Madam Is So Wild!/C20 The Sweet Taste of Freedom
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Madam Is So Wild!/C20 The Sweet Taste of Freedom
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C20 The Sweet Taste of Freedom

Finally, they left Yunxiu Garden.

Gu Wuyan was breathing in the air outside. This was the sweet taste of freedom.

She raised her head and looked at the sunlight.

It was close to dusk, and the sun was swaying on the horizon. It was covered with a brilliant glow.

The orange-red light enveloped the earth, shining on her soft white face.

The most fair thing in this world was the sun. Such a beautiful light would also appear in Mad Man Desert.

There, someone was walking towards the evening sun, ending his life.

She turned around and looked at the Yunxiu Garden. When she thought of Bao Jingfeng, she had a complicated feeling in her heart.

After tidying up her sleeves, she turned around and left.

Gu Wuyan dragged her injured legs and walked for a long time.

Although it hurt, she was happy in her heart because even if she stepped on the tip of the knife, as long as there was hope in front of her, no matter how painful it was, she would be happy.

What she was most afraid of was walking towards a hopeless path comfortably.

Gu Wuyan previously took some change from Liu Xiaoyun's wallet and added it up to 100 yuan.

She had no money and needed some money. She knew that it was not good for her to do so, but she would remember that she would definitely return it to Liu Xiaoyun twice the amount if the situation forced her.

Gu Wuyan took the money and bought a cap and mask, covering her face tightly.

According to the route that had been checked beforehand, she took the bus and rushed to her destination.

Along the way, she saw the prosperity of A Country. Medical helicopters flew in the sky.

Everything in front of her was so unfamiliar, but she also felt a sense of familiarity.

Suddenly, a piece of news was broadcasted on the television of the bus.

A beautiful girl in a dress was holding two thin and small poor children in her hands.

In front of the camera, the beautiful girl had a serious expression and her eyes were filled with tears.

"I hope everyone can generously help these poor children who lack food and clothing"

A reporter asked: "Miss Gu, someone suspects that you're putting on a show, what do you have to respond to this?"

Gu Changxiao was very gentle, "I am willing to donate all the advertising fees I earned. So those who question me, even if you think that I am putting on a show, as long as I can help the child, I do not mind being attacked by anyone. "

Gu Wuyan,... ""

Wasn't this her "darling's elder sister, Gu Changxiao?"

Excuse? Gu Changxiao immigrated to A Nation for charity?

"Gu Changxiao is so kind. She is both beautiful and kind."

"That's right. She is still in college. She knows how to earn money and is kind."

"Her father is also a philanthropist."

There were people discussing on the bus. They were all praising Gu Changxiao.

These fools were stunned by ___'s words.

Gu Wuyan licked her teeth, and the corner of her mouth curled up into a cold smile.

Gu Changxiao, accept the praise to your heart's content. Very soon, you will know the feeling of falling off a cliff and being spurned by others.

No one knew about the scene. After Gu Changxiao finished her interview, she immediately pushed away the two children beside her where there was no one else.

"It's so dirty." She immediately used the hand sanitizer to disinfect them. "It's disgusting. I don't know if there's any virus. Tell them to stay away from me!"

The two children stood there, at a loss as to what to do. They watched helplessly as their small bodies were dragged away by the bodyguards.

"Miss Gu, just now you said that you would donate all the advertising fees you earned. Is it cash or a check?" The assistant asked.

Gu Changxiao swept her cold words over, "Do I need to report to you?"

Ask her to donate money? What a joke! Were those poor people worthy? They were just a bunch of low-class trash.

"No, no, no." The assistant hurriedly took a few steps back and did not dare to ask any more questions.

Gu Changxiao carried her bag and left.

Once the door opened, there was a group of people outside. Gu Changxiao immediately had a worried look on her face, "I hope everyone will donate more. Those children are too pitiful."

The assistant pushed up the glasses frame by the side and gasped.


Private hospital.

Bao Jingfeng was holding a tablet in his hand, looking at the latest share price.

Blue and red lines intersected, densely packed numbers rolling on the screen.

"The medical board has risen enough. It is time for it to crash. You know what to do." Bao Jingfeng handed the tablet to Chu Shuo.

Chu Shuo took the tablet with both hands. There was a flash of doubt in his eyes.

"But if it falls now, it will make a lot of people suffer."

"Did it hurt your fragile heart?" Bao Jingfeng's amber eyes coldly glanced at him.

Chu Shuo was shocked and quickly said, "That's not what I meant. I'm just worried that if this happens, the stock market will be unstable."

"When has this stock market ever been stable?" Bao Jingfeng asked.

He had always been cruel. The life and death of others were nothing in his eyes.

In his world, the rules were set by him. The winner would always be him.

Chu Shuo nodded. "I understand. I was overthinking."

To put it nicely, it was the stock market. To put it bluntly, it was a casino. Since those people were willing to be gamblers, they had to be prepared to lose everything. If they couldn't afford to play, then they shouldn't play.

"The technology version has always been in a low state. Now it's time to let it rise."

Bao Jingfeng reminded.

"Ok." Chu Shuo nodded.

The most important thing in this world was to forget about the pain of chives when the scars were healed. After cutting wave after wave, the chives would always grow healthily and worship the sickles.

"Understood. I'll do it right away."

"Call the one with the surname Mu over." Bao Jingfeng ordered.

"Alright." Chu Shuo left the ward.

After a while, Dr. Mu walked in.

"Does Mr. Bao need anything? Or is he not feeling well?"

"I want to be discharged from the hospital."

He did not sleep well last night and his arms were empty. He could only hug his phone. How annoying!

"Mr. Bao, but didn't we say before that we should observe him for two more days?"

He had just finished the surgery yesterday. Although it was just a small surgery, his body was very expensive. He could not afford to be careless.

"Do I need you to teach me how to do things now?" Bao Jingfeng swept his gaze over.

"Of course not." Dr. Mu quickly said, "You can leave the hospital if you want, but you better check your body in a few days."

"You mentioned the psychiatrist before. Do you know any good, trustworthy, and professional ones?"

Bao Jingfeng asked.

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