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C5 Five


Matteo had been very constant in my view. He visited the school all the time and I don't know why. I started to think that something was going on or there was danger lurking around the pack, but I didn't sense any.

"Freya, can you hear me?" Mom asked as she waved her hand, right in front of my face. I blinked many times before I realized that she had been talking to me and my mind was with Matteo.

"Is there something wrong, Freya?" Dad asked and I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, mom, dad." I replied, "I was just wondering why the prince was in school more often. He had been in the pack for how many months now, but lately, he has been going to school as though there was some sort of attack that would occur." I added.

"It wasn't like that. He was just worried about the younger generations. That was exactly the reason why he suggested the tournament. He wanted to know everyone's strength and abilities." Dad answered and I nodded my head. I don't know why, but I was hoping that it wasn't the case. That he wanted to see someone at school and that someone was me.

"Are you ready for training later?" Mom asked. I smiled at her and nodded my head immediately. I love to train and so does Pi. It makes us feel relaxed and I can personally feel that we are getting stronger every time.

"Then you had better eat fast because we have our off today and I asked Alpha to go out. Of course, that includes us all." Dad said, we had our secret place where we train. When we are there, I always feel sad for nothing and the place seems familiar to me. When I asked my parents about them, they would just tell me that they found the place by accident.

They had no reason to hide things from me because I already knew who and what I was. They told me about that themselves, so I have never doubted them since. I look forward to our training. Well, I always look forward to it. My parents were both warriors, so they were really good. But I had alpha blood just as they said, so there were times that I ended up hurting them. Having their wolves saves them from being questioned because they heal fast as well.

Mom decided to bring some food. I mean a lot of food because we tend to be really hungry after the training. And we planned on using a picnic alibi just in case someone saw us.

Just like now, we had just finished our training and were resting when I smelled that scent. It was a Lycan. I got worried that my mate was with them, but relief flooded over me when I didn't smell his scent,

"What are you doing here?" Calvin, my mate's future beta, asked. My parents bowed their heads, but not me.

"We were just having our family time here," my father answered.

"You're from the Midnight Pack, why did you choose to be in this place?" he asked again as he looked at me.

"We asked for our Alpha's permission as we are off to our patrol duties." Mom answered,

"You're both warriors?" he asked and they nodded. "Why do you have bruises?"

"We were showing our daughter how to fight." Mom replied, "We found out that she was being bullied at school and we didn't like it." she added, which made Calvin nod his head and looked my way again.

"Are you done here?" he asked again,

"We were just resting and were about to finish our food, then we would leave," Dad answered, and Calvin nodded. They left after giving me a glance. Just as dad told them, we just finished our food and left. We didn't want them to suspect anything, so we talked about just anything while we were there, just in case they were still out there, listening.

"Make sure that you don't join the tournament, dear." Mom said and I nodded my head. "You are very hard-headed and I was worried that you would try to do something stupid. Even if Clay and Alec were at your side, the fact that Joric and Britney were there to give you a hard time, couldn't give me peace of mind." she added.

The moment she found out about them bullying me, they couldn't help but feel worried about me. Although I knew that I would be able to handle myself when it came to them, I still didn't try to piss them off because Alpha Daniel might retaliate towards my parents.

We went home after and had our rest. The day after tomorrow is the beginning of the tournament and tomorrow, the participants will be announced at school. I had no plan on attending but Clay and Alec wanted me to support them, so I will just go.

The next morning, "Hey, Frey!" Even without looking, I knew that it was Clay, I was walking my way to the ground where everyone was expected to go for the opening ceremony. Although the tournament will not start until tomorrow, today was the announcement of the participants as well as the laying out of the rules and guidelines. Matteo must have thought about this because he wanted the tournament to be simple and meaningful.

"Have you registered?" I asked him,

"Of course! I did it with Alec. You know that we do things together," he replied, and I smiled.

"Yes, because he couldn't do anything without me." Alec said, which made Clay roll his eyes at him.

"What are you going to do when you end up fighting each other?" I asked.

"Why do you need to ask that? You already know that I am going to win," Alec said.

"Make sure that you do your best when the time comes." Clay warned Alec. "I didn't want a lousy opponent," he added.

We arrived at the ground and everyone was there already. Joric and Britney were standing together and I wondered why they were laughing at me and I had a bad feeling about it. Just what those two idiots did?

"Alright, listen up." Beta Jack said and we had all our ears at him, "I am going to announce all the names of the participants that signed and registered for the tournament for the last five days." he continued.

"You really did sign together, huh?" I told them and they both shrugged their shoulders. We were laughing when Beta Jack cleared his throat,

"Well, this is unexpected," he said, and looked around. Worry flashed over his face when he met mine. "Freya Collins," he said, and everyone looked at me. Of course, I was in shock! There's no way that I am going to join them, because mom and dad didn't want me to as we were trying to hide my wolf.

Then I remember the look on Joric and Britney's faces, I looked at them and I knew they were the ones who signed me up.

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