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I hold on to the armrest as I watch how fast Britney got into Freya and worry has started to eat me. I sighed in relief after my mate dodged her swiftly. But the b***h didn't stop and gave her continuous combination punches, which she avoided without a sweat. As the fight went on, I don't think I needed to worry about Freya anymore. She used her brain and I had a feeling that she was trying to tire out her opponent and would fight back when necessary. She may be the type of fighter who doesn't want to waste or make unnecessary hits that will not count.

The smirk on Freya's face told me that she was ready to fight back and Britney noticed it too, which made her stop for a while. Yeah, only for a while because the moment she did that, Freya was already in front of her leaning her head forward with her tight fist ready to take down the b***h. But she must have known what my mate would do because she suddenly took a step back. The b***h is good and I give her that, but what I didn't expect was when Freya hit her on her face with the left jab.

Britney's footing became unstable as she stumbled with her feet backwards. Everyone gasped when Freya was in front of her really fast and gave her another two consecutive leaves before she hit Britney with a heavy uppercut. Freya stayed where she was and waited for Britney to get back to her feet. She's a fighter and I can see that with her every move. Her parents must have taught her while they were off duty.

Britney was now back on her feet and I saw how angry she was at the embarrassment. She should be the one winning this fight because she was more superior to Freya being the beta's daughter. I looked at Jack and found her glaring at Freya as well. He may never have thought that she could really fight.

A growl escaped from the b***h before she shifted on to her wolf. Freya chuckled and said, "Couldn't fight prepared into human form any more, eh?" she teased before her face turned serious, "Come with all your might, b***h!" and prepared herself.

My mate looks really cool and I couldn't help but to feel proud of her. As the b***h started to run in her wolf form, Freya was just waiting for her. As Britney jumped, my amazing mate jumped about much higher than her opponent until she was on top and rode her. She smiled after she successfully sat on the b***h back and hugged her. I'm pretty sure that it was not an ordinary hug because Britney fell really hard after Freya jumped out.

Gasps and whispers were heard once more, all with disappointment over Britney. They didn't expect her to lose to Freya, who was still in her human form. "How could she lose to that weak?" A woman in front of me asked the other.

"If she's weak, then what is strong in you?" the other she-wolf replied.

"I didn't know that she could fight. Didn't Alpha Daniel forbid her to train because she has no wolf?" the other asked again. My forehead creased and I looked at Daniel who was sitting beside me. He was looking at me as well and fear was evident on his face.

"I can explain his highness," he said, but I raised a hand to stop him from talking. I am going to deal with him later because I wanted to know the result of the fight. Jack got closer to his daughter while a female warrior handed him a quilt so Britney could shift back to her human form.

"Freya Collins will advance to the next round," Jack announced after he secured his daughter. Clay and Alec ran to Freya and hugged her and she hugged them back, which made me jealous. "Wow, Frey, you're really amazing. Will you marry me already?" Alec said and they both laughed. I didn't like it, my beast didn't like it a bit either. How could he casually ask her to marry him?

I waited for her to look my way but she didn't. She must have been avoiding my gaze as well. But why? Does she know that I am her mate? Yeah, it must be. But if she knew that, why wouldn't she come to me and tell me about it? Fu**, I don't know what I will do now and I am getting jealous of those two wolves around her.

The day ended with 20 fights and, just like what Daniel had told me, everyone received good training except Freya. We had to talk about that and give him a chance to explain his side. "To your office Daniel," I said, and he nodded before he left. I stayed in my seat for a while and thought about Freya again. It is a big possibility that she knows that I am her mate if we are really admitted to each other and the reason for her not telling me is unknown.

Walking around will help me clear my mind, so that's what I did with my warrior following me but giving me enough space. I heard someone talking and, if I am not mistaken, it was Freya and Clay. I walked slowly so they wouldn't be able to know I was near. Well, don't get me wrong, they must be at least 15 meters away from me but I can still hear them. I had my back on the tree as I listened to them.

"You already had a mate?" Clay asked. "Who?" he added,

"I can't tell you, but he couldn't smell my scent, so he doesn't know." Freya replied," She already had a mate?

"Why can't you just tell him?" Clay asked again.

"Do you think he will believe me when I tell him that I am his and he is mine?" Freya asked too and I didn't hear any response from Clay.

"Do you think that I am not going to accept you if you tell me that?"

"It's not you Clay. We both know that you already had your mate and were rejected."

"How did you know?" Clay asked sadly.

"I was there when that happened. I'm sorry, but I came to that spot first and I couldn't move an inch after I heard you two talking." Clay sighed. I'm sure that he was the one who did it. Just how old is he for him to be able to find his mate easily?

"Frey, I like you and I know that you know that. Even Alec knows it and he likes you too. If you are afraid to face your mate in fear that he might reject you, why don't we try to, you know, be with each other?" My beast was enraged when we heard that but I held on to him.

"Clay.." Freya said,

"If I want to have a second chance, mate, I want it to be you. I have already prayed to the moon goddess to give you to me."

"Clay.." Then I heard nothing. What are they doing? I walked in their direction and found them kissing, so I growled out of jealousy, which made the two of them look at me. I took that chance and saw Freya's eyes widen in shock. We meet eye to eye finally, and she's,


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