Madam Is So Wild!/C16 Luckily He Found out in Time
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Madam Is So Wild!/C16 Luckily He Found out in Time
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C16 Luckily He Found out in Time

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Dr. Mu nodded vigorously. "Yes, if you don't believe me, she also told me something that only the two of you know."

It seemed like it was time to use his trump card!

"What is it?" Bao Jingfeng asked.

Dr. Mu lowered his voice and said, "Did you carry her to sleep last night?"

Bao Jingfeng slightly raised his head.

"I'll believe you for now."

Other than Lu Zheng, no one else knew about him hugging her and sleeping.

If it wasn't for what that idiot told Dr. Mu, no one would dare to speak nonsense.

Did the waiter miss him?

What a stupid idiot!

However, did she miss her brother, or did she miss a man?

If she missed her brother, then what was Bao Jingfeng?

He was not her brother!

He was her man!

Forget it, this woman was his.

Who asked her to go ashore randomly and shamelessly crawl into his arms!

Dr. Mu's gaze couldn't help but fall on Bao Jingfeng's hand.

He saw that Bao Jingfeng's left thumb was black and red.

When he thought about how the young lady had told him in a daze, the words "red and red hands," he immediately thought of something.

"Mr. Bao, can I see your left hand?"

Bao Jingfeng glanced at his left hand.

The red mark on his thumb had become bigger after a night. His thumb had swollen and changed color. It was painful and itchy.

"Hurry up." He reached out his hand to him.

Dr. Mu gently picked up Bao Jingfeng's hand and examined it carefully.

He felt uneasy.

"When did you find the symptoms on your finger?" Dr. Mu asked.

Bao Jingfeng thought about it and said, "I came back from the beach."

Dr. Mu was shocked. "Mr. Bao, can you come with me to the hospital? I need to use the instrument to examine you, and then extract the tissue from your hand for testing."

"Is it very serious?" Bao Jingfeng asked.

Dr. Mu said, "I am not sure yet, but your blood pressure is very low, your pulse is in disorder, and you have a fever. You also have abdominal pain. For safety reasons, you should come with me."

Bao Jingfeng also knew Dr. Mu's medical skills. If he was not capable, he would not be qualified to be his private doctor.

"Okay, I will go. You better find out what kind of illness it is."

Bao Jingfeng stood up.

Dr. Mu also quickly carried the medicine box and followed behind him.

Was there a mistake? He hoped that he could find something wrong with it. He had never seen something like this before.

The high-class private hospital was built in a beautiful place.

This hospital did not welcome any patients, but only served Bao Jingfeng alone.

After more than an hour of testing and analysis, Dr. Mu saw the results and was shocked!

He held the examination sheet and rushed into Bao Jingfeng's ward.

He ran too fast and accidentally had a cramp in his leg. He lost his balance and threw himself forward!

Lu Zheng frowned. He held him in his arms and hugged his waist.

Dr. Mu grabbed Lu Zheng in a panic, and his whole body was in his firm embrace, unable to extricate himself.

Lu Zheng looked down at Dr. Mu, and Dr. Mu looked up at him.

Two big men hugged each other just like that.

They looked at each other, but Wuyan...

The atmosphere became silent.

Bao Jingfeng expressionlessly looked at the two people at the door.

"When do you plan to have children?" He asked faintly.

With a puff, Lu Zheng pushed Dr. Mu away.

Dr. Mu's delicate body lay on the ground, and the examination report in his hand fell down, landing miserably beside Bao Jingfeng's feet.

"You..." Dr. Mu was a little angry. Why was this Lu Zheng so rude?

Smelly man!

But he knew that now was not the time to be fussing over this.

Because, number one, he couldn't defeat Lu Zheng.

Secondly, he couldn't defeat Lu Zheng.

Number three, he couldn't defeat Lu Zheng.

Thus, he quickly got up from the ground and grabbed the inspection sheet on the ground.

"Mr. Bao, the results are out. You are infected with the Arc Fungus of the Ocean. I have to operate on you to remove all the bacteria and cells on your fingers. Otherwise, you may face amputation, or even your life might be in danger. "

Dr. Mu spoke in one breath at an extremely fast speed.

The Arc Fungus of the Ocean was not a joke. If it dragged on for another minute, Mr. Bao might not be able to protect himself. If something were to happen to Mr. Bao, he would not be able to protect his own head.

Not to mention Mr. Bao's life, if he cut off one of Mr. Bao's fingers, Mr. Bao would probably twist off one of his heads.

"What?" Lu Zheng quickly walked forward, "Then hurry up and perform the surgery."

Suddenly, he met Bao Jingfeng's eyes and realized that he had lost his composure. He quickly bowed and said, "Sorry, Mr. Bao. I'm just worried about you."

It was Mr. Bao who decided whether to perform the surgery or not. He was just a bodyguard and did not have any right to make a decision for him.

"Mr. Bao, what do you think?" Dr. Mu looked at him anxiously.

"How long will it take?" Bao Jingfeng asked.

"Because of the timely discovery, it will take about three to four hours. I will give you partial anesthesia."

"Okay." Bao Jingfeng said, "Let's do the surgery."

From the beginning to the end, Bao Jingfeng was calm.

It was as if he was not the one who was infected with such a serious bacteria like the Arc Fungus of the Ocean. He was as casual as eating and drinking water.

On the other hand, Dr. Mu and Lu Zheng were extremely anxious.


The surgery went very smoothly. Dr. Mu successfully removed all the marine sterile cells on Bao Jingfeng's finger.

In the ward, the anesthesia had not disappeared yet. Bao Jingfeng looked at his own finger. His little finger was wrapped in a thick gauze.

"It has been removed?" Bao Jingfeng turned his head and asked.

"Yes." Dr. Mu nodded. "You are very lucky this time because your physique is quite special. Therefore, the reaction to the Arc Fungus of the Ocean was not as strong as that of ordinary people. The speed of the bacteria devouring was much slower. Plus, we discovered it very early, so we don't need to remove the pinky. "

"Right." Dr. Mu thought of something. "It's all thanks to that young lady. If we didn't hear what she said, we might not have discovered it so quickly."

"What did you say?" A trace of doubt flashed through Bao Jingfeng's eyes.

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