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I am Freya Collins, an 18-year-old she-wolf of the Midnight Pack. The pack didn't know that I had a wolf because I didn't have a scent and I didn't have any intention of letting them know about it. I was raised by my dad, Lucas and mom Rica both are my adoptive parents, who were pack warriors as well. They love me like their own and so am I. They are always supportive of me and, unknown to the pack as well, they have been training me since I was a kid.

My adoptive parents found me in the pack borders and I don't know how I got there because I don't have any memories of the incident before I woke up from the pack hospital. My adoptive parents told me that I was heavily wounded and that might have caused my memory to be lost. Because they love me, I never try to find anything about myself anymore.

But my adoptive parents told me what I needed to know about myself and they asked me to hide it from the pack. Apparently, I was an alpha's daughter. My biological mother, Lexi who was a Luna of the now wiped out Howlers Pack, saved my mom, Rica. My Luna mother asked my mom, to be at the pack border, exactly where they found me at a specific time and she made her promise to take care of me. Because my adoptive parents had no children, mom agreed and set aside the fact that it may cause them a risk or danger in the future.

Now that I know about my biological parents, I asked my mom why I never had a scent. "I don't know either. Your mom has a cinnamon scent and I'm sure that your father had his own scent too, even if I never saw him because he was the alpha." my mom answered when I asked her about it.

"Sweetie, you don't need to think about it. It was safer to say that whatever or whoever attacked your pack before, will never have a chance to find you because of that. You, having no wolf in others eyes, will save you from danger as well." Dad said and I agreed with them.

I roamed around pack borders without them knowing and I could freely practice what I had trained for. No one in the pack would know where I was and none of them would ever find me either if I tried to hide from them. I was OK with it until the Lycan convoy arrived.

Four months ago, 7 black SUVs arrived on the pack ground. Everyone had been busy for a week with the preparations and whether Alpha Daniel admitted it or not, he was nervous and worried about their arrival.

At first, we thought that the visitors were only lycans and none of us expected that the lycan prince and the future king himself were with them. I remember when he got out of the SUV, we were lined up, and as soon as he stepped off his feet, I smelled it. The most intoxicating scent I had ever smelled, Pi was jumping for joy and so had I, thinking we had found our mate right after I turned 18.

I wanted to know who it was so I looked up and found him. I was expecting that he would do the same, but to my surprise, his eyes didn't search for me. Then on another SUV, a woman, more specifically, a female lycan get out and stand and walk beside him acting like his mate. I felt hurt and was in pain, 'He couldn't smell us, he doesn't know that we are his.' Pi said in agony. I looked down because the she-wolf beside me was hitting me with her elbow and was telling me to submit before they saw me and accused me of disrespect.

Since then, every time that we end up crossing our paths, I will try to walk in the opposite direction. I was lucky that I was sure that he didn't know it because, as I already said, I don't have any scent. When there was any announcement that required our presence and he was there as well, I would look down immediately when I thought that his gaze would be going my way.

For the past four months, it had been as though I was playing hide and seek with him. A lot of times I thought of jumping onto him and claiming him, but Pi was there all the time to stop me. When I was in pain, it was her who soothed me and reminded me that he doesn't know we're his. I tried to be patient for him to find out that I was his, but whenever I felt the pain of his betrayal by banging on that female lycan, I wanted to come to him and reject him for not waiting and searching for me.

"Freya, are you that bored in my class that your mind was off somewhere? Care to tell me who you think?" My professor, Ms. Lalyn said when she noticed that my mind was flying. I looked around and found everyone laughing and so did Clay and Alec. I was a year older than them, but because they are both smart, they skipped a grade, which made us classmates now in college.

"I'm sorry Ms. Lalyn, Clay--- I tried to say but she talked again,

"So you're thinking of our future beta now?" she asked, and then looked at the door behind me. I saw her bow and just realized that my mate was there as well. I stopped myself from looking around but I had to because everyone does. Without a choice, I turned my head but I let it look down so I didn't need to meet his gaze, then everyone stood up in respect.

"Everyone can take their seats," he said, and so we did. I still had my head down and then I heard that b****'s voice again,

"It appears that the wolfless was in this class as well," she said, mocking.

"Are you not going to shut up, Eunice?" My mate asked, growling. "What is the commotion all about?" he asked Prof. Lalyn.

"It's nothing his highness, it's just I am not used to Freya being absent-minded and when I caught her and asked her why, she said our future beta's name." she explained. I want to know his reaction but I can't because I am afraid to meet his eyes, so I keep my head down.

"I see, maybe he was her mate." he said, and everyone teased us. In our class, none of my classmates dared to bully me. Not because Clay and Alec were there to protect me, but because I am smart and they respected me for that. "Is that true, Clay?" he asked.

"Not, actually, his highness. But if that's the case, then I will be very happy. Freya is everything I want for a mate." Clay replied, so I looked at him and I found him winking at me.

"That will only happen if she's not going to be my mate, noob." Alec said, which made Clay's eyes roll.

"It appears that the future beta and gamma had their eyes on a certain she-wolf," he said, and I still did not look at him.

"Any good wolf would want her to be their mate, and I guess we're not different from them." Clay replied, and Alec nodded.

"What's so good about a wolfless b****?" Eunice the female lycan asked, which earned him a growl from my mate as well as Clay and Alec.

"Take her away from here!" my lycan prince mate shouted. One of the lycan with him approached Eunice and took her.

"I'm sorry, I was just saying.." she said, trying to make an appeal, but my mate didn't listen to her and was dragged away.

"I am here to make an announcement," my mate said, "In a week, a friendly fight tournament will be held in the pack. Everyone is welcome to join and I would be very happy if many of you would be there to participate." he added, and then left. I could feel him looking my way before he left our classroom.

I took a deep breath the moment he was out and Clay and Alec asked me worriedly, "Are you alright?" I smiled at them and said,

"Yeah, why wouldn't I? I'm used to being told that way, so I don't care if I hear it again and again." I replied,

"Alright, listen up." Ms. Lalyn said, "As you heard, it was only a friendly fight. So, if you want to test your strength, join the tournament. The lycan prince will be there, so I think that it will be safe and if anything goes wrong, he was there to stop it." she added, and everyone agreed and said yes.

I want to join but I'm afraid that it will only sell me out, so I forgot that idea. I will only spectate and try to pick up some techniques from the fighters.

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