Lure To Marriage/C9 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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Lure To Marriage/C9 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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C9 Enemies Have a Narrow Road

After I finished all the formalities, it was already dawn and the number of people in the hospital was beginning to increase.

I didn't sleep at all that night, and I felt as if I had been hollowed out. I really wanted to sleep, but when I saw my haggard mother outside the sickroom, I immediately mustered my strength.

"Mom, you should go back and rest first. Come back later."

I'm afraid that she won't be able to hold on. After all, she's in her fifties. She shook her head, sobbing, unwilling to leave.

I knew she was blaming herself, but I didn't blame her at all. If she hadn't unreservedly accepted Little Fan, I would have already broken down. I took off my coat and draped it over her, holding her cold hand, feeling guilty.

"Mom, don't worry, Little Fan will definitely be fine. I'll go buy some breakfast. You can sit here and rest. "

"Nannan, I'm sorry. Mom is useless …"

"Mom, don't say such silly things …"

My mother's guilt made me ashamed. It was clearly my fault, but she was taking responsibility for me. I had nothing to say, so I left the hospital in a hurry, looking around for a place to buy breakfast.

Mom's family was from the north, so she liked to drink soy milk. However, Mo City is not something that is easy to find. It took me a long time to find a small shop, and just as I walked in, I met a person that I really didn't want to see: Chen Jiu.

Even more surprising to me was that he was sitting across from Manli, who was drinking bean juice with a troubled expression on her face. She gave a start when she saw me, then gave a strange smile.

"Yo, why are you here too?" She didn't like me much, so she always talked to me in a high-spirited manner.

Actually, the first thing I wanted to do was to leave the store, but I was already seen by Chen Jiu.

"Director Chen, long time no see."

"Yo, Huanhuan, do you want to eat together?"

"Thank you, Director Chen. I'm just packing for someone else to eat. Take your time."

I declined his invitation and asked the waiter to pack me some soy juice and a coke.

Chen Jiu was quite famous in Eastern Region. He also had a Leisure Villa and a seafood shop in his hands. I've heard that he is the majority shareholder of the most famous "Money" restaurant.

And that wasn't the point. The point was: he was Chen Kui's brother.

This person was an extremely shrewd person, his way of doing things was unpredictable. He was my benefactor when I was at my most helpless, though the way he did it was unique.

Manli was annoyed by my lukewarm reaction, so she spoke in her not too loud voice while I paid.

"Director Chen, Qin Huan is Qin Mofei's woman now, why would she be eating with us?" I'm still your sweetheart, but I'm very loyal to you. "

"Manli, it's better not to create something out of nothing!"

I turned my head to look coldly at Manli. She was also looking maliciously at me. I couldn't figure out how close she was to Chen Jiu, so I didn't fight back.

Chen Jiu, on the other hand, looked back at me with a meaningful look that made my hair stand on end.

"Oh, Qin Huan, come visit me when you're free. I've known you for a few years, let's not get along anymore."

"I will definitely pay a visit to Boss Chen later. I'll be leaving first, you guys eat slowly. Manly, you don't have to exaggerate. You don't have to. "Chen is always a big shot. He doesn't like to hear about this sort of thing."

After I finished speaking, I left, hoping that Chen Jiu could understand that I had nothing to do with Qin Mofei. They are all fearsome people in the underworld, I definitely don't want to have anything to do with them.

"Qin Huan, wait a moment."

Just as I walked out of the store, Chen Jiu suddenly walked out and called for me. I was so shocked that the packing case in my hand almost fell to the ground.

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