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C19 Escape

Hot air spilled around her neck.

"Don't leave me, or I'll kill you!"

A big hand grabbed her neck.

Gu Wuyan suddenly opened her eyes.

Looking at the white ceiling, she realized that she was dreaming.

The man's eyes in the dream were filled with plundering and possession, as if he was her private property. He wished he could tear her apart and swallow her into his stomach.

Just thinking about it made her feel uneasy.

Gu Wuyan touched the cold sweat on her head.

She had to leave this place.

In the afternoon, she finally found an opportunity.

Because Liu Xiaoyun did not sleep at all last night, she was very sleepy. Gu Wuyan forced her to go back and sleep.

She estimated that she would not wake up until night time.

Liu Xiaoqing said that she wanted to go back to her hometown to do some documents and must be at the birthplace.

If that was the case, the two sisters would not look at her.

Gu Wuyan was wearing a modified white shirt and pants.

She tied her hair up high and wore a pair of small leather shoes.

Her height matched her outfit perfectly.

When her feet stepped on the ground, it would hurt when she walked, but no matter how painful it was, she had experienced it before. This bit of pain was nothing.

She tidied up the bed, then carefully went to the door and pressed her ear against the door.

After making sure that there was no movement outside, she opened the door and walked out.

After passing through the long corridor and seeing a servant passing by, she quickly avoided it and walked into a study.

When the servant walked far away, she was just about to leave the room when she suddenly saw a piece of paper on the table out of the corner of her eye.

There was a laptop and a few pens on the table.

Beside the laptop was a photo.

Gu Wuyan saw the picture and a flash of doubt appeared in her eyes.

She picked it up and saw a young woman on it. She should be in her twenties.

So beautiful.

Especially those eyes, they were really too beautiful. Who was this?

She was puzzled, because this picture seemed to be taken randomly, and it was even somewhat blurry.

The angle of the picture was from the side. The woman in the picture had an elegant smile on her face, as if she was looking at someone.

Was this the woman Bao Jingfeng cared about?

Gu Wuyan felt that this photo must be very important to Bao Jingfeng. Otherwise, why would such an unprofessional photo be placed on his desk?

She carefully put the photo back to its original position.

Beside the computer, she saw a piece of paper.

There was a portrait of her on it.

Gu Wuyan immediately took the paper over and shockingly saw the three big words "wanted poster."

Did the J Nation put down a wanted poster so quickly?

Seeing the content on it, Gu Wuyan remembered what Bao Jingfeng said last night.

Once the wanted poster was released, as long as the person who recognized her recognized her, they would definitely report her.

Although she had already left J Nation, if she was discovered, she would be sent back.

It seemed like Bao Jingfeng had already seen the wanted poster.

This man clearly knew that she escaped from Mad Man Desert, so why would he still have such a reaction?

Gu Wuyan did not have the courage to think too highly of humanity.

So she would rather believe that Bao Jingfeng would sooner or later hand her over to J Country to build a good relationship with the government. Fortunately, J Country expanded its business territory.

On this wanted poster, her face was ruined. She suddenly thought of something and looked up to see the reflection of her face on the mirror not far away.

She put the arrest warrant back to its original position, left the study, and secretly went to the kitchen.

There was no one in the kitchen. She found white vinegar, salt, and some other things mixed with water and then wiped her face.

The scar on her face was easily removed.

Her flawless face was reflected on the smooth wall.

Her eyebrows were as clear as autumn water, and her jade-like skin was accompanied by a gentle breeze.

Gu Wuyan could not remember how long it had been since she last saw her true appearance. It had been too long.

So it turned out that she had grown up like this.

Suddenly, she heard something outside.

Someone was walking over here.

Gu Wuyan quickly took care of everything in her hands and hid in the compartment.

The people outside had already walked in.

"Old hen born and raised, put in red dates, mushrooms, wolfberry, Angelica and lotus seeds, and give Miss a good supplement."

Ms Xiaoyun?

She hasn't slept yet?

However, Gu Wuyan suddenly felt warm in her heart.

They treated her like an elder sister.

No one had ever treated her so well.

Even if it was her biological older sister.

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