happened when I was framed. At that time, I planned to get rid of him. After all, I'm not married yet. But the doctor said my uterine wall was too thin, and the chances of me ever getting pregnant again were close to zero.

So I took the pressure of unmarried first pregnancy and gave birth to a child, named Shen Little Fan.

My father left us early because it was getting worse and worse and he couldn't cure it. Then I used my savings to buy a two-bedroom house in the suburbs, and I brought my mother over to take care of the children.

My mother had never read a book in her life. She was a woman with no opinions, and she never delved into my work or my life. I was empty for a few months when I had the baby, and my savings were nearly gone, so I came out to work as soon as the baby was born.

When I was in college, I studied interior design. Mom always thought I worked in a foreign company and never questioned it. I hope she'll never know about this. Let her live in peace.

The cell phone number I left for her was not in the clubhouse, so it was always at home, because I was afraid the people at the place would talk when they found out I had children.

All along, I felt that Little Fan was just a physical compulsion, because his arrival was so unexpected and I didn't expect it. But when I found out that he was sick, I was so terrified!

Before I knew it, I was already learning to be a mother.

I pulled my mother along the road, but there weren't many taxis left. We had to run a long way down the road to get a car, and I almost jumped to stop it.

Along the way, my mother reproached herself until she cried, saying that if she hadn't been careless, the baby wouldn't have been sick.

I turned my head and stared out the window, silently wiping the tears from the corners of my eyes. How could I blame her? An old lady like her, who left her hometown and came to the Mo City to take care of my child, has already given me everything I can.

And, to be cruel, who can compare to me? I left a month after I gave birth to Little Fan, and now that he's been with me for almost four months, the number of times I've gone back can be counted on one hand.

Every day I was at the scene, dreaming and dreaming, coming home drunk in the early hours of the morning, and at night I seemed to come out of the shadows and repeat the same events over and over again.

Every time only holding the money, I feel the most real, because with the money, my Little Fan and mother can live a better life.

I usually go back once a month and accompany Little Fan for a day or two before coming back. Every time, he would stare at me curiously. His small face had an innocent smile. That was the time when I was at a loss for words.

He was in pain and happy!

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