Madam Is So Wild!/C4 Damn It Lu Zheng
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Madam Is So Wild!/C4 Damn It Lu Zheng
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C4 Damn It Lu Zheng

I'm afraid the atmosphere will suddenly freeze!

After his cold voice sounded, Liu Xiaoyun was so scared that her legs went soft and she fell to the ground with a plop. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the person at the door. Her face was pale!

Liu Xiaoqing was also frightened and quickly helped her sister up.

The two of them bowed to Bao Jingfeng and stammered, "Thin... Mr. Bao..."

Liu Xiaoyun's legs kept trembling and her head was very low. Her tears were about to fall out.


When Bao Jingfeng approached, the two maids were so scared that they trembled.

A few seconds later, he spoke in a deep voice, "Get out."

"Yes, sir." The sisters hurriedly left the room and carefully closed the door.

Gu Wuyan stared at the man in front of her and only then did she see his appearance clearly.

His figure was completely the legendary golden ratio. He looked to be about 188 centimeters tall. The iron gray handmade suit that was full of texture wrapped around his tall and straight figure. There was not a trace of excess and the suit seemed to be born for him.

His temperament was cold to the point that there was not a trace of warmth. That handsome face that made one suffocate did not have the slightest expression.

This kind of expressionless feeling was as if he had never had any expression.

However, that pair of eyes was cold to the bottom of the valley, as if no flames in the world could melt his cold heart.

From beginning to end, every cell of his was emitting a chill.

There was also a sense of oppression that made him unable to breathe.

She could not deny that this man was handsome and tall, with an extraordinary temperament.

However, it made her feel very uncomfortable.

It was as if a glacier was pressing down on her.

"I'll give you one last chance." Bao Jingfeng's calm voice revealed a trace of threat, "Tell me, who sent you here? You actually hid in the cold sea for a few hours."

Gu Wuyan raised her eyes, "I don't know you. No one sent me here. If you are worried, I will leave immediately and never appear in front of you again."

Gu Wuyan lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

Bao Jingfeng did not stop her.

Her feet touched the ground, and the pain made her shiver. She sat on the bed unsteadily.

Her stomach hurt, and so did her feet.

Gu Wuyan frowned and covered her stomach with her hands. She looked down and found that she was wearing white pajamas.

She turned her head, "Can you... please return my clothes to me?"


When he mentioned these two words, Bao Jingfeng thought of the tattered clothes this woman wore last night.

Were those clothes? Those were the clothes of a beggar that was casually sewn with a few pieces of torn cloth.

This woman was quite good at pretending. Where did they find such a woman? They felt that it wouldn't arouse his suspicions.

He almost believed it.

Bao Qianfeng stared at her with interest.

"How much did they give you after training you to this state?"

Gu Wuyan was stunned. She looked at her surroundings and this man and seemed to understand something.

"I really don't know you. If I wanted to kill you, why did I drag you ashore last night?"

"Maybe, or you want to use this to get close to me and achieve other goals."

"Then why don't you chase me away? Don't let me get close to you."

Gu Wuyan frowned and seemed to be somewhat impatient!

Right now, she only wanted to leave this place.

... ""

What kind of expression was this woman wearing?

Was she provoking him?

And she even said that she wasn't sent by someone else. She might even know his secret!

His aura was approaching!

A large hand suddenly grabbed her thin chin.

"Since you are not sent here by someone else, who are you?"

... ""

Gu Wuyan's heart rate sped up...

She could not tell this man, otherwise, she would be expelled from the country and taken back to Mad Man Desert by Country J. She would never have the chance to escape again!

"I... I don't remember." Gu Wuyan suddenly became pitiful and her eyes were filled with tears.

"What did you say?" A trace of doubt flashed through Bao Jingfeng's eyes.

"I only remember that I soaked in the sea for too long. I don't remember many things now. I don't know where I came from, nor do I know my name."

Now that things had come to this, she didn't care if this man believed her or not. She had to stall for time and think of a way to get through this. Then, she could escape.

She didn't believe that this person would stare at her 24 hours a day.

Bao Jingfeng stared into her eyes. He knew that this woman was lying.

She was still too young to hide it from him.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to expose her, someone knocked on the door.

Outside the door was the voice of the bodyguard, Lu Zheng. "Mr. Bao."

A big hand pushed hard.

Gu Wuyan fell on the bed.

Because it was a soft bed, there was no pain. She just suddenly felt some fear.

"Without my order, you are not allowed to leave."

Before he figured out this woman's identity, she was not allowed to go anywhere.

However, he could at most let her wait until Dr. Mu changed her dressing.

Her legs really hurt his eyes!


Gu Wuyan opened her mouth and was about to say something, but when she saw that the man was about to leave, she swallowed her words.

Once the man left, she could run.

Thus, she obediently sat on the bed, curling her legs like an innocent little bunny.

Bao Jingfeng opened the door and went out.

"Go to the study." After saying that, Bao Jingfeng took the lead and walked forward.

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