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C4 Four


"Why are you suddenly suggesting making a friendly fight tournament your highness?" Alpha Daniel asked, confused.

"I have been in the pack for months now and I wanted to see how the pack members grow in strength." I replied. "The king wanted me to report about the pack's abilities and he wanted to know if everyone was capable of defending themselves when the time came." I added, just to make sure that he is not going to think or suspect anything.

"I see, I am proud to say that everyone is doing their best and we conduct regular training for everyone. When do you plan the tournament to be held?"

"How about a week from now?" I replied.

"That will be good," he said, and I smiled internally.

"I want to announce this myself so I will be going to the pack school." I said, and got up from the chair and looked at Calvin. He nodded and went to the door first.

"I am going to tell my beta and gamma to make the necessary preparations for the event." Alpha Daniel informed me before I followed Calvin to the door.

"It is only a simple tournament, so make use not to make the preparations grand." I reminded him and he nodded and then we went to school.

We were on our way to the locker area when we bumped into Eunice, "There you are, I had been looking for you." she said, smiling.

"I don't remember asking you to come here. Why are you here?" I asked.

"Of course, I should go wherever you are. As your future mate, I should help you out with everything that you want to do," she replied. Now, more than ever, I regret getting myself entangled with her.

"Don't hope, Eunice. You know my stand when it comes to my mate. You know that I am going to wait for her," I told her.

"Why are you waiting for someone you don't know whether will come or not?" She asked, trying to control her anger.

"He has already come, I just missed it." I replied.

"Are you sure about what you smelled? For all we know, she was already dead." She replied, which made me angry, so I growled at her.

"I'm sorry, I was just telling you that there's a possibility that---"

"Shut the f*** up! I know that she's alive and is calling for me, so if you still like to have your tongue, you better hold it." I warned her and I saw fear in her eyes and then she smiled at me.

"OK, if you want to wait for her, fine. While she's not here yet, let me make you happy." She said and started walking with us as she wrapped her arms around mine.

Just as we turned, I saw the future beta together with the she-wolf that had no scent. They looked happy as they teased each other. And I could see her stiffen. Did she smell me?

All the time that we were talking she had her head down and I couldn't see her eyes. It was natural for them to act that way because I am the lycan prince and their future king, so I don't see anything wrong with that.

The future beta answered for her most of the time and I thought that they were together intimately and thinking about that, I heard my lycan keep on growling in my mind.

I keep the conversation going so I can still see her. Then I suddenly felt her anger. She said she remembered something and the future beta explains that she had been bullied for not having her wolf.

Eunice didn't help at all when she opened her mouth and my lycan wanted to break her neck and would have done it if I hadn't stopped him.

Because they still have their class, the future beta, excuse themselves to go to their classroom. As they walked away, I saw her leaning her head on his chest. And with my lycan hearing, I heard her say thank you to him.

At that moment, I wanted to be in the future betas position. I wanted to soothe and calm her myself. We went to different classes to see how everything was going on and to announce the tournament. My mind was back to Freya, and my Lycan purred. What the???

He never acted that way in our 83 years of being together and no lycan or she-wolf made him that way either. Just what is Freya to us?

Calvin and I, along with Eunice and the other lycans who were with me, continued the class visit. I wonder where Freya's room was. She doesn't have a wolf, so I'm sure that she will not be participating in the tournament because it will be very dangerous for her. She won't be able to fight someone who has a wolf.

Every time I announce the tournament to every class, I can see excitement in their eyes. But I am disappointed with the future alpha. I wonder what will happen to Midnight Pack once he becomes alpha.

We left the room and Calvin told me, "I don't think it is wise for Alpha Daniel to make his son the next Alpha. No matter where I look at him, I couldn't see even a tiny bit of authority in him."

I totally agree with and I have already been thinking about that ever since I got the chance to meet him. Clay was a lot better, but I doubt that Alpha Daniel will let him take the position. Even though he should if he was really a good alpha himself who cared for his pack and pack members.

Why do we even bother thinking about this load of sh** of a pack? They were beneath us and were supposed to be our slaves," Eunice said after.

"I don't think you know the purpose of your existence as Lycan." I told her while trying to calm myself. "We are here to protect them and make sure that they are fine and OK. We are here to ensure their safety and not to enslave them. Keep that in mind, Eunice," I told her in a warning tone. She lowered her head and did not utter a single order anymore.

Her mouth is only good for mouth fu***** her and nothing else. I wonder why I ever hooked up with her.

"Because you are an idiot," my Lycan told me, again. And I started to think that I really am.

We went back to where we met Clay and Freya and remembered that they were on their way to their class. My lycan became excited at that thought and so I rushed to their room.

I heard the class was a bit lively compared to the others, so I got a little curious, so I tried to hide my presence but the professor saw and greeted me. I saw Freya's body stiffen and I wondered why. The other students turned to see me as well and bowed their heads while she still had her head down.

I wanted to use a royal command to her so she would raise her head and look me in the eyes, but I didn't want to appear arrogant, so I didn't. I asked the professor about their lively moments and I didn't like his reply.

Freya was thinking about Clay and my beast didn't like it at all. Even though I didn't want to say it, I still did, "I see, maybe he was her mate." Then the whole class teased them and I hated it. I managed to ask Clay and relief flooded me when I heard his reply.

But what he said afterwards pisses me off. He likes her and so does the future gamma. Her head was still down and that pissed me even more because I knew that she was looking at Clay right then. Then Eunice had to open her mouth again and she added to my anger plus my Lycan's animosity towards her. I need to do something about her. I growled at her and I couldn't help but feel threatened by both Clay and Alec because they did the same thing.

"Take her away from here!" I yelled and Calvin was fast enough to do as I said. He knew that my beast was near to the surface and he didn't want that to happen because of my behavior when my lycan was in control.

"I'm sorry, I was just saying.." Eunice said, but Calvin had taken her away already.

"I am here to make an announcement," I said, looking at Freya. "In a week, a friendly fight tournament will be held in the pack. Everyone is welcome to join us and I would be happy if many of you would be there to participate." I added and decided to leave after I looked at Freya again, who still had her head down.

Her having her head down all the time made me feel a little skeptical. It was as though she was hiding something from me as well as from the others. I could still hear Clay and Alec asking her if she was fine and her answer made me harden my face. I should do something about the bully thing.

After a week, even if this event was to confirm something, I am still excited to know and assess everyone's ability and strength. Although Freya won't be joining, I will make sure to confirm today what was running on my mind for more than a week now.

"His highness," Calvin said, ``I was already sitting on my chair while I waited for the event to commence. He lowered his head and whispered, "Freya is joining," he said, and that shocked me. How the hell would she manage to fight without her wolf?

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