Lure To Marriage/C8 There Is Nothing to Say
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Lure To Marriage/C8 There Is Nothing to Say
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C8 There Is Nothing to Say

When he rushed to the hospital, Little Fan was still in the emergency room. Sis Zhang, who had been standing by the door, quickly stood up when she saw us go. She's my hour worker, and she helps my mother clean the house every few days.

"Miss Shen, the doctor asked where the family members are, I told him we're on the way."

"Sister Zhang, thank you so much."

I was moved by Sister Zhang.

Sis Zhang is also a real person, and she came so late to accompany my mother. I saw that the sky was about to brighten, so I gave her five hundred yuan and asked her to go back first.

It was just my mother and me outside, both of us looking at each other with tearful eyes, not knowing what to say. I reached out my hand to wipe away the tears on her face. I wanted to comfort her, but who knew that the moment I opened my mouth, tears would immediately flow down my face.

"Nannan, don't you want to call Little Fan's dad to take a look? The children are so serious. "

My mother always thought I had broken up with Little Fan's father, so I gave birth to him alone. She didn't say it, but I knew she cared a lot about the child not having a father. She was a traditional woman, and she always had a husband. Naturally, I didn't dare tell her the truth.

"Mom, we've already broken up. Can you not mention him?" I sniffed.

"Are you going to go on like this for the rest of your life? What's with the smell of wine on you? So late. "

"I can't get out of the company since it's just a social meetup."

I didn't dare to look into my mother's eyes at first. Although she didn't have any culture, she was very cautious. If she pursued this matter to the end, I might not be able to hide it from her.

"Nannan, you are only twenty-two years old. If you have met with a suitable opponent, you should consider it. "Ma is experienced, and knows that a woman needs a companion in her life."

"Mom, I'm sorry. If it wasn't for me, Dad wouldn't have …"

"Silly child, didn't Mom already tell you? Your dad's matters can't be blamed on you. His disease has never been cured." Ma sighed, turned her head to wipe her tears, and said earnestly, "Ai, if you didn't borrow so much money to treat his illness, he would have left long ago. He's mad at himself for dragging us down. "

My heart ached as I thought back to the year I graduated, when I was just twenty years old.

Dad has cancer and needs a lot of money. When I was in a desperate situation, I saw Golden Great Emperor's recruitment advertisement, so I went to ask the owner Chen Jiu to lend me two hundred thousand dollars. I even took out my graduation certificate, Bachelor's degree, and so on to prove myself.

He did lend me the money, but he also crushed my pride. He let me crawl under him, begging like a dog.

I did it!

From then on, I became a manager and it took me nearly two years to pay off my boss.

And I was just about to quit when I was set up, and there was a baby in my life.

My parents never knew about this. They always thought that their daughter, who had graduated from university, had entered a big company and had a bright future ahead of her. Who would have thought that my unmarried pregnancy would cause them to worry so much that they would lose all their face?

I want to make a lot of money, save a lot of money, so much that my mom is proud of me, so much that when Little Fan grows up, no one will dare to poke him in the spine and laugh at his illegitimate son.

But now ….

I looked at the light on the door of the emergency room and felt a stab of pain. Although Little Fan is a cruel joke from the heavens, he was born to me after all. I can feel that he is sick, but I'm afraid that his small body can't take it anymore.

"Who is Shen Little Fan's family?"

Before I could wipe the tears from my face, the emergency room door opened and the assistant physician came out. I rushed over and nodded. I looked into the doctor's eyes and didn't dare breathe, afraid that he would say something I couldn't bear.

"Are you his mother?" The doctor glanced up and down at me, probably smelling the alcohol on me, and frowned unhappily. I was ashamed.

"What's the matter with you as a mother? His illness was sent over because of this. He's temporarily out of danger, but he'll need to be observed in the ICU for a few days.

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