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C8 Eight


I had to stay away from him. I already had a hard time controlling Pi. She wanted to jump at him and it would only put us in trouble. He is the Lycan prince and it would be disrespectful if I did that even if he was my mate because he can't smell me. It will be very painful for us if he denies us.

Clay and Alec were both supportive and attentive to me. I don't know what I would do if they weren't with me during this time. I turned my back at my mate and didn't bother looking back. I should do something about my feelings, if it was only that easy to come to him and tell him that he is mine. I sighed after I started to lose hope of getting him.

The pack run had to commence and, since the prince had apologized, we all gathered around again. Clay and Alec shifted behind me and didn't let me out of their sight. I turned around when I heard them growling at me. I smiled when I faced them, saying, "Let's go."

We started running as they kept my pace while I tried to keep up with them. I was enjoying myself and I'm sure that they were too. Many wolves had been looking at me, maybe they wanted to laugh hard because I still included myself in the run when I was in human form. But I didn't care about that. All I know is that I am happy being with my friends.

Then I smell him again. Why does he keep on following me? Did I do something that warranted his attention? I looked around casually so I could see him, trying to make it appear that I was just trying to check on everyone so he wouldn't have any idea.

I kept my head down as I did that. I had a feeling that he was searching for me as well and I didn't want him to come to us again. What that female Lycan did earlier was enough for me to think that she liked my mate. I wanted to growl thinking about that. But Pi will never do that.

We continued running and I didn't notice that Joric and Britney were behind us. The bi*** growl which made us look at her at the same time, she jumped at me. I was fast enough to dodge her and I knew that she was shocked as well as that good for nothing, Alpha Daniel's son.

"What do you think you're doing, Britney?" I asked angrily and she replied to me with a growl. She was a beta's daughter and if I was just a normal wolf, I wouldn't be able to do anything.

She didn't stop and still tried to get me by lunging at me. "Are you crazy?" I couldn't help but ask. She was never this aggressive when we were in front of other pack members. I wonder what was going on with her.

Clay and Alex came in between us. They must have taken pity on Britney because she couldn't land a hit on me no matter how much she tried. I keep on dodging and avoiding her and I don't care if I look like a scaredy cat.

Joric growled as well when my friends tried to protect me. "What's going on here?" My mate's authoritative voice echoed in my ears. We all looked down and, because everyone was in their wolf form except me, I was the only one who could answer him.

"My friends and I were running smoothly when we felt their presence behind us. Just as I turned to look at them, Britney jumped at me." I replied and continued telling him what happened next.

"Shift!" Matteo said. It wasn't a request, but it sounded like a command to me. I was about to look up and ask him if he was referring to me when he said again, "Joric and the other three, shift!" He was angry and I could feel it. I would never dare to look at him even more when he was like this.

Without a warning, Joric, Britney, Clay and Alex shifted. "S**t" I exclaimed when I realized that they were all naked. I covered my eyes with both my hands and turned around.

I feel my mate's presence in front of me after a while. When I tried to peek in between my fingers, I found his shoes as I was still looking down.

"Give the woman her clothes." Matteo yelled, and then I heard a rustling behind me. Someone might have handed Britney her clothes.

"Why did you do that?" He asked.

"I didn't do anything, his highness." The bi**h replied and I wanted to pull out her tongue because of her lies.

"Quit lying, Britney. What Grey's had said was true." I heard Clay reply. Are they dressed now? I want to turn around already. Not that Mattel is right in front of me, Pi has been running wild in my head.

"The boys are still naked." Matteo said, as though he was reading my mind. I didn't say anything and just nodded my head and still had my head down. I think I am going to suffer from a stiff neck after this. Why can't I just look up for a while and see his face? Argh, this is really frustrating.

"His highness," Alpha Daniel said, as he came. "I apologized for the ruckus that this youngster had made." He said.

"I think you had better teach your heir to become a responsible Alpha or I am going to choose another pack member to assume your title." Matteo said, and I heard everyone gasp.

"This is just the kids having fun," Alpha Daniel replied. I don't know why he had to defend his son when he knew that Joric was nothing but an a*****e.

"Don't be so tolerant of your son's wrong doings, Daniel." My mate said with a voice that sent a chill to Alpha Daniel.

"I will make sure to let him know his mistakes, his highness." Alpha Daniel replied.

"This concluded, the pack ran. Make sure that there will be no unnecessary fighting tomorrow and the rest of the tournament. This is held as a friendly fight and to form camaraderie and not to vent your anger at a certain or particular pack member. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, his highness." Everyone replied.

"You should all go home, tomorrow is the first day of the match and I expect everyone to be at their best." I heard everyone starting to move and I didn't know what I was starting to do.

"Come in Frey," I heard Clay say and I sighed in relief. I turned around and I was thankful that he was already wearing his shorts as well as Alex. I started to walk with them but we were stopped by Prince Matteo.

"I am going to walk her home since I wanted to ask her about something," he said, which made the three look at each other. Clay and Alex had a questioning look while I was confused.

"His highness, we can send her to their home as we always do when we are together and come home late. We wouldn't dare bother you." Clay replied.

"She's not a bother at all. Why is there a problem? Are you hiding something from me?" He asked continuously.

"No his highness, we just didn't want to bother you." Clay replied again.

"Its fine, you two can go." Matteo told them, full of authority. Clay and Alec looked at me, feeling sorry. I smiled at them as I nodded my head, saying,

"It's fine. You can go home."

"We'll see you tomorrow," Alec said. It was the first time that he had talked since Prince Matteo arrived. He may have been intimidated by the prince and I understand him.

I saw the two of them walking away and my heart beat erratically.

"Why are you nervous, Freya?" He asked. My eyes widened but I am thankful that my back was facing him and I had my head down.

"I was just surprised that you wanted to talk to me, his highness." I replied.

"Are you going to talk to me with your back facing me? Isn't that a disrespect to me?"

"I'm sorry, his highness," I replied and started to turn around to face him. I have nothing to worry about since he can't smell me. What worries me is the fact that Pi now had her full attention on our mate and I was sure that she was going to do something stupid.

Then I felt his finger on my chin, raising my head. I don't know what I will do. My wolf will surely run wild when she sees him face to face and this close with each other.

The moment was like a slow motion and my heart was beating really fast and I wouldn't be able to deny that to him anymore. Just a little more and we will be seeing eye to eye. 'Pi, please, don't do anything stupid.' I told my wolf but heard no response from her.

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