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C3 Three


"See to it that you will be able to find out about everything in the pack surrounding the Howlers Pack." Dad the Lycan King said. I was in his office along with my future beta, Calvin.

He had been worried about what had happened to the pack. It was wiped out and he couldn't think of anything about why it happened without him knowing, or not even a report from the said pack about being attacked by rogues or other packs was made. Normally, the Howlers pack would have told the palace about any attacks, but because the palace didn't receive any, we didn't manage to send someone to check on them.

"Are you listening, Matteo!" My father yelled. I understood him though. I was in deep thought. "Yes dad, I heard you loud and clear," I replied. The incident had happened for how many years now and yet we didn't find any clue. So he decided to send me there and wanted me to solve it before I assumed his throne. He was restless the moment he found out about it and now that he is going to pass his throne on me, he wanted to be sure that nothing like that will happen again.

It was only I and Calvin along with our trusted lycan friends who knew about this. While some will be left here, the others are going to come to us to do initial investigation.

We arrived at the Midnight Pack without them knowing the exact reason for our visit and, eventually, staying. They thought that we were only there to check on the needs of their pack and the surrounding packs. The moment I got out of the car, my lycan was in chaos. I tried to reach out to him and asked him what was going on but he couldn't explain it either.

Then Eunice came closer to me so I wore my sunglasses and searched around for something I didn't know and didn't find anything at all. My eyes landed on a she-wolf whose head was looking down. I tried to enhance my senses and tried to smell her but it only confused me because she had no scent at all.

I followed Alpha Daniel when he led us inside and Eunice walked with me. I growled at her so she would walk a little away from me, but she didn't badge so I just let her be. I was the reason why she was acting like that so I had to deal with her myself.

The Midnight Pack let us use their villa while we were there. I felt relieved that I didn't need to be with the alpha and his family in the pack house. It wasn't because I looked down on them, but because I found out that the future alpha was an idiot.

Four months had passed and this was the first time that Calvin and I were in a room discussing our arrival and how I felt my Lycan's uneasiness. "Maybe your mate was just there." Calvin said,

"I hope so, but I already told you that I already smelled her back in the palace 9 years ago." I reminded him and he nodded. It was true. 9 years ago, when we arrived from our vacation, I smelled my mate's scent as soon as I got out of the car. I followed the scent but I got disappointed when it ended on the porch and, until now, I had no idea who she was.

I told my father about it and he asked rank officials who were left there and were in charge if there were some visitors while we were away. Ronaldo, one of the royal adviser and Eunice's father, denies it, which made me confused. It only means that my mate was in the palace, but why can't I smell her anymore?

Us Lycans have difficulty finding our mates. It may take us hundreds of years before we find them and I am going to be 100 in a few more months. "Then why do you think that your lycan was acting strangely?" Calvin asked and I shook my head because I really had no idea.

"Speaking of mates, if ever she was indeed here and was exactly the reason why your lycan was disturbed, you have to do something about Eunice." he warns me. I know about that but because I was uncertain, I still have Eunice from time to time. Although I told her that what we had was strictly physical, I still feel worried somehow.

"Why can't she just show up?" I asked in frustration. I was here for the case and not for my mate, but I think I will have to face both. I closed my eyes and said, "We had better do what we came here for, the sooner, the better." I added, and we both agreed on that.

I left the room and found Eunice by the door. "Didn't I already say that I hate it when you eavesdrop?" I asked angrily. She approached me and, with a seductive smile, her hand landed on my chest and kissed me. F***, I really f****d up. I couldn't stop myself from touching her and I don't know why I carried her to the next room and took her however I wanted.

We had been doing this for many decades already and until now, I have never cummed inside her. My mate is the only one who had the right to take my seeds and bear my pups and Eunice would never get them if that's what she was aiming for. I never even f****d her in my room, it was either in hers or in any spare room or place wherever we feel like fu*****.

"Get out," I told her after I fixed myself. Then I heard it again, a painful howl as if accusing me of infidelity. My eyes widened as my lycan screamed in my head,

'Mate, she was in pain because of you! She knew that we are hers and you banging that ingrate hurts her.'

'Tell me where she is. I want to see her too, but why can't I find her?' I asked him,

'Because you are an idiot! We had been talking to each other for almost a hundred years and you still didn't know my name!' he replied. Yes, that was true. Until now, I didn't know how to call him. I had been asking him from the very beginning but I failed to get a response from him. Now he was blaming me because I didn't know what to call him.

"What was that?" Eunice asked, so she heard it as well. "There were a lot of pathetic wolves in here, so that one was in pain because his or her mate was cheating." she said mockingly.

"Didn't I tell you to get out already?" I asked and was hoping that she would because my lycan wanted to kill her already. She didn't need to fix herself much because I only pulled down her pants and f***** her from behind and nothing else. She just needed to pull them back up again and leave.

I settled myself on a chair and thought for a while. I wanted to go to wherever she was but I knew that I wouldn't be able to find her. She had no scent at all. Then my eyes widened when I remembered the she-wolf, and no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't smell her. I rushed out of the room and went to see and talk to Calvin,

"Let's have a friendly fight tournament among the Midnight Pack's members." I told him and he eyed me. "I want to find my mate so I think this will help me find her." I added and he nodded.

The next day, I informed Alpha Daniel about it and whether he liked it or not, he would have to agree with it. I prepared myself to go to school and announce the tournament myself to every class in the hope of seeing a certain someone.

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