Madam Is So Wild!/C12 Shut Up!
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Madam Is So Wild!/C12 Shut Up!
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C12 Shut Up!

Lu Zheng had been standing guard not far away from them. When he saw Bao Jingfeng coming out, he immediately went forward to greet him.

He could feel the anger radiating from his body.

"Mr. Bao, what happened to you?"

"Ask Chu Shuo to find me a woman." Bao Jingfeng sounded a little irritated.

Chu Shuo was his assistant, and he handled work and daily matters for him.

"Okay, what kind of woman do you want?" Lu Zheng asked.

Bao Jingfeng's eyes were filled with terror.

He turned his head to look at Gu Wuyan's room and said in a low and hoarse voice, "Volunteer, strong tolerance!"


Lu Zheng felt Mr. Bao's anger. Ordinary women would not be able to take it. He had to remind Chu Shuo to find someone who had been specially trained and could take it.

He immediately took out his phone and dialed a number. He then said, "Assistant Chu, Mr. Bao has a task for you."

Bao Jingfeng went downstairs.

After Lu Zheng hung up the phone, he saw that Bao Jingfeng had already walked to the door.

Just as he was about to follow him, Bao Jingfeng suddenly turned back.

Before Lu Zheng could ask Bao Jingfeng if he had any other instructions, Bao Jingfeng passed by him and went back to Gu Wuyan's room.

With a bang, Bao Jingfeng closed the door!

Lu Zheng was speechless."

Gu Wuyan had just fallen asleep when she heard the door close. She immediately sat up from the bed and made a defensive posture.

Bao Jingfeng's eyes were exceptionally terrifying.

He brought her back and gave her delicious food, a place for her to stay, and a place for others to serve her. Why couldn't he touch her?

He was a businessman, and he didn't do business that would make him lose money. Thus, for this woman...

He had to collect interest!

At most, he could be more careful and not kill her. When he recovered her body in the future, he would have plenty of opportunities to be ruthless.

His eyes were so hot that it was scary. He strode towards the bedside.

Gu Wuyan recognized this gaze.

When she was in the desert, when those men were plotting against her, it was this gaze.

But this man was different from them. This man was open and aboveboard, while those men were vulgar, sinister, and disgusting.

But ever since she had the scar on her face, there were no men who had designs on her. After all, there were often many young girls sent to Mad Man Desert.

Her face was so ugly that even the mental illness in Mad Man Desert didn't bother her. What exactly was wrong with Bao Jingfeng now? He actually had such a look in his eyes?

The situation was not good!

She could not avoid it. Now that her "mental illness" had flared up, she could not show that she had understood this man's gaze!

She could not understand, so...

"Big brother, you're back!" Gu Wuyan suddenly laughed.

She was so pure and flawless. Her eyes were so bright that there was not a trace of impurity.

She stretched out both of her hands.

"Brother, I've been waiting for you for a long time. Mom isn't home, and I've always heard ghosts screaming and ghosts wanting to kill me. I'm so scared!"

Gu Wuyan lifted the blanket and her two feet stepped on the ground.

Suddenly, she screamed.

"Ouch, it hurts!"

With a plop, her face fell to the ground.

"Brother, I'm in pain..."

Bao Jingfeng:... ""

Gu Wuyan looked up and stretched out her hand towards him.

"Brother, quickly help me up. I'm in so much pain!"

... ""

Bao Jingfeng's face was cold.

Big brother?

She even called him big brother. Was this woman doing this on purpose?

So what if she called him brother? She couldn't even call him father!

Bao Jingfeng strode forward and picked Gu Wuyan up from the ground. He threw her onto the bed and threw her over.

"Big brother." Gu Wuyan suddenly hugged him. "Where did mom and dad go? Why didn't they go home? I was so scared. There was a woman crying under my bed."

... ""

Bao Jingfeng's body froze there. He obviously didn't care how she called him.

However, he really couldn't take it anymore!

"Do you know who I am?" Bao Jingfeng pinched her face. "Look at me."

"You are my brother." Gu Wuyan giggled.

She rubbed her eyes innocently.

"Brother, why are you pressing down on me? It's so heavy."

"It's useless to call me big brother." Bao Jingfeng pinched her face and lowered his head to kiss her.

At this moment, his phone rang.

A trace of annoyance flashed through Bao Jingfeng's eyes. He let go of her and got up to touch his phone. He put it beside his ear.

"Hello, Director Bao, the woman you are looking for has been arranged. She is now..."

"Get lost!"

Bao Jingfeng suddenly growled, then hung up the phone and threw it to the side.

On the other side of the phone, Chu Shuo stood there in a daze for a long time. The phone was still beside his ear, staring blankly ahead.

Help, what did he do wrong? In less than five minutes, he found a suitable woman. Her speed was quite fast...

Bao Jingfeng had just thrown his phone away and was about to pull Gu Wuyan over.

He used his hand to touch and found that she had disappeared.

He turned his head and saw Little Dumbass sitting by the bed with two strawberries in his hands.

"Brother, one for you, one for me."

This was the fruit that was placed on her bedside, probably because the two maids were afraid that she would be hungry at night.

Gu Wuyan bit down on the strawberry in her hand.

She bit until her mouth was filled with bright red juice. Even the corners of her mouth slid down, like a child eating, causing it to be everywhere.

"Big brother, eat." Gu Wuyan crawled over and stuffed the strawberry into his mouth. "This is delicious. I'll tell you secretly... This is a fruit given to me by an alien."


"Brother, I saw an alien. They told me that I'm a Martian and that I'm leaving Earth very soon."

Gu Wuyan spoke mysteriously.

The man's eyes were terrifyingly dark. He raised his hand and knocked the strawberry out of her hand.

Gu Wuyan was shocked.

In the next second, he kissed her forcefully!

Using her strength to tell her that it was useless for her to pretend to be stupid!

And he was a Martian!

Why didn't she say that she was a lizard person?!

He was inferior to her!

Gu Wuyan clenched her fists tightly.

She wanted to tear this man to pieces.

He had already called her brother, yet he still wanted to do such a thing as a beast!

Steady, it was not the final moment yet.

Gu Wuyan grabbed the strawberry that fell from the bed sheet, bit it again, and laughed mischievously.

"I'm about to leave Earth... I'm a Martian, my brother is also a Martian, and my parents are also Martians."

The man's kiss had already landed on her neck.

Gu Wuyan seemed to be very afraid of tickling, and her neck slightly shrank. However, in just an instant, she continued to eat her strawberries.

"Mom said that brother and I are dragon and phoenix fetus."

Suddenly, she heard the man who was buried by her neck curse.

In the next second, he grabbed her neck.

"Shut up!"

He had already done this, yet she was so natural.

Either she really had a mental breakdown, or she didn't understand anything.

Or, her acting skills were already at the peak of perfection, able to remain calm and composed.

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