Madam Is So Wild!/C11 Why Did He Break into His World!
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Madam Is So Wild!/C11 Why Did He Break into His World!
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C11 Why Did He Break into His World!

She saw the man take the medicine out of the medicine box and the medical cotton, his left hand reached over, grabbed her ankle, and pulled her left leg hard.

Gu Wuyan's body trembled and instinctively shrank back.

"Don't move."

His voice was always cold and full of power.

Dog man, why are you so overbearing!

Gu Wuyan had previously removed the gauze on her feet to take a look at her injuries. In the end, Bao Yanfeng came in and directly took a bath here. She was so shocked that she forgot to wrap the gauze around her. The two pieces of gauze were still on the ground.

She saw that the man used tweezers to pick up a medical cotton ball and dipped it into the medicine before gently wiping her feet.

The cold medicine quickly seeped into the skin and it was a bit bone-piercing cold. But after a second, it was a burst of comfort again.

Gradually, Gu Wuyan did not resist that much and her two legs began to relax.

She stared blankly at Bao Yanfeng. There was still no expression on his face but he was very serious and careful. His eyes were staring at her feet and carefully treating her wound.

Time seemed to have stopped and this night was exceptionally quiet. Even the moonlight did not want to disturb anyone as it hid in the clouds.

What was wrong with this man?

She had just scolded him in her heart for being a f * cking pervert, a f * cking man. But now, he was seriously treating the wound on her feet and wrapping her in gauze.

Oh no, what should I do if I feel a little warm in my heart?

"That's enough." Bao Jingfeng packed up his things and closed the medicine box.

"Don't let me see you undressing the gauze again. Otherwise, I will cut off your feet."

He was indifferent, arrogant, and serious.

... ""

It was not easy for Gu Wuyan to have a good impression of him, but his words extinguished it.

He was indeed a dog man!

He picked up another piece of gauze that was just left.

"Give me your paw." Okay, Wang Yao said.

Gu Wuyan was speechless."

Hey hey, what do you mean by claws reaching over? Who are the claws?

You are the claw. Your whole family is a claw.

F * ck!

Bao Jingfeng folded the gauze into the shape of a handkerchief.

Gu Wuyan looked scared and hid her hand behind her back.

"You want me to cut off your hand?" He lazily looked up at her.

Gu Wuyan seemed to be frightened and quickly passed her right hand to him.

His blood was still on her finger.

Bao Jingfeng held her slender wrist and used the gauze to gently wipe the blood on her hand.

It was only after the blood was wiped clean that he put down her hand and took the medicine box back to its original position.

He treated the wound on her leg and wiped the blood on her hand, but he did not treat the scratch on his own collarbone.

What kind of illness was this man with? Was he pretending or was he really not concerned about the wound on his neck?

Instinct told her that this kind of man did not need to pretend at all. He disdained to deliberately please a woman.

"Go to sleep."

He went to the bed and laid down. Then, he pressed Gu Wuyan on the bed and used the blanket to cover the two of them.

Gu Wuyan's entire body was tense. Although his hand was separated by the blanket, it was precisely at the position of her heart.

"I don't care what kind of messy illness you have." He suddenly opened his mouth and a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes but it was also incomparably serious, "It is pretty good. You can ignore everything."

... ""

Gu Wuyan was a bit unable to continue acting, but even if she did not act, she still had to continue acting.

She was still pretending to be stupid, as if she did not understand his words. Her eyes stared out the window in a daze.

Suddenly, she raised her hand and pointed to the swaying treetops outside, "I am a little bird, I am going to fly..."

"You can fly however you want, but you are not allowed to fly out of my palm."

He pinched her face, "Did you hear that?"

F * ck!

Gu Wuyan roared in her heart!

Just what did she do to make this man look at her correctly? Couldn't she just change it?

What did he mean by not allowing it to fly out of his palm?

She had actually become his canary?

Heh, no matter what he said, she wanted to escape!

Although she was a little angry, when she thought about how he had treated the wound on her leg so seriously and wrapped her in gauze, she felt a little damn soft-hearted.

She rolled her eyes and seemed to have thought of something, so she grabbed his hand.

"Palm, palm!" She grabbed his big hand and waved it in the air, laughing foolishly.

"That's right, palm." He grabbed her small hand and the big palm tightly wrapped around it. "Now, you are my bird of palm.

Gu Wuyan,... ""

Bird your sister!

"Haha, I am a bird!" Gu Wuyan pretended to be very happy.

"Aiya." She seemed to have found something. "Red!"

Gu Wuyan grabbed his little finger. "What is this? It's so red."

She tilted her head and stared at his little finger curiously.

Hearing what Gu Wuyan said, Bao Jingfeng also looked at his little finger. It was red and there were a few dark red dots. It looked like a rash.

But he did not care too much.

"It's nothing. I might be a little allergic."

"Oh..." Gu Wuyan bit her finger and yawned. She closed her eyes and looked very sleepy. She was like a child, sleeping whenever she wanted to.

Anyway, her "mental illness" had flared up. She did not need logic to speak and do things.

Bao Jingfeng did not care about the rash on his own finger. She did not want to continue reminding him or else she would be exposed.

Bao Jingfeng was just about to sleep when suddenly, a sweet fragrance wrapped around the tip of his nose.

His gaze followed the scent and landed on her thin and soft shoulder.

Just now, she had been messing around and her already wide pajamas had become loose and loose. Now, her shoulders were exposed.

Her delicate skin was as white as snow, and it also emitted the scent of roses.

It was the smell of shower gel, but on her body, it seemed to be the fragrance of her body.

At this moment, she closed her eyes and slept soundly like a pure baby. Her eyelashes moved slightly, and her red lips lightly pursed. Occasionally, she would move like a fresh and tender flower, waiting for someone to pick it up.

His hand gradually approached...

Gu Wuyan,... "!!!"

Bao Jingfeng, f * ck you!

She was just about to attack him with her "delirious mind."

Suddenly, he lifted the blanket and got off the bed. He slammed the door and left!

Bao Jingfeng's expression was extremely ugly, and his breathing became heavy.

This woman was really annoying. She was so thin that she was like a bone!

However, he actually had a feeling!

And it was not an ordinary feeling!

Just a little bit more and he would have dealt with her, regardless of whether she had a mental illness or not! Even if it was an infectious disease, it did not matter!

However, she was so thin that she could not bear him at all.

If he killed her, how could he sleep well in the future!

He wanted it but couldn't.

Damn it!

He was so frustrated!

[Why did that stupid guy break into my world? He is so shameless!]

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