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C9 Nine


We had to meet eye to eye so I could confirm if she was my mate. I can't deny the fact that I am so excited about her being mine and my beast was as excited as me. Just a little more and that was going to happen. My full attention was on hers alone. "His highness," I heard someone call me, which made me look at whoever he was. "I am Freya's father, I will be taking her home." he said, which made Freya's chin that I was holding with my forefinger and thumb was gone. I looked at her and found her looking relieved as she smiled at her father.

I balled my fist trying to control my beast because of the interruption. I nodded my head and looked at Freya, whose eyes were still on her father. If my plan is not going to work, I will have to use a royal command on her. In the meantime, I turned around and walked my way back to the villa. I have to be in the tournament all week long in fear that Joric and Britney will do something to my supposed mate.

The following day, I woke up early and had Calvin ready for a visit to the old Howler's Pack old territory. That was the main reason why we are here but I had to get my mate before anything else. My future beta and best friend will surely do his best with the investigation. We actually have some clues already but we aren't finalizing them yet because of my mate.

Eunice, on the other hand, will be a thorn with that if she continues to stay there. I noticed Freya getting agitated whenever she was around, which made my suspicion correct at some point. "Matteo, are you sure that you will be fine without me?" Calvin asked, grinning.

"Stop it, Calv. I am not a child. If there was someone who needed to babysit, it was you." I replied and he laughed. "You have to investigate the territory, not the she-wolf that you may come across." I reminded him.

"You tore me off my happiness, I don't think I would still want you to become my king." he replied, he was always like that whenever I told him about his whoring around.

"What a pity, you have no choice but to follow me." I said, smirking, and we both laughed. No matter what he did, he couldn't help but follow me. We didn't know why that was, but ever since we were kids, we have stuck together and done everything we wanted to do with our other friend, who was my future gamma, James. We left him at the palace so he could look after my father and mother. Before we left, there was something unusual in the palace that I cannot point out. That's why I asked him for the job, which he agreed to instantly. We are all close to my parents. That's why my concern for them is the same as theirs.

"I am leaving now," he said, "Oh, before I forgot, I asked one of the warriors to send Eunice back to the palace. You know you can't hurt her just like that. Her attitude couldn't be the basis of killing her as punishment." he added. I sighed and nodded my head. It was thanks to him that I managed to stop myself last night. If not for him, I wouldn't know what I had done to her.

"Another thing, we are not sure yet if Freya was really your mate, so you should hold yourself and do not expect too much or invest too much emotion and hope." he said before he continued getting out of my room. I tried to think about what he just said and I agreed with him. I couldn't smell Freya, so I was not sure that she was really my mate and it was scary that I was already so into her. What if she was really not my mate? What am I going to do?

'Grrr..' I heard my beast growl. Seriously? It seems that he wanted her as much as I wanted her. Yes, we will be going to find out whether she's ours or not, and once we do, we will do everything we can to get her. I went out of my room and found my warriors waiting for me.

"We are ready, his highness," Kevin, Calvin's trusted warrior, informed me. I nodded at him and started walking down the stairs. I don't know whether Freya had a fight today or not, so I will just go there and watch.

When I arrived at the training ground, the tournament had not started yet but everyone was there already. They were very punctual and I gave them that. I thought I was early and they beat me to it. I went to the seat that was intended for me and Daniel approached me, "Good morning his highness," he greeted,

"Good morning," I greeted him back, then he sat beside me. I have no problem with Daniel. He seemed nice and never heard his heartbeat, unusual except for last night. But is he really that nice? I still didn't want to believe it. That's why I still have my reservation. His beta, Jack, was now talking in front of everyone, announcing the start of the tournament.

My heart was beating like a drum as Jack started to draw who would be fighting who and the bulletin where their names would be written to record their progress was on my right hand and I would be able to see who would be leading and would be left behind. The participants formed a huge circle so they would be able to watch the match clearly and give the fighters enough space to fight in the middle. I know that this is going to be very exciting, but because it was Freya who was there, I couldn't help but worry.

The tournament had started and every time the participants were called, they would have to go to Jack for some reminder. Three pairs were done and I am pleased to see that they were all good at offense and defense. I guess they were the ones who were very serious in training and wanted to protect the pack. They shook their hands after the fight and saw them smiling at each other whether they were on the losing or winning side.

"Freya and Britney," Jack called out the fourth pair which started the murmur and whispering and I heard a lot. Lycans have more sensitive ears than werewolves and with my distance from them, I heard how they wanted Freya to lose. My fist clenched and I didn't care if Daniel was seeing me like this. My beast is not comfortable at all.

Britney stood up, grinning. "Go baby," Joric cheered for him.

"You can just forfeit, b***h." she said, looking at Freya who was now standing as well. Clay grabbed her wrist, maybe trying to stop her from fighting. But I saw her smiling at him as though assuring him that everything was going to be alright. She started walking in the front until she was beside Jack. I saw her breathing in and out as if calming herself.

"Freya, you know that Britney can shift, so if you don't want to fight her when that happens, you can just tell me and I am going to stop the fight." Jack said and Freya nodded.

"Britney, this is a friendly fight and any unnecessary attacks that may cause your opponent to get severely wounded will disqualify you. Remember, Freya has no wolf," Jack reminded.

"Beta," my mate called him. Yes, I called her mine because that is how I feel now. There's something about her today that I just ignored last night. She was somewhat glowing. "I didn't say that I don't have a wolf," she added, which made everyone who heard her look at her in disbelief. She turns her back and goes to the center where they will fight.

Britney was grinning from ear to ear while Freya was calm as the sea. How could she manage to do that? Anyone in her position would cower in fear that she or he had to fight the beta's daughter. They were both in a fighting position and the arrogance on Britney's face irritates me. She made the first move and I almost got up from my seat because she was fast. Fu**, how is Freya going to fight her?

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