Madam Is So Wild!/C3 He Hugged Her and Fell Asleep
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Madam Is So Wild!/C3 He Hugged Her and Fell Asleep
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C3 He Hugged Her and Fell Asleep

In the middle of the night, the Yunxiu Garden was silent to the bone.

In the European room, Gu Wuyan was sleeping soundly on the bed.

She was in a coma and did not know that the door of the room had been opened. A tall and straight figure walked out.

His appearance could not be seen clearly in the night, but when the moonlight shone into the room, it revealed his perfect outline.

The man came to the bedside and stopped.

About ten seconds later, he sat on the bed, and a piece of the soft bed went down.

The woman on the bed was sleeping soundly.

He stretched out his hand as if he wanted to touch her face.

However, the finger that was hanging on her face retracted after a few centimeters.

After testing it out a few times, in the end, he still withdrew his hand.

It was as if there was a force pulling his body.

He laid beside her.

Her breathing was heavy beside his ear.

However, it was inexplicably pleasing to the ear.

His sleepiness quickly assaulted him...

It had been a long time since he had such a feeling, as if there was a force guiding him.

He stretched out his arm and hugged her.

She slept soundly, not moving in the slightest.

En, the waiter is really obedient.


Gu Wuyan had a long dream and dreamt of the past.

"Wuyan, we raised you because we want you to be a donor for your sick sister. Your blood, your internal organs, bone marrow, and your heart are all donated to your sister."

"Unfilial daughter, without us, can you live so long? You actually dare not to give your sister's heart!"

"Wuyan, I don't love you. I am good to you because you have maintained a good mood. Only by raising your body well can you become your sister's donor."

"Gu Wuyan, you are useless. Just wait for death at that place! In this lifetime, you can only live for me and die for me."

"Hehe, our whole family is going to A Country to enjoy life. You can stay in Mad Man Desert in J Country and be a mental patient. Wait for your death!"

No, she was unwilling. She was not born for someone. She should not die for someone. She was not a donor, she was not a mental patient!

The obsession for revenge supported her to live.

In Mad Man Desert, there was Aunt Liu. She was a businessman and was good at everything. Unfortunately, she was too filial. She indulged her biased parents time and time again, but in the end, she was schemed against.

Because her parents valued males more than females, in order to take away her property and give it to her brother, they splashed feces on her bed while she was sick and stripped her naked. They insisted that she was mentally ill and that she could not take care of herself. She had violent tendencies.

A bunch of relatives caught her and sent her to Mad Man Desert.

Aunt Liu was seriously ill and had no life to live for. In order to help her leave, she even sacrificed herself.

Gu Wuyan cried and refused to leave. Although this was hell, she could not sacrifice others just to leave.

However, in order to force her to leave, Auntie Liu did not hesitate to swallow the poison grass and commit suicide. Then, she helped her lure people away. Before she died, she reminded her that she must successfully leave Mad Man Desert and J Country. Otherwise, she would die with everlasting regret!

With Aunt Liu's help, she escaped from Mad Man Desert. She took the expensive pendant that Aunt Liu gave her as a fee and took an illegal boat from Country J to Country A.

However, when they passed by a sea area, the boat suddenly leaked water and the boat was about to sink. The people on the boat were busy rescuing the goods, and no one cared about the illegal immigrants in the container.

In any case, even if the smugglers died on the way, no one would know. They directly threw the corpses into the sea.

The people in the container were all drowned, and only she swam out of the container alone.

Then, did she successfully swim ashore?

She did not remember...

It was so cold, so painful...

"Miss, Miss, wake up, Miss..."

Gu Wuyan heard someone calling her and suddenly opened her eyes.

When she suddenly opened her eyes and saw the sunlight, her eyes instantly felt uncomfortable. She quickly raised her hand to cover her eyes.

"Aiya, the sunlight is too glaring. Xiaoyun, go and pull the window."

"Okay." The maid called Xiaoyun hurried to the window and closed the window.

It was much better this way. The sun was not glaring, but the room was also very bright.

"Miss, you can open your eyes now."

Gu Wuyan moved her hand away from her eyes and slowly opened her eyes.

She saw a young woman in maid attire looking at her with a smile.

The other female who pulled the curtains also came to the bedside and looked at her.

Gu Wuyan did not know if she saw wrongly or not. The two of them seemed to have the same appearance.

Seeing Gu Wuyan's curious eyes, Liu Xiaoyun said, "Miss, my elder sister and I are twins. My name is Liu Xiaoyun. Her name is Liu Xiaoqing. You do not need to be afraid. We are the people Mr. Bao arranged to take care of you. How do you feel now? What do you want to eat? I'll get the kitchen to prepare it for you."

Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaoqing had professional fake smiles on their faces, revealing eight neat and white teeth.

Although this smile was somewhat fake, it did not have any ill intentions.

"Mr. Bao?"

Gu Wuyan muttered these three words.

"Bao Jingfeng?"

"Shhh, shh." Liu Xiaoyun seemed to be a little scared and quickly said, "Miss, you cannot call Mr. Bao by his name directly. It is very dangerous. Even the president would not dare to call him that."

Gu Wuyan,... ""

It was indeed him. She did not mistake him for someone else.

With this probability, if she did not buy a lottery ticket, she would be letting herself down.

Liu Xiaoqing said excitedly, "Last night, when Mr. Bao brought you back, we were all stunned. You are completely drenched and you are wearing Mr.'s expensive suit."

"That's right." Liu Xiaoyun continued, "Mr. Bao has never brought any woman home. You are the first one to wear the suit on you. You are so considerate and heartwarming. It is so exciting."

Liu Xiaoyun's eyes almost had a few pink bubbles in them.

"Excuse me, am I in A Country?"

She must be there.

Liu Xiaoyun nodded. "Yes, this is A Country. This place is called Yunxiu Garden. It is a property of Mr. Bao."

The corner of Gu Wuyan's mouth twitched. Her joy could not be hidden as it climbed up her brows.

She finally made it to A Country alive.

Gu Wuyan propped herself up and wanted to sit up from the bed, but there was a burst of pain in her stomach.

When the sisters saw this, they quickly helped her up from the left and right and then put the pillow on for her.

Gu Wuyan quickly thought about what happened last night.

Could it be that the Mr. Bao they were talking about was the man she accidentally "saved" last night?

The pain in her stomach came again and Gu Wuyan sucked in a breath of cold air.

She lifted the blanket to check.

"Miss, your stomach has a small injury. It is best not to move first. The doctor has already treated you. After applying the medicine, you will be fine after a few days of rest."

"Sister." Liu Xiaoyun shook her head. "It is not a small injury. It is a big footprint. The other party looks like a very barbaric man. She did not know who kicked Miss. She was so violent. It was too much. How could she bully such a thin and weak young lady? A man who kicked a woman should be worse than a beast. He should be better off dead than alive. Sudden death on the spot!"

"I kicked him." At some point in time, a tall man had appeared at the door.

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